Some unfortunate news

Everyone, I type here today with a bit of heavy heart. I wouldn’t like to get into specifics but there was a tragedy in my family over the weekend. I need to put writing on hold for a week to help those affected deal with some things. So the planned update on the 2nd of March is being postponed to next week. I’m sorry but I know you all understand.

Please remember that there are all sorts of resources out there to help you deal with any mental health issues you may have. Sometimes it’s hard to see the bright spots in your life because, well, that’s what darkness does: it makes things hard to see. Just remember to take solace in the little things in life. If you can read this message, you live an in incredible time where information flies freely around the world. You can connect with friends and family from virtually anywhere through devices that are basically the tricorders from Star Trek. The ways to entertain ourselves are unparalleled in the history of the world. The fact that we even HAVE time to entertain ourselves is a luxury that is the exception in history rather than the rule. It truly is an amazing time to be alive!

If you feel like you’re in darkness yourself, do what you can to not be alone. Reach out. Help others. You can’t help but brighten your own mood when you’re helping brighten the lives of those around you. It doesn’t have to be big. Clean up their dishes and don’t worry about the fact they didn’t. Make their bed. Clean a toilet. Shovel some snow. Something. If you focus on others you’ll find you can’t help but be standing somewhere with a little more light.

It’s not all right, but it will be all right,

PS: Patrons, I still need questions for the March Q&A. I’ll post the poll for the March pin-up later this week.

Villain-in-Distress: Episode 2, posted on Patreon

I know some of you still haven’t read the latest chapter of MGP but I’ve been hard at work and Episode 2 of Villain-in-Distressem> has now been posted on Patreon for all my $2 and up patrons. If you haven’t sampled it yet, I put up an intro Episode for free so you can decide if you like the tone of it or not. Hopefully you enjoy it.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to hearing all ya’ll’s comments on both Chapter 43 of MGP and Episode 2 of ViD!

Thanks for your support!

Happy Valentines Day! Oh… and here is chapter 43!

Congrats to Zexand for accurately predicting that I was waiting until Valentines Day to post the pin-up art for this month. The $5 and up patrons voted and Robynne preparing for a hot date was the winner so here is Grimay’s art portraying that:

Why would I use a mirror? I have a webcam

Now, who is Robynne prepping for a date with? Well, I leave decisions like that to fanfic writers. Though friend-of-the-story Kamizite, who is running me through a “What if” MGP-RP saw the picture and had another commission from Grimay of Robynne going on that date with her boyfriend from that RP. You can see the picture here. If you’re interested to know what his What-If scenario is you can read about it on this thread in the forums.

But that isn’t the main story. THIS is the main story! Chapter 43 for your reading pleasure! We get to see Robynne analyze a situation and get ready to tackle it! Plus I was able to put a few other details in I think you all might find interesting. I look forward to hearing your comments and theories!

Okay, so, upcoming events. First, Chapter 2 of Villain-in-Distress, my $2 monthly patron reward goes up tomorrow. Probably on that same day I’ll be putting up the poll for the March pin-up picture and the request for questions for the March Q&A. Then the next chapter comes out on March 2nd. The one thing I’m unsure of is the February cannon image… the image I’m asking him to draw is actually form Chapter 44 so, to avoid spoilers, I kind of want to wait until March 2nd to post it. But that means February is missed. I feel that’s okay for the purpose to avoid spoilers as long as we do two in March. Sorry for the disappointment. Robynne getting ready for her imaginary date will have to tide you over.

Lastly, for those of you who missed it, here is the February Q&A link. We talked about a lot, including the tech level of the Ardent Empire and the world of Villain-in-Distress! Also discussed was how there should be a new stretch goal posted soon to get some artwork for Villain-in-Distress so that should be fun. Regardless, thanks for continuing to be the greatest fans an author could ask for.

Later days!

Villain-in-Distress officially begins!

Villain-in-Distress is officially up on my Patreon! As promised, the introduction is free of charge for anyone to read so head on over and check it out with handy link I’m giving you! I am kind of proud of my crappy Villain-in-Distress logo I made. I worked hard to make the font look like something on an old 1960’s silver age comic book… harder than I should have. Look, I haven’t done real art in a long time! I’m wayyy out of arting shape! Regardless. It’s made and you can go read the Introduction. Please be aware that the actual story is a downloadable PDF so you’ll have to click on the pdf attachement to the post. I hope I don’t see anyone asking me where the story is! I’ll know who didn’t read my post XD

Some of this will be a repeat of what you’ll read on the Patreon post, but unlike future installments of Villain-in-Distress, the Introduction is free. Future installments will take the place of my MGP Vignettes as my $2 Patron incentive. Why do one free chapter? Well, with MGP I have all of the MGP storyline to give a reader a feel of what an MGP Vignette might be about. So I didn’t feel I need to have some sort of preview for a viewer to decide if the Vignettes were worth their two bucks.

However, Villain-In-Distress is a completely new story that you all have no idea if you’d enjoy. I felt I should give you all a sample of what it’d be about before you’d decide if you wanted to do the $2 a month donation. I’d hate for someone to be kind enough to get all excited to read a new Taralynn story only to start reading and find out they hate the tone of it! Don’t get me wrong, I’m confident in my work and really am enjoying writing it. And yes, I know a lot of you who are already patrons would say, “Hey! I’m just giving you $2 because I love your work! Anything I get out of it is a bonus!” and trust me you have no idea how warm that makes me feel. But I know there are a few people who’d only pay the $2 to see the new story so I want to make sure those people don’t feel duped into a story they wouldn’t like. Either way, I appreciate your time and consideration.

I swear this won’t affect MGP’s release schedule. I made my goal of 20 MGP chapters in 2017 and I’m sticking to that goal! Now that I’ve gotten a better handle on my time management, I’m confident in my ability to get this accomplished! I have a rough schedule release for the year on my phone and everything! It’s going to be awesome! So for those of you who are totally here for Magical Girl Policy alone, don’t worry, you’ll be getting just as much content as last year and then some! But for those of you who also want a bonus TG story involving superheroes and supervillains… well Villain-In-Distress is perfect for you!

The first chapter (is it Issue?) of Villain-in-Distress will go around the 14th of each month, except for this month, when it goes up on the 15th. I need an extra day to finish the first chapter… or issue. I’m having a real debate on whether I should stick with calling these chapters or, because it’s got a comic book feel, if I should get a little dorky and call them issues. I made a StrawPoll that you can vote on! Enjoy!

Thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to hearing from ya’ll. You are the best fans a person could ask for!

Starting 2017 on the right foot!

Holy crap Grimay! Oh, and I did a Q&A

Okay guys, Grimay may have just turned in his best picture ever!

Isn’t it absolutely glorious! The Spirit Guard Serenity pic on the right is basically like a still taken from Sailor Moon if you ask me! I can’t get over how good this looks! I may squee. So many little details! The ripples in the water, that confident smirk! I know I say this a lot but… Grimay just keeps topping himself! This is my favorite commission ever!

I also completed the January Q&A over on my Patreon. You may need to be a patron to ask the questions but anyone can read my answers so go on over there and give it a read if it amuses you.
I should have Villain-In-Distress- Chapter 0 posted here on Thursday so, see you all soon 🙂


The late December images!

Wow, I know I’m a little late on these images. But they are now done and I have the time to post them! Okay, first up, the cannon image of Grimay’s portrayal of Robynne and Lily’s conversation down the steps of SAU campus!

I’m running out of things to say about Grimay’s. It’s gorgeous as ever. Look at all the detail he put on the steps! Did he have to? No! Did he? Yes! And Lily looks exactly like I imagined! And she’s enjoying grilling Robynne way too much! So perfect!

But what month is complete without the pin-up image? Once again I’d like to thank my patrons for hitting the goal that lets us have the pin-up image! Badgertastic took a stab (get it) on the winner of the pin-up poll, Christmas Ninja Noriko! Let’s see what she did with that prompt!

All right. First of all, I didn’t give Badgertastic that much guidance. I just said “Christmas-y weapons and ninja outfit” and let her run with it. Candy cane wakizashi? Fudging holly throwing stars (complete with FWIP!)? How is this not awesome! Plus Noriko is smiling! … kind of… well she’s more smirking but you don’t know how hard it was to get her to pose for this picture! Or get emotion! This is the flirtiest smile we could find! You wanted Noriko pin-up and we got the most emotive Noriko ever! Drink it in fanboys!

We’re still voting on which pro-cheerleader outfit which MGP cheerleader will wear so hop on over to my Patreon if you’re one of my $5 or up patrons and vote!

I’ll have more to come in the following days so be on the lookout!

Happy New Year!

The answer to life, the universe, and everything…

Okay, this update is gonna be short because I have parties to get to but… I DID IT! Chapter 42 is up!

Also, for the record, because a bit of a debate has sprouted up in the comments about it… but I haven’t actually ever read Douglas Adams. I know that’s basically nerd heresy but it is true. Just thought I’d throw that in to blow your collective minds. But I do know a lot of the references because of the inherent nerd osmosis that occurs in our society.

Quick heads up, there will be a delay in the usual drops of artwork. Honestly, focusing on story and family has caused me to delay those. They will come though. I promise.

But yeah. More to come later but I did it! Two in December, my busiest month for work AND family interaction! I have a great feeling about 2017! 2016 was really good to me with you wonderful fans being patient, me holding down my job for a full year and getting stable, finally attending Blizzcon, and getting a more ergonomic workspace put together! Next year comes with new goals: 20 chapters! A new project for my patrons to read! Quitting my soda habit (though I’m allowing it on weekends and other days off… I love Diet Dr Pepper too much). Losing 15 pounds! It’s going to be great and I have a feeling it will be great for you too!

Have a happy new year!

That’s some 41! … sorry… that was bad. I promise I’ll have a better joke next chapter

Yes! Chapter 41! It’s posted! Wooo! I’m excited for this chapter and don’t have too much to say. Go read it!

Oh, and I’m told we’re close on getting the December images. I’ll post them when I get them both. Oh! And the December Q&A was posted for all to read on Patreon! I repeat, it’s open to all! There were some interesting questions this month and I had a blast answering them!

So before I go, I found a playlist for the holiday season I thought people might like. It’s a mix of video game winter songs. I like having it on in the background when I’m working and I thought you all might like it as well 🙂

See you later in the month!

I think I missed something

So… I sort of made a post around November 15th posting November’s artwork and such and telling you to go visit the most recent MGP Vignette if you were a patron… it turns out I only saved that post instead of publishing it… whoops.

So my recent quiet wasn’t intended, though if I’m honest, leaving town for Thanksgiving did throw a wrench into my schedule. So there are a couple of things I want to do. First, I forgot to ever post a December Q&A. I want to get that done ASAP so if you are a patron, PLEASE GO LEAVE A QUESTION HERE! I’m also in a bit of a rush so I’ll be accepting non-Patron questions too. If you have a question for me, please just leave an email titled “December Q&A” at my email address at Only things I ask for on questions is avoiding politics, religion, and spoilers.

Next up, while Grimay and Badgertastic are hard at work on our next cannon image and pin-up image respectively, I never posted the November images! So, first off, let’s get Grimay’s image!

This is the first time I’ve had an image take place in the same area as a previous image. Obviously this is Robynne and Will Siekert’s scene in the most recent chapter. I really like the work that he did on making sure Will’s shirt was grimy a and didn’t look well kept. What more could I ask for? And, as usual, it’s done with the usual level of Grimay love!

Next up we have November’s pin-up image, Vivian dressed as Deja Vu, from the MGP-verse video game, Watchpoint, made by the company Snowstorm Entertainment. In my head she’s basically Tracer from Overwatch but instead of being the hero, is the French villain with time-blinking powers. Hence the name Deja Vu. The heroic British sniper, the Recluse, is someone she loves to get the goat of. Have I given this too much thought? Definitely. But, regardless, Badgertastic did a great job and I love how it came out!

Okay, last little bit for this post. This month is going to be a big one for Taralynn. First off, there will be TWO, I repeat, TWO chapters posted this month. 41 is almost done and will be going up Thursday, the 8th at the latest. Next, this is for the patrons, this is going to be the last month I produce a Vignette for MGP for a while. Now, fret not, I still have something I will be producing instead to take it’s place but, as it stands, I’m starting to struggle to come up with Vignette topics that interest me and, if I’m honest, I feel it’s showing in the writing quality. I don’t like shortchanging people. What that new project is…. more to come >:) Related though… does anyone know a good artist that specializes in doing logos? I may have some need of them.

Back to work for me!

Questions and Answers and FanArt! Oh my!

With the spooky season having passed us by and the autumn is upon us. Unless you’re south of the equator… then it’s not. Sorry. I sort of just think of how MY weather is. I think it only natural though. Give me at least that. Regardless of anything you do or do not give me, the Q&A for November is up on my Patreon page. Had some interesting questions this month that got a bit Halloween centric at some points, but got a real interesting question about AU MGP I think some people might be interested in. I hope you enjoy it!

Even more exciting than the Q&A though (for me) is some fan art! Theo did a few more renders. First off, before the spookiness fades, here are some MGP pumpkins!

Isn’t that awesome? THey look so organic! I need to find a way to use these somehow next year. but next up, he decided to take some time to mock up what he thought Robynne’s new computer case would look like!

Obviously it wouldn’t ACTUALLY say “CandyStrike” on the side but, excluding that, I love the look. It’s very much the type of case I’d expect Cammy to try to stick Robynne with. Plus it has the usual Theo detail he has with his renders. I’m seriously impressed with the handle on the side of the case for getting to the guts of the computer. Just a small touch that makes it that much more delicious.

No monthly image or pin-up image yet. But the monthly canon image will be from Grimay so… fun as usual. The pin-up will be from Badgertastic again. I loved his Succubus Kara so much I wanted her to do another one. The poll selected the winner as Vivian dressed up as Deja Vu from the FPS game Watchpoint, the knockoff Tracer from Overwatch. Only, I decided for the purposes of the MGPverse, Tracer and Widowmaker (the Recluse in MGPverse) have flipped their hero and villain roles. So, yes, I’ve definitely overthought this.

I can’t wait for you all to see how Vivian’s Deja Vu cosplay turns out!