I think I missed something

So… I sort of made a post around November 15th posting November’s artwork and such and telling you to go visit the most recent MGP Vignette if you were a patron… it turns out I only saved that post instead of publishing it… whoops.

So my recent quiet wasn’t intended, though if I’m honest, leaving town for Thanksgiving did throw a wrench into my schedule. So there are a couple of things I want to do. First, I forgot to ever post a December Q&A. I want to get that done ASAP so if you are a patron, PLEASE GO LEAVE A QUESTION HERE! I’m also in a bit of a rush so I’ll be accepting non-Patron questions too. If you have a question for me, please just leave an email titled “December Q&A” at my email address at taralynnand@gmail.com. Only things I ask for on questions is avoiding politics, religion, and spoilers.

Next up, while Grimay and Badgertastic are hard at work on our next cannon image and pin-up image respectively, I never posted the November images! So, first off, let’s get Grimay’s image!

This is the first time I’ve had an image take place in the same area as a previous image. Obviously this is Robynne and Will Siekert’s scene in the most recent chapter. I really like the work that he did on making sure Will’s shirt was grimy a and didn’t look well kept. What more could I ask for? And, as usual, it’s done with the usual level of Grimay love!

Next up we have November’s pin-up image, Vivian dressed as Deja Vu, from the MGP-verse video game, Watchpoint, made by the company Snowstorm Entertainment. In my head she’s basically Tracer from Overwatch but instead of being the hero, is the French villain with time-blinking powers. Hence the name Deja Vu. The heroic British sniper, the Recluse, is someone she loves to get the goat of. Have I given this too much thought? Definitely. But, regardless, Badgertastic did a great job and I love how it came out!

Okay, last little bit for this post. This month is going to be a big one for Taralynn. First off, there will be TWO, I repeat, TWO chapters posted this month. 41 is almost done and will be going up Thursday, the 8th at the latest. Next, this is for the patrons, this is going to be the last month I produce a Vignette for MGP for a while. Now, fret not, I still have something I will be producing instead to take it’s place but, as it stands, I’m starting to struggle to come up with Vignette topics that interest me and, if I’m honest, I feel it’s showing in the writing quality. I don’t like shortchanging people. What that new project is…. more to come >:) Related though… does anyone know a good artist that specializes in doing logos? I may have some need of them.

Back to work for me!

Questions and Answers and FanArt! Oh my!

With the spooky season having passed us by and the autumn is upon us. Unless you’re south of the equator… then it’s not. Sorry. I sort of just think of how MY weather is. I think it only natural though. Give me at least that. Regardless of anything you do or do not give me, the Q&A for November is up on my Patreon page. Had some interesting questions this month that got a bit Halloween centric at some points, but got a real interesting question about AU MGP I think some people might be interested in. I hope you enjoy it!

Even more exciting than the Q&A though (for me) is some fan art! Theo did a few more renders. First off, before the spookiness fades, here are some MGP pumpkins!

Isn’t that awesome? THey look so organic! I need to find a way to use these somehow next year. but next up, he decided to take some time to mock up what he thought Robynne’s new computer case would look like!

Obviously it wouldn’t ACTUALLY say “CandyStrike” on the side but, excluding that, I love the look. It’s very much the type of case I’d expect Cammy to try to stick Robynne with. Plus it has the usual Theo detail he has with his renders. I’m seriously impressed with the handle on the side of the case for getting to the guts of the computer. Just a small touch that makes it that much more delicious.

No monthly image or pin-up image yet. But the monthly canon image will be from Grimay so… fun as usual. The pin-up will be from Badgertastic again. I loved his Succubus Kara so much I wanted her to do another one. The poll selected the winner as Vivian dressed up as Deja Vu from the FPS game Watchpoint, the knockoff Tracer from Overwatch. Only, I decided for the purposes of the MGPverse, Tracer and Widowmaker (the Recluse in MGPverse) have flipped their hero and villain roles. So, yes, I’ve definitely overthought this.

I can’t wait for you all to see how Vivian’s Deja Vu cosplay turns out!

40 and pin-ups!

All right my friends! Today is a red letter day! Behold! Chapter 40 of Magical Girl Policy! We finally get to meet a character only heard from the shadows! ooooo who could it be?

But this is not all! The October pin-up image has arrived! The $5 and up patrons voted and the winner was Devil-costumed Kara! Behold the results!

Is she not the most adorable little succubus ever? This commission was done by Badgertastic. Feel free to check out her work! I just loved this image so much that I’ll be using her again for November. This turned out great!

As a reminder I still need more questions from my patrons submitted for the November Q&A and you $5 and up patrons can still vote for the December pin-up. The selections include:

  • Angela (from Magical Girl Policy) in a Christmas Mage outfit
  • Noriko (from Magical Girl Policy) in a Ninja Santa outfit
  • Captain Cali Fawx (from Crew Shift) in a Retro-Space Girl Santa outfit

So, I need a little bit of help with a few things. As you may have noticed I’m a little behind on my image page and my story links in the story section. Would anyone be willing to go through and catalogue what I’m missing and send me an email with that list? I sort of have struggled with time management and if I have the energy to be productive I really want to make sure I’m focusing on writing. On that topic, anyone here struggle with focus? I’m pretty sure I have undiagnosed ADD and I don’t want to get reliant on chemicals to solve my issues. What tips do you all have? How have you all concurred any focus issues you’ve had?

Thanks again for all your support guys. I can’t tell you what a blessing you all have been in my life. I would have never thought in the middle of my hiatus that MGP could ever get this far again. Your comments and well wishes have greatly inspired me and will continue to do so!

Stay clown-free this Halloween!

10/28- Addendum: So I’m hearing from people they can’t leave comments on the new MGP chapters… concerning. Doing some research, the chapters they can’t comment on are the chapters I created after updating the site. THat seems connected… sigh… time to do some research

Final Pip comic! The thrilling conclusion to the long awaited trilogy!

Here it is! Page 3!

Again, don’t focus on the cannonicity of this. This is the MGP-Pipverse. Just focus on the hilarity of there being a character in the MGPverse actually called May Mew Maid. I also am entertained by the idea of militantly aggressive cosplayers.

More art and story to come! Stay tuned!

Work. Work.

Page 2 of Pip Comic!

All right, as promised, here is page 2 of 3 of the Pip comic for this month’s image!

That’s right! The first canon image of Noriko! THat’s the hairstyle I always sort of imagined for her. I told Pip to put her in something very neutral looking that would blend in with the crowd and, I must say, I think he succeeded.

I’m a little behind on this month’s vignette but I hope for that to be out soon! Also, I have a coworker now watching Young Justice on Netflix and it’s letting me relive the experience… it’s making me very happy 🙂

Addendum: I got the October Vignette posted! Enjoy all my $2 and up patrons
Time to write!

Here for October, 3 part Pip comic!

So I’m really excited! I wanted to do something to reward you all for being so patient with me the past month or so. So I did a very special commission from Pip. Instead of doing a regular commission I did a bigger one from Pip. So we are, this month, having a 3 part comic drawn by him. I’ll post one page of it each week. So, for your viewing pleasure, here is page 1:

Now, because people WILL ask, no, this comic is not cannon. It’s, in fact, not how characters would most likely act in universe. But you don’t hire Pip for a comic commission and worry about something as trite as “cannon” 😉 Think of it as a story that happens in the universe two houses over from the MGP-Prime universe. We’ll call that the MGPipverse. Frankly, it’s more entertaining over there. If a coup was staged to put Pip in charge of my universe I wouldn’t be insulted. I mean, I’d be hurt but not insulted. I’d be hurt because any coup over me will be violent as it’s the only way I’m going down. You come at me, you better come at me with both guns blazing!

In other news, chapter is coming along and so is the October Pin-up. Next time I post, I should also be asking for questions and votes for the November Q&A and the December Pin-up respectively. Speaking of the Q&A, the October Q&A is up! So go ahead and run on over and read it. Thanks to my patrons for submitting questions and I look forward to follow-ups next month 🙂

Okay, back to work!

Further delays and makeups.

Full disclosure- I have been in a funk all week. I couldn’t motivate myself to write. I just honestly didn’t have my heart in it. I blame my dog’s death and talking my sister through it but that was two weeks ago I haven’t been able to shake myself out of my funk… until yesterday. Which is weird, I mean, I missed another deadline. That should be enough to make anyone feel down and further in the dumps. But a coworker of mine, who is awesome, helped me by linking me to a video I’ve seen before (at least I think so) of one of my more favorite internet personalities, Sean “Day9” Plott. Relistening to his advice on being relentlessly positive really helped me get my creative juices flowing again. Now fully out of my funk, I have made a couple of a decisions. One is a step-by-step plan to get the chapter back on track and flowing AND something I’ve put some extra cash into as a special thank you to everyone for their patience while I’ve been dealing with things.

Let’s start with my plan. It’s a three daily-step plan. First, WRITE 500 WORDS A DAY. This actually isn’t much but I have found if I set myself a daily goal, even a small one, that keeps me flowing and I tend to go over that. At the very minimum it gets me out of my head and into the story at least 500 words a day. Second, GET MY ROOM COMPLETELY CLEAN ON SATURDAY. I’ve been distracted by the mess I’ve created and a deep clean should help clean up my physical and mental space. Third, TAKE AT LEAST 1000 STEPS A DAY ON MY DESK ELLIPTICAL. I tend to feel more mentally fresh if I exercise and I set up my work space so I could do that and write at the same time. Gasp! I could do that and get my 500 words a day done! Shocking synergies!

With that, here is the bonus that is coming your guys way. In lieu of the usual cannon picture we do each month, I’ve done a bigger commission than usual to have Pip draw us a 3-page comic for MGP. It’s not cannon in any way and the characters as written in their more serious incarnations wouldn’t do the actions they are going to do here, but it should be fun and funny and drawn in that oh-so-adorable Pip artstyle. I look forward to rolling these comics out as the moth goes on!

As a side note, I only have had one person send their Q&A questions so far this month. Because of that, and the fact I’d like to post the Q&A on Sunday if I can, I’m opening up the questions to non-patrons this month. So, if you’re interested in sending me a question, please email me at taralynnand@gmail.com and put “October Q&A” in the title so I know what it’s about!

Also, before I head out, thank you all so much for the messages of support in what has been a trying time in my family. It’s times like that which make me feel so blessed to have fans as wonderful as you all! Seriously, without your support who knows how long it would have taken to get me out of my funk? You’re the best!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


I want to apologize for the delays there have been recently. On the 15th I should have posted the Vignette for $2 and up donations but that got delayed 4 days and this is bumping into the chapter getting posted on Thursday. I want to preface this next part as me not trying to garner sympathy but I spent a good portion of last week with some kind of stomach flu. Yeah. The kind of sick where you can’t even sit up because your stomach just starts churning. So… that was fun.

However, the real gut punch was my family’s dog passed away two days ago… while my folks were on vacation and my sister, who loves this dog to death, had to be there while she slowly faded. Thankfully she had the prescence of mind to call me so I could be there to help talk her through it but… wow. Sorry. It’s sort of a heavy time for me right now. But nowhere near as heavy as it is for my sister who held on as her best friend in the world finally succumbed to the ravages of time. So, if you are so inclined, please keep a prayer or a good thought for my sister who is struggling through this.

As for the story, the next chapter post has been moved back a week. Sorry again for the delays but thank you so much for being understanding. One of my favorite things about you guys is how kind you are when things like this come up. You are all good people.


Update! Chapter 39, commentary and all, posted!

All right! I now have the time to write a bit more! First of all, I want to thank everyone for their patience as they waited for Chapter 39. I also want to thank all of you who suddenly joined Patreon or increased their pledge amounts! There was a burst over the weekend and, I must say, it’s very motivating and very flattering!

In the post below this one, I posted our first monthly pin-up image! I also have our monthly cannon image drawn by Grimay but as it’s slightly spoilery for Chapter 39 this chapter just click here to check it out. This gives us our first look at Kara and Mallory! Woohoo!

In other news, I also posted our the September Q&A on Patreon! While only patrons can ask questions, everyone can read it so go check it out! You get to learn the (I think) funny origin story of my Up-Arrow logo!

So with 39 done, here is a loose look ahead of my schedule:

  • Sept 8th- post next Fan Reel, submit new Fan Reel to patrons for commentary, get November Pin-up voting posted
  • Sept 15th- Post September Vignette
  • Sept 22- Post Chapter 40

So yeah. There is my planned schedule going forward. In the mean time, thanks so much for your responses to my questions about Fairy Tale. You’ve sold me on it as a whole and I’m going to check it out. Since you all were so helpful with that, let me ask you all another question, “What could be the theme for the NOvember Pin-ups”? Thanksgiving seems silly as I can’t think of anything other than “Pin-up Pilgrim” or “Kind-of Offensive American-Indian Stereotype Outfit” and I think we see where that could lead to some problems. My thought was maybe, since Blizzcon is in November, I could push some Blizzard related pin-ups for the girls? I mean, I’m a huge Blizzard fan so I could abuse that but I’d rather get something less specific than Blizzard but maybe still deals with November somehow. The one topic I DON’T want is the US Election. I think we can all safely say we’re getting bombarded by enough things about the election. This website is a spot where you can just ignore all that. Let’s keep it that way.

Post your ideas,

to tide you all over

Sorry all for silence. I’d like to say it’s been because I’ve been fiercly productive but… well, been working overtime at work, getting home worn out, stubbornly not writing, then enjoying WAY too much of the new World of Warcraft expansion. Well, and I’ve been holding off on this 1st of the month post because chapter wasn’t quite ready and the monthly image is a bit spoilery for the chapter. Only a bit, but… enough that I’ve been holding off. That said, I’m giving myself a hard date the chapter is going up… Monday the 5th. I’m close enough that should not be an issue but will still push me to not just sit on my angelcake and play WoW all day… even though, seriously, I am loving the flavor of Legion!

To help tide you all over until the new chapter though, as it is the 1st of the month, that means I have posted the monthly Taralynn Q&A ! There were some fun questions, including someone finally asking me what was up with my Up Arrow logo. Fun times! But, as we hit one of our goals: A monthly Pin-up image as voted by our $5 and up patrons. September’s theme was Back-to-School and the winner of our poll was Robynne in a Japanese schoolgirl uniform. I tapped Rezuban to draw it for us because he did such a good job with our last image. So, behold, Robynne in all her detentioned glory!

First of all, the font for Robynne’s handwriting was perfect. I mean, Robynne looks great too, but that font looks exactly like how I imagine Robynne’s handwriting to look. Second, please remember, these are pin-up images, thus, not cannon thus don’t worry so much about the fact Robynne wouldn’t be caught dead in that outfit. Just roll with it! XD But seriously, Rezuban did a great job on this and if you wanted to swing by his deviatart page and let him know, that’d be awesome of you.

So yeah, Monday, new chapter. Sorry I’ve been silent. I know some of you expressed wishes they could follow me on something of a social media but… I really don’t do that. I mean, I tried out doing Twitter but it just didn’t work for me. I just never think to post things on it. I post more here on the front page of this website than I ever have on Facebook… and that’s with my mother and siblings badgering me that I should do stuff on Facebook. Sadly, this is the peak of my online social presence. I think my silence wouldn’t be so much cause for concern if I hadn’t gone on a hiatus that spanned at least one full presidential term. I’m sorry for that and will refocus myself on getting you all more frequent updates. I just know that I WILL fail again at some point to do so and, for that, I’m sorry. That’s still not an excuse to not try!

In other news, is there anyone who has ever used a mechanical keyboard? I’m considering buying one and would like some reviews. Also, I just bought a mini-elliptical for my desk so I can write and excersize at the same time! Isn’t that awesome? I’m also looking for a new anime to start and a friend told me I’d like Fairy Tale. Anyone here seen that? How is it? What animes would you compare it to as far as “If you like X you’ll probably like Y”?

Lastly, this is more directed at Zexand who has asked twice now but I’ve shied away from answering his question. The way my Patreon goals work is I want them to reach monthly donation levels before I do that incentive. The whole idea of why is I use the monthly donations to supplement my salary at my day job. While one time donations are AWESOME they don’t do the same thing for my budget that a steady monthly stream does. So, long story short, if the next level of incentives is something you really want to see and you wanted to do a one-time donation to get that started, send me an email and we can talk and see what you’re thinking. However, just know that I’d need to replace that donation level’s incentive and would need ideas. 🙂

See you all on Monday,