Villain-in-Distress: Issue 4 is now up on Patreon!

Allll right! Settle in because this is a LONG post that asks for a lot of interaction from my patrons so please sit tight. Starting the work of catching up on Villain-in-Distress for you Patrons of $2 or more, ViD Issue 04 has now been posted! You can download it in pdf, docx, or epub form so hopefully one of those works for you.

I have to say, Villain-in-Distress is getting a lot of fun to right. I mean, in all seriousness trying to come up with 1950’s slang is a hoot. I’ve been looking up terms on various slang websites for help on that. I’m learning that cars were very big in 1950’s America culture. I think my favorite euphemisms I came up with were “adjusting his antenna” and “greasing her engine” for… um… certain things ^_^;; This is why I’m going to Hell.

But in all seriousness though, it’s a world I’m proud of. I can’t wait to share more details of it. The plan for now is for me to alternate between MGP chapters and ViD issues so I can make sure to catch up on ViD as I am supposed to be releasing that monthly. By the way, if you were a patron back in April (when Issue 4 should have been posted) and you have since cancelled your patronage, don’t worry. I’m going back and making sure all my patrons from back then will receive a copy of the Issue that was owed to them! I will do the same for May, June, July, & August and any other months in the future that I miss posting on time as I try to catch up!

Speaking of catching up, we have pin-up image votes that patrons need to vote on too. Last we left off, the vote for May had passed with Stacy Ambrose dressed as a 1950’s style housewife. Right now I’m getting that commissioned but I have other votes and commissions that need to happen. I’m posting a list here that I will update with the pertinent links for those who can vote if a vote is needed. These will be less tied to the monthly theme than I have in the past but we’ll see what I can come up with. Also there is a list of other commissions I’m sending out here so you know what images are coming down the pike.

  • April Pin-up: Bunnygirl Vivian (Artist: Grimay)- Status: Complete!
  • May Pin-up: 1950’s housewife Stacy (Artist: Amenoosa)- Status: In process
  • June Pin-up- Robynne, Angela, or Robert dressed as their Aspect Realms avatars (Artist: Badgertastic)- poll closes September 1st
  • July Pin-up- Fun-in-the-Daystar Robynne! (Artist: Amenoosa)- poll closes September 1st
  • August Pin-up- Swimsuit Robynne (no poll. I’m forcing Robynne to do this as a makeup for getting out of it for a few months :P)(Artist: Amenoosa)
  • September Pin-up- Fallacious Fantasy Football (Artist: TBD) – poll closes September 1st
  • October Pin-up- Babes of Bad Endings– characters receive various bad endings that could have happened in my story (Artist: TBD) – poll closes September 15th
  • March Canon image- Chaco-phagial Therapy (Artist: Amenoosa)- Status: Complete! (Artist)
  • April Canon image- Robert to Cheerleader Robynne process image (Artist: Rezuban)- Status- In Progress
  • May Canon image- Hop Dance Mania Eli & Kara (Artist: Grimay)- Status- In Progress
  • June Canon image- Cinema Snuggling Cory & Vivian (Artist: Grimay)- Status- Commissioned
  • July Canon image- Polygal Powers Up! (Artist: Grimay)- Status- Commissioned
  • August Canon image- Day LaMode Strikes a Pose! (Artist: Grimay)- Status- Commissioned
  • September Canon image- Robert tosses Kunapipi back the Spirit Stick (Artist: Grimay)- Status- Commissioned
  • October Canon image- Freshman Angela at Cheerleader Halloween Party (Artist: TBD)
  • Villain-in-Distress Comic Cover (Artist: TBA)
  • Double Secret Taralynn-related commission (Artist: Pip)- Status: To be commissioned
  • As you can see, not all the commissions are just MGP related. Also I had the April pin-up and March canon image done a long time ago but I don’t see official posts on them so I’m officially posting it here for the first time I think. Here are the two images I haven’t posted before. First up is the Chaco-phagial therapy session between Vivian and Robynne right after her transformation and fight with Day LaMode. I love how comfortabl Vivian looks on Noriko’s bed! And even more Vivian with the March pin-up image of Bunnygirl Vivian. Easter is the perfect season for our energy-infused woman of science!

    Some of these topics I’m super excited to see drawn. In particular I’m looking forward to getting Robert finally drawn by Grimay for the September image and I’m jazzed to see what people want to see for Bad Endings October.

    Now, for my patrons I also had a question I needed them to answer so if you’re a patron of mine, please go to this post and let me know what you think.

    EVEN MORE IMPORTANT I’m getting back to the Q&A. But as I’m doing this rather late in the month I sort of am putting everyone in a bad spot as far as submissions go. So though I normally make it patrons only who get to ask questions I’m opening it up to everyone. If you want to submit questions for the Q&A, go here and submit them! I’ve had super fun with this in the past and I hope to continue!

    Last bit of news before I sign off and get all these polls up. I have super fallen behind on the MGP Fan Reel. Last time I updated that… uhhhhh…. the Cubs hadn’t won the World Series yet and the Cavs weren’t even a month removed from winning the first championship in Cleveland in forever. Sooooo… it’s been a while. So, if you’re a $3 and up patron expect an email here soon inviting you to do so!

    Lastly, before anyone worries about me overextending myself, I just want to say you have no idea how good I feel right now. How productive. How happy. I’ve never felt more engaged and now is the perfect time for me to tackle this much work. Stephanie Tippet, my new assistant/conscience/whip-cracker has helped me so much. You can thank for this burst of Taralynn’s productivity. If it weren’t for her I’d be avoiding allllll kinds of work. So kudos to Steph!

    Next writing project I’m tackling is MGP 47. Hope to have that done in 2 weeks!

    Clock is ticking,

In time

Chapter 46 is now up! I warn you, it’s a tad short but I kind of prefer that in my action chapters. I think it makes them feel more fast paced when you actually read them back-to-back. Pacing is something I’m working on in my writing style. We’ll see how it pans out.

Next up on the to-do list is pay my Jiminy Cricket, get the commissions situation figured out, then get to work on catching up on some Villain-In-Distress. As a side question, does anyone know an artist I can commission that does comic book-like cover commissions? I feel I need one for the mountain of commissions to follow up on but my brief search turned up nothing. But I learned a long time ago you people tend to be more internet savvy than I am so I’m trying to mobilize my fanbase for aid! 🙂

Also, I don’t want to spoil anything but I’d like for some people to comment on something I tried in the most recent chapter. I was worried it may be a bit… gimmicky. But because of the nature of it please comment on it WITHIN THE CHAPTER. I sort of want to see if that was fun or annoying. Just know that I AM looking for feedback on that.

Going to be seeking more feedback in the near future,

Grrrrg! Bad Taralynn!

Okay, so… I’ve been avoiding writing and I’m annoyed by myself for it. You all have been wonderfully patient and, frankly, more supportive than I feel I deserve. I don’t mean that in a self-pitying kind of way. I frankly think you all are spoiling me by being too awesome of fans. 😛 In all seriousness the problem is I don’t force myself to write enough. Writing got hard and work was fulfilling so I turned myself to other projects instead of writing. Now, those other projects are going well (room has never been cleaner and I’m healthier than ever) but it doesn’t make up for, what I feel, to be me letting my fans down.

Truth be told, part of the problem is I dig myself these holes and avoid the problem. I had these grand ideas about a big commission to make it up to everyone that have, so far, sort of fallen through do to complications in my artist’s life (though I’m confident it is still coming). I sort of had a mentality of “when I get that image” and used it as an excuse to sort of let things sit for a while. I started having a lot of “zero” days as a result where I did nothing. I let my writing slip. I let other commissions slip. I let my “zero” days pile up and become a mountain of mediocrity. A monument to my dithering.

This ends.

I have officially hired a friend I trust to be my Jiminy Cricket. I don’t know if she wants me to release her name but just know that, for now, I’m paying her to poke me into productivity. I don’t want any more zero days to stack up. She also is helping me with catching up on commissions. Because I’m so far behind on those I may have to double up, at least on the cannon ones and just do a more expensive cannon image that can count as two months-worth of images because of how difficult it is. We’re talking it out.

The newest chapter of MGP WILL be posted by 11:59pm my time (Pacific) on Sunday. I need to start pushing myself to catch up. I know you all worry about me burning myself out but, frankly, my best work has been when I pushed myself, in my opinion anyway. So I’m doing it here. Then I will catch up on two issues of Villain-in-Distress. Then another MGP chapter. Then two more issues of ViD until I’m all caught up.

I love this plan. I’m excited to be a part of it. Let’s do it!

And back! Chapter 45 posted!

*Taralynn enters by kicking double doors open with this music playing in the background. Let’s assume I’m wearing sunglasses as well because that feels correct*

That’s right! Taralynn’s now back, biscuits! And a (shorter) chapter 45 has been posted! I wanted to write more but I felt it more important to get something up so I can get caught up and get the progress of actually posting something up. I hope it’s something you’ll enjoy regardless of it’s shortness.

I’m also trying to get caught up on images and Villain-in-Distress. Lot of work ahead of me but it’s totally doable! Also, I posted this entire thing while walking! What an improvement to life this desk treadmill has been. I’m slowly working my way up to being able to walk for longer periods. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I’ll be able to do a half-work day from this position. I think it’s going to help me be a lot more healthy (and productive). It was a significant investment but I think it was worth it.

Welp, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

So where has Taralynn been?

All right everyone. Here is the promised post to let you know what’s been going on. First of all, I just want to thank everyone for their patience in me dealing with what has been a hectic, yet wonderful, yet harrowing, yet joyous period of my life.

I work in the financial sector and as stated in a different post, I had a job opportunity come up that would not normally come up. This lead to me working a lot of overtime but it’s furthered my career and been great. That said, it did mean I’d get home and just didn’t have the creative energy to write so I just played games instead. It wasn’t the mature decision but it’s what I was doing. I think it’s important for me to be honest with everyone. Also, becasue it seems peopel were curious about it, it wasn’t Breath of the Wild. I don’t own that game (though my roommate has played the absolute HONEY out of that game so I assume it must be good).

However, right as that opportunity started wrapping up and I anticipated having more time another death struck my family. This time it wasn’t the tragedy that my cousin had but it still required a lot of work. My grandfather passed away. Now, this would normally be a shocking and depressing time but my grandfather has had heart issues for 20 years. Frankly, he should have died, literally, five times before this. Even at the end, he was supposed to pass, my entire family went out to see him… and he didn’t pass away. He took another week to finally give out. He was lucid throughout and went very peacefully. It was an amazing experience that brought our family so much closer together and it’s really impossible for me to feel sad about it because we had so much extra time with him that we never should have had. How can I feel sad when we feel incredibly blessed to have all the etra time he gave us?

That did, however, have some harsh realities that came along with it. My grandmother has advanced dementia. So his passing meant, for all intents and purposes, their lives were both over as she couldn’t realistically live alone in their house. That began the arduous task of trying to get her into a memory care home and the even longer process of clearing out the house that they’ve lived in for the past 40 years. When you live in a house that long… yeah. Let’s just say they were sort of settled in. And, as one of the oldest grandchildren, a lot of that work fell on me. While that task was a bit more morose at times (I felt like I was constantly invading my grandparents’ privacy even though I conciously knew that wasn’t the case) it also was an amazing experience. To see their life laid out in all these little things… amazing. It wasn’t easy but it was an incredible experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Plus, on a more superficial level, it meant I got to take their old Game Boy and Super Nintendo that they bought for the grandkids to play on as we grew up visiting their house every summer. The bonus of being the one who goes through the stuff first is you get to decide who gets the coolest stuff >:) Muwahahahaha!

So yeah, I own an old, brick sized Game Boy again. So I have that going for me. Which is nice.

So now I’m back at work but, if I’m honest, I’m still a bit emotionally drained from all this. I’ve been avoiding writing because I just don’t have my creative capacitors stored up at all. I need some help with that. Comments from you guys about the story really help get the creative juices flowing for me. So, maybe, if you could take 3-5 minutes to just leave a comment (or email at and maybe just list maybe something about MGP that really hooked you, an interaction you thought was funny or well written, and/or what you’re really looking forward to seeing, I think that will help get my batteries recharged. You guys being excited tends to have a feedback effect on me.

In the mean time, we did get a lore commission done by a new artist named Amenoosa who was recommended to be by a reader. We went back a bit and did an image of the Chaco-phagial therapy session with Vivian and Robynne. I hope you enjoy it.

To make up for the long absence, I’ve got a bigger commission coming from Rezuban i hope you all enjoy. I don’t know when it will be done but when it is, I’m sure you’ll love it!

Looking forward to getting back to work!

PS: I’m sure a bunch of you will like to give me your condolances for my grandpa and such but there really is no need for that. Seriously, we as a family have completely mourned him already and thinking about it sort of stunts my recharging. I’d rather focus on getting me back to work, but thanks anyways for the condolances 🙂

Good news for me… resulting in delay for you guys

Sorry I’ve been quiet. Work has been an absolute bear recently. Normally in these situations I’d like to complain about what a stress work is but… um… well actually it’s just the tax season and I’ve been pulled onto a project that has been really exciting! I mean, for me. For you guys it’s resulted in a delay in the chapter and I apologize for that. Luckily things go back to normal on Thursday. In the mean time, if you’re a $5+ patron, please go to my Patreon page and vote on which girl should be pin-upped this month. The subject of the pin-up? Bunny-girls!

Later taters!

An update on me, the story, and images!

First off, before I get to the items of the actual website, I’d like to address my last post. Now that I’ve moved on I feel more comfortable discussing things. Long story short, as a few of you guessed in emails to me, a member of my extended family committed suicide. It was a real tragedy for my family as they had been doing really well and getting their life together. However, this person was taking medication for both depression and seizures. The seizure medication can sometimes have some mood-swingy side effects so it had to be balanced very carefully with his depression meds. Well… unbeknownst to our family or his doctors, my cousin had been altering his own doses. This lead to one day where he crashed and made a decision we all know that, had he been in his right mind, he wouldn’t have made. While truly a senseless tragedy, there is always a silver lining in every cloud. The whole ordeal brought our family closer together than ever before. Family members that had basically stopped talking to one another over this drama or that drama, could see what was important and moved past old grudges. Bittersweet that it took something like this for that to happen, but that doesn’t remove the sweet.

In helping get things in order for his funeral and such I was able to take some inventory of my own life. It was a nice chance at reflection and helped me to rededicate myself to some goals I’ve had for a while. All and all, I actually have to say I’m feeling great. Some of it’s due to family support but a large chunk of it is also due to you, the wonderful reader. I received and outpouring of support and love from you all and it truly helped. Thank you so much for being so supportive and understanding. I couldn’t ask for better readers. You opened me up to your own worlds, tragedies, and feelings and it let me know that, though we have never actually met, we are truly a community.

Now, onto the actual website, Chapter 44 is posted! Sorry to leave you all on such a cliffhanger last time! Now, I know the chapter is shorter than usual but I felt it was appropriate for a more action-oriented segment. It shouldn’t be long between chapters. I’m expecting two weeks right now. Got to make up for lost time if I’m going to be posting 20 chapters this year! Oh! And great news, I finally figured out how to get comments on pages again so you all can comment directly on chapters again! Yay! Also, accompanying the chapter is a picture from Grimay. This is actually the February image for those of you scoring at home but it goes with this chapter. I also posted it at the bottom of the chapter itself. I’d like to go back and do similar things for images that correspond to other chapters but I’d need some help doing that. If you’re interested, let me know. But, regardless, this is one of Grimay’s more awesome pieces. I love how he opted to show both a close-up of Cell-celia and Serenity but also zoom out so we get a feel for the battlefield. Please check out the hi-rez version to get a full appreciation for how beautiful it is!

craaaaaazy eyes

One last item before I head out, I’ve noticed our MGP TVTropes page has been rather active as of late. I don’t know who has been updating it but I just wanted to give a shout out! It’s looking great everyone! Woo! Got TVTropes! As I’ve said before, I know I’ve made it because someone took the time to make a TVTropes page for the story XD. I know it’s silly but that’s how I view things.

See you when I post the next Villain-in-Distress issue!

Some unfortunate news

Everyone, I type here today with a bit of heavy heart. I wouldn’t like to get into specifics but there was a tragedy in my family over the weekend. I need to put writing on hold for a week to help those affected deal with some things. So the planned update on the 2nd of March is being postponed to next week. I’m sorry but I know you all understand.

Please remember that there are all sorts of resources out there to help you deal with any mental health issues you may have. Sometimes it’s hard to see the bright spots in your life because, well, that’s what darkness does: it makes things hard to see. Just remember to take solace in the little things in life. If you can read this message, you live an in incredible time where information flies freely around the world. You can connect with friends and family from virtually anywhere through devices that are basically the tricorders from Star Trek. The ways to entertain ourselves are unparalleled in the history of the world. The fact that we even HAVE time to entertain ourselves is a luxury that is the exception in history rather than the rule. It truly is an amazing time to be alive!

If you feel like you’re in darkness yourself, do what you can to not be alone. Reach out. Help others. You can’t help but brighten your own mood when you’re helping brighten the lives of those around you. It doesn’t have to be big. Clean up their dishes and don’t worry about the fact they didn’t. Make their bed. Clean a toilet. Shovel some snow. Something. If you focus on others you’ll find you can’t help but be standing somewhere with a little more light.

It’s not all right, but it will be all right,

PS: Patrons, I still need questions for the March Q&A. I’ll post the poll for the March pin-up later this week.

Villain-in-Distress: Episode 2, posted on Patreon

I know some of you still haven’t read the latest chapter of MGP but I’ve been hard at work and Episode 2 of Villain-in-Distressem> has now been posted on Patreon for all my $2 and up patrons. If you haven’t sampled it yet, I put up an intro Episode for free so you can decide if you like the tone of it or not. Hopefully you enjoy it.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to hearing all ya’ll’s comments on both Chapter 43 of MGP and Episode 2 of ViD!

Thanks for your support!

Happy Valentines Day! Oh… and here is chapter 43!

Congrats to Zexand for accurately predicting that I was waiting until Valentines Day to post the pin-up art for this month. The $5 and up patrons voted and Robynne preparing for a hot date was the winner so here is Grimay’s art portraying that:

Why would I use a mirror? I have a webcam

Now, who is Robynne prepping for a date with? Well, I leave decisions like that to fanfic writers. Though friend-of-the-story Kamizite, who is running me through a “What if” MGP-RP saw the picture and had another commission from Grimay of Robynne going on that date with her boyfriend from that RP. You can see the picture here. If you’re interested to know what his What-If scenario is you can read about it on this thread in the forums.

But that isn’t the main story. THIS is the main story! Chapter 43 for your reading pleasure! We get to see Robynne analyze a situation and get ready to tackle it! Plus I was able to put a few other details in I think you all might find interesting. I look forward to hearing your comments and theories!

Okay, so, upcoming events. First, Chapter 2 of Villain-in-Distress, my $2 monthly patron reward goes up tomorrow. Probably on that same day I’ll be putting up the poll for the March pin-up picture and the request for questions for the March Q&A. Then the next chapter comes out on March 2nd. The one thing I’m unsure of is the February cannon image… the image I’m asking him to draw is actually form Chapter 44 so, to avoid spoilers, I kind of want to wait until March 2nd to post it. But that means February is missed. I feel that’s okay for the purpose to avoid spoilers as long as we do two in March. Sorry for the disappointment. Robynne getting ready for her imaginary date will have to tide you over.

Lastly, for those of you who missed it, here is the February Q&A link. We talked about a lot, including the tech level of the Ardent Empire and the world of Villain-in-Distress! Also discussed was how there should be a new stretch goal posted soon to get some artwork for Villain-in-Distress so that should be fun. Regardless, thanks for continuing to be the greatest fans an author could ask for.

Later days!