The Return of Taralynn- This time, it’s personal!

Hello everyone, tales of my demise were greatly exaggerated. So what’s been going on? Well, I’ll get to business first and then we can go on to personal stuff.

I’m starting Magical Girl Policy over. I have been feeling the need to start it over for a long time with a different setting but have been putting it off because of how much work it would be. I knew this going in though and have been dragging my feet. So I have officially, thanks to the gentle nudgings of Pip (more like constant poking :P) and Kami I have gotten MGP started over. Say hello to the new MGP here. I have the first chapter up and everything. I know, shocking, right?

What are the changes you ask? Well, I feel my writing style has really improved over the past few years. So I feel you’ll see a higher quality story to begin with. Next, I’ve moved the school setting from the Peavy Academy (a private high school) to college years (Adamson University is the name of the place). I feel this change of setting is something that will improve the story as it removes some of the awkwardness I feel situations have had before, while adding new levels of awkwardness in others. Either way, each setting has its issues, but I feel the new setting will give me more options as a writer, and improve the story.

So is this basically going to be the same story but in college instead of high school? Yes and no. A lot of characters are getting tune-ups as to what they are. Some are getting flat-out redesigns. And the background plot I was building up to before is now being completely dropped and changed. Now, no one ever got to see the background plot so… yeah. You guys may not know the big changes that have happened for a few chapters.

But here is the crux of it, will I actually update frequently. I have not been very consistent with my motivations. I now have a full-time job which I feel will help me keep steady with writing now that I’ve gotten going. I’m going to replace the donations button up top in favor of a progress bar that shows what my progress is on chapters that are coming up. As for donations, I’ve decided to use any donations people give me to commission art pieces for the story so your investments go directly into the story. I find a picture really adds something to the story and given how I’m changing up the looks of the team, it’s no surprise that I’d like pictures to help.

Keep looking for new updates,
Taralynn Andrews