Bunny Shell: Volume 1-Issue 6

Aurora pointed her finger at the new arrival. She recognized this woman’s Laetonian accent. “Wait, I recognize your voice. You were one of the ones who attacked me. You were the one in the red Engineer shell!”

The girl grinned and gave a little bow. “Guilty as charged, blondie. Esorry about shutting your brain off back den. But I deed what had to be done.”

Dr. Winters smiled. “Aurora Brighthart, I want you to meet Marina Moreno. She’s the oldest of your ‘sisters.’”

“And the funnest! Steeck with me, Aurora, and you’ll never complain about life being boring. Marina placed a brown paper back in the new girl’s lap. “Here’s some clothes for you. Go ahead and get out of dose lab rat robes and slip into dese!”

Dr. Winters chuckled and stood up. “I’m going to go run some tests on Aurora’s blood work to make sure everything is progressing correctly. How about you show her around the place, Marina?”

“No problem, ma’am.”

Dr. Winters squeezed the blonde’s hands. “I’m going to head out for a bit. You going to be okay hanging with Marina for a while?”

Aurora blinked. She was so confused right now. “I–I guess so.”

“Good. Listen to your sister. I’m sure you have lots to catch up on.” Dr. Winters stood up, straightened her skirt, then walked out of the room.

Aurora opened the brown bag slowly and examined its contents. “C’mon, girl! Put it on! I want to esee how it looks on you. I bought it with my own money, so don’t esay Marina never gave you anything.”

Unsure of what else to do, she began undressing herself and putting on her new clothes. “So, um, you’re like me?”

“Winterized?” She laughed, “Sure am.”

“What do you mean ‘winterized?’”

“Oh, dat is just what I call Dr. Winters’ transformation process. It’s a pun.”

“I see.”

“Hehe, loosen up a bit.”

“S–sorry. I guess I’m just still in a little bit of shock.” Aurora slipped the underwear and bra over her body. She was surprised at how natural it felt to do so. “So, what happened to you then? When she said that you’re the oldest, did she mean you were the first?”

“Mhmm. I was an Engineer-shell pilot in the Aegis division. When I was young, like fourteen or so, I showed great apteetude with drones. But for an Engineer pilot I wasn’t fast enough with my hacking. Dey sent me to Dr. Winters back when she was a he, much like you I guess.”

Aurora slid a denim skirt over her legs. She didn’t like how short it was. “So then what happened? What did she do to you?”

She frowned. “An experimental procedure to try and espeed up my brain. It deed not go well.”

“What happened.”

“Something in the process damaged my brain. It ruined my espeaking ability. I could not talk anymore.”

“Oh, that sound awful.”

“It was. I was trapped in my own mind, unable to express myself outside of body language. I hated it so much. But I guess dat is kind of why I’m like dis now.”

“Like what?” Aurora pulled on her orange top. The scoop neckline showed off more cleavage than she was comfortable with. In truth though, any cleavage would have been too much.

Marina waved her hand around her body. “Like dis. Miss Winters chose all of us because she felt guilty for what she had done. She wanted to make things right.”

Aurora slipped on some sandals. “And you were able to forgive her? It was her fault in the first place.”

Marina ruffled the shorter girls hair. “I was a prisoner within my own body. You think I was going to complain? For all the ill dat she caused me, she has brought me so much more joy. Come on, I’ll show you around!” She wrapped her arm around Aurora and led her out of the lab.

“When you say she brought you joy, what do you mean?”

“Oh, so much to talk about! Well, I’m now working for the Eremmian resistance, which is so much more fun than the boring SOC. Not to mention a load off my conscience. I get to have a personal life, make friends, and have control over my life!” She paused and thought for a second. “Well, not complete control obviously. The Pit Boss wouldn’t be comfortable with us just roaming without any esupervision, but…”

“Who is the Pit Boss?”

Marina began leading Aurora down a dimly lit hallway. The floor was plain, cold cement. Tubes and pipes ran along the low ceiling with various hydraulics lining the walls. Where were they? “Oh him? Guess Miss Winters deed not give you the full explanation. Don’t worry, you’ll meet him today or tomorrow. He’s the leader of our merry band of rogues. Well, he’s not very merry. He’s actually kind of escary. But a good guy. Shiori seems to much more prefer his approach to things dan mine. And I don’t get that at all!”

“Who is Shiori?”

“Huh? Oh, leesten to me prattle on. Esorry about dat. Shiori is our sister, too. But don’t be boring like her. She is really devoted to the whole concept of the resistance. She tries to be as professional as possible, which I guess has its virtues but it leaves you lonely and esingle. Which if you ask me dat is too high a price to pay.”

“Wait, you mean you’re not single? You’re married?”

“Married!? Psh, no. No I’m not married, though I suppose Peter and I have been together for over a year now. Maybe we should start considering dat.”

“Wait–Peter? You… you’re with a guy?”

Marina blinked in amazement. Then she started laughing hard. “Oh my, I forgot what it was like when I started. Of course I’m with a boy! Miss Winters explained how you are kind of your ideal female, yeah?”


“Well, your ideal female would ideally be attracted to you, a guy. Right?”

Aurora twiddled her thumbs behind her back. “I–I guess so.”

“Den it stands to reason dat you would now be attracted to boys. I know it feels weird and maybe even a little wrong right now, but you’ll esettle into your body. Once you do you’ll know how right it actually is. Having Peter around has made me happier dan I ever was before. He’s the best thing to happen to me!”

Aurora blushed as they approached a pair of doors. “So you have… you know… as a girl?”

Marina gave Aurora a hug. “Probably a topic dat is a bit heavy for you right now.” The coco-skinned girl pushed a button next to the doors, which opened wide and revealed a round elevator. She pulled Aurora in as she pressed another button. They began to ascend. “Right now we just need to get you esituated.”

She pushed a strand of gold as they climbed upwards. The elevator looked very fancy with gold trimmed edges and glass walls that seemed pointless when the elevator was being contained in a cement shaft.

Without warning, light flooded the elevator, forcing Aurora to shield her eyes. As they adjusted she saw hundreds of people sprawled out below her. All of them were sharply dressed, sipping various drinks, and dining on small appetizers. Some pulled the levers to a slots machine. Others were playing cards and throwing dice. The young woman shook her head in disbelief. “M–Marina! Where are we?”

Her voice dripping with pride, Marina answered. “Welcome the Azzardo Casino, secret base of the Eremmian Independence Militia!”

4 thoughts on “Bunny Shell: Volume 1-Issue 6”

  1. Casino base! Whoo!!!

    Considering one of the later scenes in Aurora’s dream sequence, I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts working as a *ahem* “waitress” there (Hehehe…)

    *gets kidnapped and Winterized for making sexist comment*

  2. A casino for a base, yeah I can see free thinkers would hide there. They have a bit more freedom than other types of business.

    I am sure that instinct will take over after a while and she will not be able to help who she is attracted to.

  3. *settles diffrecnces wth facist nics and bigins march to capture this universe*
    (im not facist, don’t worry) (they dnt stand a chance, i ave EMPs and the NICs are almost indistructable robots)

  4. oh by the way 4got 2 put this in: the NIC robots look like humans, but r identical(they are humuan in most ways)

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