CS Ch 2: Transformation

Fawx groaned awake four hours later. As he sat up he yawned and mumbled something about not getting very good sleep. He drowsily picked up his communicator to see if he had received any alerts.

The captain hadn’t received any. He further groaned, knowing that meant Moden and Petton hadn’t discovered any new information. Standing up and stretching, he began trudging over to his bathroom.

Fawx paused. He noticed the door to his closet was cracked open. It had been closed when he went to bed. “I don’t like where this is headed.”

Sliding the door open, captain was met with a mostly empty closet. All his civvies, work out clothes, sleepwear, shoes… it was all gone. Only two things were in the closet.

“Aw, hell.” On the ground sat a pair of tall, shiny, yellow stilettos. How anyone could walk in those things was beyond the captains understanding. Amongst the many hangers, only one had anything hanging on it; the captain shuddered.

It was the standard captain’s yellow color… but beyond that and the Space Force insignia over the heart, it bore no resemblance to his actual uniform. It was like the modified uniforms Petton and Moden had shown him… except his was different somehow.

The captain didn’t get to inspect it too closely. His communicator went off, “Captain Fawx. This is Lt. Petton. Are you awake sir?”

“Yes, Petton, I’m awake. You got something for me?”

“Moden and I are going to get some rest in a few minutes, sir. But we’ve picked up something in the past five minutes during a scan of the ship. It turned up some strange results. We’d like you to come and see them before returning we retire to bed.”

“I’ll be right there, Lieutenant.”

He left without inspecting his ‘new uniform’ any further; he really didn’t care to know much more anyway.

If possible, the Captain wanted answers to his questions as soon as possible. He didn’t like the idea that a traitor or an infiltrator was on the ship. The chance they might try to help their murderous, Stasian prisoner escape was even more worrisome. “Perhaps the supposed mass uniform transformation is a ruse to distract us.”

The doors to Engineering parted ways. Petton glanced up from his terminal. “Ah yes. Captain Fawx.”

“Where’s Lt. Moden?”

“Examining the specimen while it’s still hot.”


Petton motioned for the captain to come to the terminal. “Lt. Moden was scanning the ship again, like you asked. He had used several different scanning modes, energy overlays, and modifications, yet was coming up with nothing. But we picked up a surge with the last pass.”

“A surge? Where?”

“Deck 8. Airman Wilmore’s private quarters.”

“What kind of surge was it?”

Petton bit his bottom lip and shook his head. “I’m not sure. Moden left in a hurry with a team of engineers to do a close inspection of Wilmore’s room.” Petton moved to a different terminal, apparently looking for something. The captain remained. “I remember Moden saying the scan returned some very odd results.”

Fawx observed the results of the scan. Various graphs and charts were full of data he couldn’t understand that reminded the captain why he had the Engineering team to begin with. “Odd in what sense.”

“Not sure. He said something about it not being one type of energy but all kinds of energy.”

“All kinds of energy?”

Petton stepped away from the terminal and shrugged. “I really have no idea what he meant by that captain. Moden ran off spouting off hurried phrases that takes a degree to understand.”

The captain chuckled glancing back at the terminal. Moden did tend to speak his own language at times. No doubt that he was smart. Sometimes he’d…

“What the hell?!” Fawx’s eyes darted to Petton to see what the sudden outburst was about. A tall figure, almost seven feet, stood a few meters from Petton. Before either the captain or Petton could grab their sideblasters they were knocked to their feet by some unseen shock wave.

The cloaked figure raised his hand and pointed his fingers at the security officer. The captain noted the assailant’s hand was grey and only had three fat fingers. Not human.

A flash of light collected in its palm. Petton got up on one knee. No time for an attack was allowed. The light from the hooded person’s hand leaped upon Petton. Groaning, he fell back onto the ground, face down.

The captain couldn’t move, in shock of what he was seeing. Petton softened, ballooned, thinned, widened, rounded, and shrank. Years melted off his body- as did his clothes. His coarse blond hair now shined and did itself into a very feminine cut.

The glow disappeared and where Lt. Petton, Chief Security Officer of the Terren Space Force Sabine, once stood, now trembled a soft, delicate, weak girl who barely looked a day over 20 years old. Her saucer-like blue eyes couldn’t remove themselves from her attacker.

Captain Fawx grabbed his side-blaster and aimed. Before he could fire though, the being in the black cloak was gone. He threw down the weapon and grabbed his communicator. “Somebody get down here to Engineering! Bring a medical team!” He ran to he side of the young woman.

Moden burst into the room. “Captain what is it?” He saw the blonde bombshell kneeling at the captain’s feet. “Oh god.”

The girl couldn’t stop shaking. “Petton! Petton, look at me!” Fawx grabbed her by her cheeks and forced her to look in his eyes. “Petton, talk to me.”

Her eyes trailed down her body. It wasn’t the body she was supposed to have. What had just happened? The captain was yelling but she was miles away. The confusion was too much. She passed out.

The captain cursed, then grabbed his communicator. “I need a medical team to Engineering RIGHT NOW!”

Moden frantically examined the girl. “Captain! What happened?”

The captain shook his head. “I DON’T KNOW, DAMMIT!” He sighed. “Something attacked us… just appeared out of nowhere… suddenly I was on the ground and he shot her with something from his hand… he wasn’t human; I know that much. Next thing I know…”

Moden breathed deeply. “Captain… is this… Lt. Petton.” The captain didn’t say a word; he just closed his eyes and nodded his head. “My god.”

The captain tried to sort the thousands of thoughts rushing into his head. What had just happened? Was he dreaming? He wished it was. His thoughts were interrupted by his Engineering officer. “Captain- look what she’s wearing.”

The captain hadn’t noticed her clothing. Her boots were red with heels. Her uniform now had a skirt to it… a very short skirt that exposed her legs. It’s long sleeves led upwards to exposed shoulders. It was very tight, showing off her figure.

She was wearing the exaggerated female uniform that had been such a mystery before. Now they knew one reason for the change- and the captain had just found his own spare uniform modified.

As had the entire crew.

Well… things are starting to get intense on the Sabine! And we still have no clue about so many things! Well gang… let’s split up and look for clues… Shaggy, you and Scoob… oh sorry, got carried away.
One thing I tried to do was emphasize the confusion that occurs after this scene. I still feel like I do it no justice bu you just have to be happy with what you’ve done sometimes. Otherwise you drag out chapters with stuff nobody cares about.
Hopefully this caught your attention. Please email me your suggestions and comments. Remember, I can’t make a better story without you the reader! Your feedback is vital!

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