Happy New Year! Last bit of upkeep from 2017 and announcements!

Okay, so, before I get into word vomiting, here is the final picture I hadn’t posted here, the November Pin-up. I wrote a whole thing on it on Patreon so just click the image if you want the spiel that went along with why Cell-celia is cooking a turkey.

Okay, onto talking too much! First, as a reminder, the planned schedule each month this year will go like this:

  • 1st Wednesday of the month: Post pin-up image
  • 2nd Wednesday of the month: Post poll for future pin-up images
  • 3rd Wednesday of the month: Post canon image
  • 4th Wednesday of the month:Post Villain-in-Distress

Now, this is a good schedule that I am planning to stick to…. thooooooough we will definitely miss posting tomorrow *dodges tomoatos* BUT BUT BUT it’s only because the artist in question has been delayed by End of the Year stuff. This won’t be a regular thing. Ask Stephanie, we have a schedule for all this. I’m sticking to this. I promise.

Now, onto how the year ended for me. The plan had been to post at least two more Villain-in-Distress issues before the turn of the new year but something unfortunate happened at work. And by unfortunate I mean our estimated workload of the end of the year went 30% above forecasts. I’d like to complain about their crappy predicting but, if I’m honest, it wasn’t really their fault. A couple of things conspired to make forecasting impossible and the end of the year is a crazy time in my business anyway as everyone tries to get things in before the clock turns midnight on Dec 31.

Long and short of it was, the last two weeks of the year I worked a total of 111 hours… yeah. On the plus side, I do get overtime pay so I actually am now well ahead of my finances than I normally would be at this point. I actully have a real emergency fund! Downside was I got home every day drained and didn’t get any writing done. Regardless I am almost done with ViD: Issue 7 (thus ahead of schedule for this year!).

With the new organized schedule you may ask about MGP but those chapters are labors of love and the chapters will be done as soon as or as late as they need to be. The issue just can’t be “Taralynn isn’t writing.” Chapter 48 was a success in my opinion (though I feel a lot of people may have missed it during the holidays) so if you have not read it yet, go in and check it out.

One last thing, I finally got around to making Issues 1, 2, & 3 of Villain-in-Distress open to the public. Right now the plan is still 6 months after posting the Issue they will go public instead of $2 patreon exclusive but depending how ordering my life goes that may get shorter. We’ll see. No promises.

Wish you all best of luck on keeping your New Years resolutions!

So many arts! Chapter 48! it’s a Christmas Miracle!

My friends, it truly is a Christmas miracle because I’m posting Chapter 48 of MGP! Woo! In addition, I’m posting a lot of art! This is everything for the year minus one pinup image I have yet to receive (but probably will in the next few days). I’ll be posting all these on my patreon page with full descriptions but for now I’m just posting it here for your enjoyment. Let me know what you thought of the chapter!

Merry Christmas,

December Pin-up by Pip

It’s going to be a… wait for it… flurry of activity this December and first up on that flurry is the ol’ landlord of Taralynn’s Desk, Pip! He did our December Pin-up! Also, wow! I’m getting an image up in the month it should have gone up! What a shocker!

I’ve said the best thing about pin-up images is that I don’t have to really explain how characters got into those outfits. So Vivian dressed up in some overly elaborate elf attire? That’s fine… but also slightly believable. Fretribution in an ugly sweater with a snowman playing guitar… or is that Dale!? BUM BUM BUMMMMMM! But either way, very believeable. Robynne in a very cute Christmas dress… or attending a social function instead of playing Aspect Realms? Yeah, no one is buying that in the actual story! But they don’t have to because it’s the pin-up image. All anyone knows is that it’s Christmas and you need to watch out for imps like Vivian pulling mistletoe shenanigans.

Working hard!

Catching up on art

So, it’s been a while. I haven’t been posting all the art we’ve had but here it comes! Get ready to have your minds blown! I’m going to go in order of the month they are assigned to.

This first piece of artwork, despite being assigned to the gap I had for April 2017’s canon commission, is actually the newest. I commissioned Railgun04 to do a transformation sequence that is sort of supposed to represent how Robert feels his first week of college went. The result, if I may wax a bit hyperbolic, was breathtaking.

This… is amazing. The little details in this really make it come together so I highly recommend you click on the image and see the full sized image. First of all, what he did with Robynne’s scarlette hair sort of pushing out of the scalp? Awesome! The wave-design on the skirt sort of bubbling into existence? Creative! The box transforming into pompoms? Masterful! Plus I got to watch him make it live on his Pictaro channel. Never have done that before. TONS of fun.

Next up was the official artist of MGP, Grimay, offering up his take on the fight against Polygal.

First of all, what can I say about Grimay that I haven’t already said? The guy is a master. The background perfect. His expressions on both Polygal’s and Tenacity’s faces expertly show their emotions at that stage in the fight. He NAILS the foreshortening of the tickets and Tenacity’s sword. And Polygal’s design was spot on. I don’t know who edits the wiki, but I think you have your reference picture for her article 🙂

Next we have Dizzyornot’s July pin-up image of Robynne getting some much needed sun and going for a walk on the beach.

Great thing about pin-up images is that they don’t need to make sense canon-wise. In what world would Robynne ever wear a bikini? Better question, in what world would she ever wear THIS bikini (as drawn by Amenoosa)?

Yup, I definitely shoved a lot of cheesecake onto Robynne’s schedule this summer as a way to make up for missing deadlines. That’s the great thing about characters: they are contractually obligated to comply! You should look into getting your own characters who can’t disobey you. It’s really keen

But it wasn’t ALL cheesecake this summer. For example, Grimay gave us another cute date scene to follow up the Eli & Kara DDR date. As our July canon image, we had Cory and Vivian have a cute date laughing at some schlocky film of some kind.

First off, I love how he captured Cory’s lanky form. And Vivian’s entire outfit and posture is adorable. Sneaking more junk food and having more fun seeing that he’s enjoying himself. I think that describes Vivian perfectly.

Dizzyornot did the next image which we have in October. Obviously October is the month of spoooks and scares so I went with a Halloween story of Angela’s past. She had spent all day promoting and rushed to the cheerleader Halloween party without really having time to get a costume together. Regardless, when she got there she was shocked to see Cammy and Tanya dressed as *ahem* creative interpretations of Spirit Guards Valor and Tenacity. Not only did this throw Angela for a bit of a loop, the fact that they tried to get her to “loosen up” and drink a little really put her off. This was the first moment where it dawned on Angela they may be a little bit of the mean alpha biscuits we all know and despise today.

The last of the images that I currently have and have yet to post is our October Pin-up image. We did something different and a bit fun and called it “Babes of Bad Endings”. I posted 5 different prompts that were bad endings from MGP and Crew Shift. To my happy surprise, the prompt from Crew shift won! The title of that bad prompt was “Customized Space Vixen for Sale”. Here for your minor reading pleasure was the prompt followed by the image as drawn by one of my favorite artists on Deviantart, AnyaUribe:

The heroines of Crew Shift defeated the turncoat Capt. Irium but what if the crew of the Sabine had failed? Someone who turned out as sexy as Capt. Fawkes couldn't be wasted in the casinos or strip clubs. No, a girl as sexy as her could fetch quite a price. She fetched quite the price on the open market as a custom-ordered build-a-bride. Such customized consorts didn't come cheap but many a shady socialites were willing to pay. After all, to have the psychotherapists, behaviorists, psychologists, neurologists and nanotechs employed by the kingpins on Artes II domesticate a tailored maiden was a unique opportunity. Now fully broken and expertly housetrained, the captain has surrendered herself to her new life as Mrs. Brandi Vixen as she is mailed across the stars with a new mission: to be the perfect wife and make sure she meets every term of the satisfaction guarantee she came with.

I love how the artwork turned out in this. I had this idea of a futuristic wedding dress that I wasn’t sure how to describe but Anya made it come out beautifully. Really, it looks like something straight out of the Jetsons! And though it’s horrifying what she’s being shipped off to do, I have to at least admire how adorable Captain Fawkes’s hair is done up… and this is why I’m going to Hell.

So, what art does that leave for the rest of the year to be revealed?

  • August Canon image- SG Serenity vs Day LaMode by Grimay
  • September Canon image- Kunapipi has Robert reach into the stone by Amenoosa
  • September Pin-up image- Fallacious Fantasy Football Robynne by Grimay
  • November Canon image- Rising Spirit! by Badgertastic
  • November Pin-up image- Monsterous Thanksgiving Dinner by Grimay (voting on which monster for $5 and up patrons valid until end of the night tonight!)
  • December Canon image- Villain-in-Distress Issue #1 cover by undecided artist (waiting to hear back)
  • December Pin-up image- Don’t let Vivian get ahold of mistletoe by Pip

WHEW! That’s a lot of work hunting down all that but now that it’s here it’s a huge load off my shoulders. Again, big thanks to Stephanie for helping me get all this organized so I could get it all done. I’ll have the invites to $3 and up patrons to edit Fan Reel #11 by the end of the day. I look forward to a lot of posting here soo as more artwork comes in! Until then, I hope your’e enjoying your holiday season and continue to do so. Now, I must get more work done as I listen to the wonders of this Electro-swing Christmas mix!


2017 year in review

(this is a cross post from my Patreon page. Some of this information won’t be as applicable to general fans but I thought it good to share with everyone so you can know my plans going forward)

I just wanted to say thank you to what has been a tumultuous 2017 for me. Overall, a good year for me professionally but a tough one emotionally. As you may be aware, I lost some people close to me as the year went by and it did cause me to go into a shell at times.

I don’t want to make this a “woe is me” post because life happens and I’m a believer in positivity. But sometimes I think that positivity may get me to overstep my capabilities at times. When I get sad, I draw into myself and get a bit lazy even though, in my experience, creating content is one of the fastest ways to cheer me up! Then again we don’t behave rationally when we are feeling down.

This is one of the reasons I hired Stephanie to help me keep my sugar together and on schedule. In addition to Stephanie, I’ve been using my Audible account to get self-help books that have helped motivate me and see areas where I’m making mistakes. As a full result, 2018 is shaping up to be a good year as a result of my better handle of myself and Stephanie keeping me on an actual schedule.

One of the things the self-help books have helped me to understand is I’m a creature of momentum. If I want to succeed, I have to keep moving every day. To this end, I have started to wake up half-an-hour earlier than I would normally each weekday to get some sort of writing or website upkeep done. You’re about to see a flood of commissions come rolling in as a result.

One of the other effects of the self-help books is helping me realize where I’m maybe making promises that don’t push my “brand” in a direction. While I’m not as big on the buzzword of “brand”, it did make me realize something…

I was spending more time worried, avoiding, and writing in the Q&A than I should. The Q&A was a good idea I think but with the limited writing and bookkeeping I already do, it added to the pile in a way it shouldn’t. In addition, there wasn’t the interest in reading it that I had thought there might be. A lot of that was likely due to my own inconsistency but the more I thought about it, the more I figured, “They patronize me for my writing, not for my insight.” Plus, if I’m honest, I found myself over-analyzing how I answered questions and inadvertently caused myself some weird stress where I was happy someone would ask a question but agonize over how to best answer it. So for that reason, 2018 will not include Q&A as something I’m doing. Come 2019, I may revisit the idea.

What 2018 WILL be including is a healthy dose of MGP Fan Reels. I love the Fan Reels as I’m a huge fan of sarcastic, peanut gallery-style commentary… I mean, I write Cory & Eli into my story and that’s basically their job. Stephanie is a big fan of them as well and so we’re planning on posting one once every 2 weeks. That’s, I think, a slow enough pace that those at the Fan Reel level of rewards will have enough time to add their comments if they want to. Once every two weeks is NOT a schedule I would promise if it weren’t for Stephanie’s involvement.

Right now, we have 10 chapters of MGP Fan Reel up. I’m going to get this started up next week. By our count, that puts us at Chapter 38 at the end of 2018. I think that’s getting us a fair bit caught up! We’ll slow down in 2019 so we don’t overtake actual chapters (and I think it’s healthy to always be a few chapters behind anyway on snide commentary) so this is going to be good. It’s going to be good isn’t it Stephanie?

Stephanie gave me a thumbs up. So it’ll be good.

The last thing is I, frankly, am starting to run out of ideas for canon images and especially pin-up images. I want to get more community feedback to help me do that. I’m going to host some regular discussions (maybe once every 3-4 months) for people to proffer up ideas for both. This will be something I add to the $3 rewards in addition to access to commenting on the Fan Reels. I figure if you’re passionate enough to offer up snarky commentary you probably are willing to throw a few ideas out there.

So, the new rewards levels will be as such:
$1- Access to the MGP Vignettes
$2-Access to Villain-in-Distress 6 months before it goes public
$3-Access to the MGP Fan Reel and the Commission Brainstorming Meetings
$5-Become a member of the Pin-up Planning Committee (aka: Vote for which pin-ups go up, and occasionally which canon image we do)
$10- MGP Early Access- gain access to the Google-doc I use to write MGP

Okay, before I close up this post, here is the plan for this month. Normally this month would be a nightmare for me to write BUT it turns out my family isn’t coming up here for Christmas. Normally this would be a big sad face from me but I see it as a sign that I can get a lot done this month!

This is the plan. Not only are we getting two Fan Reels posted this month, but I will get one more chapter of MGP up before the year is done. Then, I’m going to try to tear through Villain-in-Distress. There were supposed to be 12 Villain-in-Distress chapters this year. There have been 6. By my count, Villain-in-Distress averages 2-3 pages. That comes out to around 15 pages I need to write there. MGP chapters are as long or as short as I feel they need to be. But that means I need to get somewhere between, likely, 20-30 pages written before the year is up. That is doable in a month that I’m planning and staying super engaged.

Now, I won’t commit to all 6 getting done. I already stated at the start of this post how I sometimes get overeager due to my positive nature. I will promise, however, to try my best and get multiple ViD’s out along with an MGP chapter. But whatever I don’t get done I’m going to chaulk up to being a “dead” month for ViD and just going to start over with a clean slate come 2018 so I don’t spend all my time playing catch-up the whole year. That big of a block of writing steals from MGP and while I’m comfortable doing that for a single month where I wasn’t expecting to write as much, I’m not willing to do that any further than this month.

In the effort of spacing things out better, coming 2018 I’ll be on a regular posting schedule for all this patreon stuff. My schedule has shifted in that Wednesday is now the best day for me to do stuff for the website. So this will be the schedule each month for Patreon stuff:

1st Wednesday- Post Pin-up picture
2nd Wednesday- Pin-up voting
3rd Wednesday- Canon image
4th Wednesday- Villain-in-Distress

That means I need to get some pin-up voting options up fast 🙂

Regardless, thanks for reading all this. You guys have seriously been amazing fans all year and incredibly patient with me thorugh the hard times. That patience is getting rewarding and why I’m now paying Stephanie to be my taskmaster XD. 2018 is going to be the best year for Taralynn’s Desk and more productive than ever before. Keep me in your prayers or whatever you do to get positive vibes from the universe to keep me on task this month so I can hit the ramp that is 2018 with lots of speed!

You’re the best!

Chapter 47 is up! And pictures!

Good news and Happy Halloween tricksters! Chapter 47 is up for your consumption! It took a long time but I’m proud of it. Action is always harder for me to write than just my normal naval gazing chapters.

In other news, I’ll be adding to this post a lot of new pics and links to Patreon stuff. Some cool things happened in the past month that I want to tell you about but it’s Halloween so I’m back to giving kids candy for the night! More stuff tomorrow! I hope you enjoy the chapter!

The march towards making up all the missing art is on!

We have twooooo images ready for your viewing pleasure! The first is a canon image drawn by the immensely talented (and basically official artist of MGP at this point) Grimay! It’s Eli and Kara out on a date at the arcade as they have a dance together… Eli and Kara style! I can totally see these dopes dressing up a bit for a nice dinner then slumming it at an arcade after. I don’t know if this will be written into the actual story (in other words, the pic may turn out to be a bit of a spoiler) but in my mind it definitely will happen at some point.

First of all, as usual, he puts amazing detail into the background that I can’t believe is there. Second of all, PLEEEEASE click on the image and see the high-res version of this image. He puts some awesome small shades into Kara’s top to give it a nice, soft texture. That’s just incredible to me! He’s so amazing and talented and working on the next canon image as we speak. I’m excited for the next one too!

Next image is the pinup for June. All the $5 and up Patrons voted on some options of characters drawn as their in-game Aspect Realms avatars. Your choices were Robynne dressed as her Seraphim Rippleblade named Waveförm, Angela as her Seraphim Starsentry named Convictiön, or Robert dressed as his Deviling Windwhisper named Blustery. I guess Rule 63 ruled the day because Blustery won a VERY close vote (3 to 3 to 4!). For something this creative I went to Badgertastic to get the image done and… donut.

First of all. She didn’t have much to work with on Robert. I have, like, maybe one picture of him. But she was able to extrapolate that picture out into this. And I love the demonic-looking wind effects around her. And the BLADE WORK! Mmmmm… those are some straight menacing looking daggers Blustery is sporting. Badgertastic is amazing and these are the exact type of pieces of art I love using her for.

I have several more irons in the fire artistically speaking so expect more art in the future. In the writing front expect at least a Q&A and ViD 5 to be posted this weekend with work gettind done on the next MGP. Sorry to post and run but I need the sleeps.


PS: discovered this Electo-swing song and love it. I want to share

And the make-up pics are starting to come! Also, MGPFF update!

My friends, we now have, thanks to the amazing artist Amenoosa, have our May Pin-up of 1950’s Housewife Stacy Ambrose! Behold! Isn’t she totes adorbs?

So that’s the first of many makeup pictures. I got a lot of irons in the fire right now when it comes to commissions so these may be popping up all around the place here soon.

In other news we are up to 5 teams in the Magical Gridiron Posse! Let’s welcome AmandaButterfly’s team, the Persistent Pixies, to the mix! Also my personal assistant/slave driver Stephanie Tippet has joined with a team appropriately named “The Taskmasters”. And someone joined with the team name Death but we don’t have their info yet. Looking forward to it. I also have set up a separate page for the Magical Gridiron Posse with a list of all the teams, slots available, and (most importantly) a list of the available cheerleaders for you to draft to respresent the team on one page with LINKS to help us keep track of who looks like who! It’s the most comprehensive list of characters and art I’ve ever made so maybe you want to check that out regardless of if you’re participating or not. but you should participate because it will be, as the kids say, dope. Plus you get to draft 3 cheerleaders with a chance of getting them drawn for you? Who else gives you that? No one I say! No one!

Hope you join!


Okay everyone, slight update. I still need a LOT of questions on the Q&A so if you have one, I’d greatly appreciate it. Can’t make the Q&A work if I don’t get questions 😛 Click here for asking me a question.

Also urgent, we need more votes for a few of the pin-up polls as votes are either really close or tied. Biggest votes I need the $5 and up patrons to clear out is breaking the 3-way tie for the June Pin-up: Ravishing Pin-up Gamers vote.

  • Robynne as Waveförm (Seraphim Rippleblade)- 3 votes
  • Angela as Convictiön (Seraphim Starsentry)- 3 votes
  • Genderbent Robert as Blustery (Deviling Windwhisper)

So if you’re a $5 and up patron, please get on that and break the tie!

We are also really close on the September Pin-up Voting! Fallacious Fantasy Football! with Robynne in Cowboys colors having 4 votes to Stacy in New York Jets colors at 3 votes and Cammy in Saints colors and Lily in Broncos colors at 2 votes. If your vote will make a difference, please jump in on that one too.

The other one that is really close is the October Pin-up Voting! Babes of Bad Endings! but that one doesn’t close until halfway through September so there is time for that one to resolve itself. I wrote up little, poorly formatted vignettes for the 5 options that I’ll post for everyone to read (but not to vote on) over the weekend. I’m proud of them and put in too much work for something that won’t have 4 out of 5 optiosn worked on. But here were the quick options for Babes of Bad Endings (or if you wanted to vote super bad maybe patron me this one month ;P)

  • Customized Space Vixen for Sale: Captain Fawkes becomes a mail-ordered space-bride, customized and shipped to the highest bidder (2 votes)
  • Captain Cammy’s Convert: Freshman Angela succumbs to Cammy’s aura (1 vote)
  • Game Over for Charity: Polygal never lets Kara leave Loose Change (1 vote)
  • Mon Dieu! Glowy Boy’s Monstrous Makeover: Day LaMode captures Robert Dreese for Platicore (2 votes)
  • An Infusion of School Spirit: Robynne becomes Cammy’s protégé (1 vote)
  • Serenity the Texting Slave- Cell-cellia turns Robynne into her pawn (0 votes)

Okay, with all that done, here is what I feel is the coolest announcement of the day… WE ARE LAUNCHING A FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE FOR YOU THE GOOD READER! WITH A PRIZE FOR THE WINNER!!! Did that get your attention? Let’s get some more information for you. Friend of the site, Kamizite was kind enough to launch the league using the Yahoo Fantasy Football platform. It will be called the Magical Gridiron Posse… complete with logo!

Yup. It has a logo. So that makes it official. You do not need to be a football master to play with us. We’re just trying to have a fun time and put something cool on the line. You just need to be able to attend the draft on Wednesday, September 6th, at 7pm PDT. It costs no money to join. Right now we have room for only 10 players but if there is more who want to join, we might expand to 12.
But we are NOT just drafting players! Before the season starts we will have another draft. A draft for YOUR TEAM CHEERLEADER! What do I mean by that? We will have a random order and people can draft from a list of girls from my various canons to be the official team cheerleader! Right now the list includes Robynne, Angela, Kara, Mallory, Vivian, Noriko, Rule 63 Eli, Rule 63 Cory, Rule 63 Robert, Rule 63 Siekert twins (they come together of course), Cammy, Lily, Tanya, Stacy, Jodi, Captain Fawkes from Crew Shift, the rest of the crew of the TSF Sabine, Celeste Edenview from my abandoned VUA project, Aurora & Marina from the abandoned Bunny Shell project, Vytri & Lanci from Villain-in-Distress, and even Leslie from my first story Mother Raven!

“But wait Taralynn, why does it matter who my cheerleader is?” I’m glad you asked. Because the winner of the league will get a picture of their cheerleader in YOUR fantasy football teams’s cheer uniform! A FULLY COMMISSIONED PICTURE! Doesn’t that sound fun? I think it does. I think it does a lot.
So if you want to join the Magical Gridiron Posse, just click this link and sign up! Be sure to let me know what your team name is, what your team colors will be, and what cheerteam your uniforms are based on. Feel free to pick any NFL or college cheer team. I’ll create a page on the site where we can keep up with the standings and who is who. Right now, the league looks like this:

Team Name Team Owner Team colors Cheer uniform design
The Angelcakekickers Taralynn Yellow & Orange Arizona Cardinals
Prytania Blue Boxers Kamizite Tardis blue & gray New Orleans Saints
—open slot—
—open slot—
—open slot—
—open slot—
—open slot—
—open slot—
—open slot—
—open slot—

It will be first come first serve. JUST MAKE SURE YOU CAN MAKE THE DRAFT TIME! We don’t care if you know a football from a foosball. We just want to have fun! Hope you all decide to join!

Are you ready for some fantasy football!?

Villain-in-Distress: Issue 4 is now up on Patreon!

Allll right! Settle in because this is a LONG post that asks for a lot of interaction from my patrons so please sit tight. Starting the work of catching up on Villain-in-Distress for you Patrons of $2 or more, ViD Issue 04 has now been posted! You can download it in pdf, docx, or epub form so hopefully one of those works for you.

I have to say, Villain-in-Distress is getting a lot of fun to right. I mean, in all seriousness trying to come up with 1950’s slang is a hoot. I’ve been looking up terms on various slang websites for help on that. I’m learning that cars were very big in 1950’s America culture. I think my favorite euphemisms I came up with were “adjusting his antenna” and “greasing her engine” for… um… certain things ^_^;; This is why I’m going to Hell.

But in all seriousness though, it’s a world I’m proud of. I can’t wait to share more details of it. The plan for now is for me to alternate between MGP chapters and ViD issues so I can make sure to catch up on ViD as I am supposed to be releasing that monthly. By the way, if you were a patron back in April (when Issue 4 should have been posted) and you have since cancelled your patronage, don’t worry. I’m going back and making sure all my patrons from back then will receive a copy of the Issue that was owed to them! I will do the same for May, June, July, & August and any other months in the future that I miss posting on time as I try to catch up!

Speaking of catching up, we have pin-up image votes that patrons need to vote on too. Last we left off, the vote for May had passed with Stacy Ambrose dressed as a 1950’s style housewife. Right now I’m getting that commissioned but I have other votes and commissions that need to happen. I’m posting a list here that I will update with the pertinent links for those who can vote if a vote is needed. These will be less tied to the monthly theme than I have in the past but we’ll see what I can come up with. Also there is a list of other commissions I’m sending out here so you know what images are coming down the pike.

  • April Pin-up: Bunnygirl Vivian (Artist: Grimay)- Status: Complete!
  • May Pin-up: 1950’s housewife Stacy (Artist: Amenoosa)- Status: In process
  • June Pin-up- Robynne, Angela, or Robert dressed as their Aspect Realms avatars (Artist: Badgertastic)- poll closes September 1st
  • July Pin-up- Fun-in-the-Daystar Robynne! (Artist: Amenoosa)- poll closes September 1st
  • August Pin-up- Swimsuit Robynne (no poll. I’m forcing Robynne to do this as a makeup for getting out of it for a few months :P)(Artist: Amenoosa)
  • September Pin-up- Fallacious Fantasy Football (Artist: TBD) – poll closes September 1st
  • October Pin-up- Babes of Bad Endings– characters receive various bad endings that could have happened in my story (Artist: TBD) – poll closes September 15th
  • March Canon image- Chaco-phagial Therapy (Artist: Amenoosa)- Status: Complete! (Artist)
  • April Canon image- Robert to Cheerleader Robynne process image (Artist: Rezuban)- Status- In Progress
  • May Canon image- Hop Dance Mania Eli & Kara (Artist: Grimay)- Status- In Progress
  • June Canon image- Cinema Snuggling Cory & Vivian (Artist: Grimay)- Status- Commissioned
  • July Canon image- Polygal Powers Up! (Artist: Grimay)- Status- Commissioned
  • August Canon image- Day LaMode Strikes a Pose! (Artist: Grimay)- Status- Commissioned
  • September Canon image- Robert tosses Kunapipi back the Spirit Stick (Artist: Grimay)- Status- Commissioned
  • October Canon image- Freshman Angela at Cheerleader Halloween Party (Artist: TBD)
  • Villain-in-Distress Comic Cover (Artist: TBA)
  • Double Secret Taralynn-related commission (Artist: Pip)- Status: To be commissioned
  • As you can see, not all the commissions are just MGP related. Also I had the April pin-up and March canon image done a long time ago but I don’t see official posts on them so I’m officially posting it here for the first time I think. Here are the two images I haven’t posted before. First up is the Chaco-phagial therapy session between Vivian and Robynne right after her transformation and fight with Day LaMode. I love how comfortabl Vivian looks on Noriko’s bed! And even more Vivian with the March pin-up image of Bunnygirl Vivian. Easter is the perfect season for our energy-infused woman of science!

    Some of these topics I’m super excited to see drawn. In particular I’m looking forward to getting Robert finally drawn by Grimay for the September image and I’m jazzed to see what people want to see for Bad Endings October.

    Now, for my patrons I also had a question I needed them to answer so if you’re a patron of mine, please go to this post and let me know what you think.

    EVEN MORE IMPORTANT I’m getting back to the Q&A. But as I’m doing this rather late in the month I sort of am putting everyone in a bad spot as far as submissions go. So though I normally make it patrons only who get to ask questions I’m opening it up to everyone. If you want to submit questions for the Q&A, go here and submit them! I’ve had super fun with this in the past and I hope to continue!

    Last bit of news before I sign off and get all these polls up. I have super fallen behind on the MGP Fan Reel. Last time I updated that… uhhhhh…. the Cubs hadn’t won the World Series yet and the Cavs weren’t even a month removed from winning the first championship in Cleveland in forever. Sooooo… it’s been a while. So, if you’re a $3 and up patron expect an email here soon inviting you to do so!

    Lastly, before anyone worries about me overextending myself, I just want to say you have no idea how good I feel right now. How productive. How happy. I’ve never felt more engaged and now is the perfect time for me to tackle this much work. Stephanie Tippet, my new assistant/conscience/whip-cracker has helped me so much. You can thank for this burst of Taralynn’s productivity. If it weren’t for her I’d be avoiding allllll kinds of work. So kudos to Steph!

    Next writing project I’m tackling is MGP 47. Hope to have that done in 2 weeks!

    Clock is ticking,