Gamma Rho Lambda House

Written by Taralynn Andrews. Concept and commissioned by Pip

The flirtatious giggles echoed behind Ryan and Tyler as they scrambled out of the room. Tyler tripped, his glasses flying off his face, “oof!” He clawed his way through the darkness until he found them again. “We should have listened to the rumors!”

Ryan, dressed in all black, was hard for Tyler to see. “You weren’t saying that when you saw how cheap we could buy this place. Fixer-upper you said. Sell the old sorority house after when we’re finished. Why do I ever listen to you?”

A gray mist crept out of the TV room as Ryan pulled Tyler to his feet. “It made good financial sense! It was a good business deal!”

“Yeah? Tell that to whatever is chasing us. We have to stick together. That’s the mistake they always make in horror films. C’mon!”

The gray mist wrapped around Tyler’s legs and traveled up his pants. An amused voice whispered behind the pair, “To live in the Gamma Rho Lambda House, you have to be a member.”

Tyler’s leg hair evaporated and his posterior exploded outwards as if two soccer balls had been shoved under his skin. “Aaah!” His pants tore under the pressure of his burgeoning behind. His knees turned inward, causing him to trip again.

Ryan pushed his droopy, black hair out of his eyes as he struggled to open the front door. But no matter hard he pulled, it wouldn’t budge. “The door won’t open!”

The mist leaped upon head. The female voice coughed until it sounded like the voice of an old witch. “You cannot leave in the middle of your, heeheehee, initiation!”

Ryan’s hair burned with a dark purple glow. “The hell?” A gust of wind burst across his face, blowing his hair out until long purple locks hung down to his ankles. “Shit!”

Grabbing the stairway railing, Tyler pulled himself onto his new, shapely legs. The tattered remains of his pants fluttered as he stumbled up the stairs. “Get her away from me!” The mist jumped off of Ryan’s hair and slithered up the railing. As the mist wrapped around his torso, the ethereal voice once again manifested itself. “Now how do plan to lure boys to our parties with such a flat chest?”

As if a stick of dynamite had detonated under his ribs, two enormous mounds erupted out of Tyler’s body. “Aaaaah!” His Spider-Man t-shirt ripped to shreds, causing his new assets to bounce like basketballs as he ascended up the stairs. With each step, his waist pinched further in, giving his terrified retreat an appealing wiggle.

Ryan labored to keep his new hair out of his eyes. “No, Tyler!” He ran up the stairs, after his friends. “Don’t run upstairs! That’s always a mistake horror victims make!”

The mist cackled, the voice changing to a middle-aged woman. “You need to brighten up!” The mist ran up Tyler’s hands, making them small and lithe. It moved up his shoulders until it wrapped around his head like a plastic bag. Tyler thrashed at the mist around his face, causing his glasses to fall off again. “Gamma Rho Lambda always throws the most fun parties. And who has more fun than blondes?” His greasy brown brightened to a sun-bleached blonde.

Ryan inched towards Tyler. He held up the cross on his necklace, hoping it might have some affect. “Uh, be gone, ghost! Leave us alone.”

The mist cackled, but this time the laughter of about half a dozen young women accompanied her, “Ghost? Not quite, dearie. Hmm, we are going to have to do something about your look.” The mist jumped back onto the railing. Ryan tried to run but it was far too fast. Diving at him like a linebacker, the mist sent him careening into one of the many bedrooms the former sorority house had. He landed face first on an old bed, buried in a sea of his hair.

The mist slammed the door shut. Ryan popped upright, trying to see through the forest of violet. The mist seized him by his waist, squeezing it smaller and smaller. “ERG! Let go of me, you bitch!”

“Tch, tch, tch. That voice won’t do at all.” The mist threw Ryan onto the bed. He flailed wildly, but to no avail. The mist gripped his neck, burying his Adam’s apple deeper into his throat. Ryan was quite shocked when his gasp of pain oozed out as a breathy moan. “Aaaaa…wh… what the Hell? My voice!”

The mist’s voice changed back to a young woman. “Ah yes. That should keep the boys intrigued.” The mist grabbed her face and started to soften its features until Ryan had ice blue eyes, baby soft skin, and an inviting set of lips.

Ryan tried to sound intimidating. “Stop it! I didn’t sign up for this shit!” But it was to no avail; even angry protests sounded like inviting come-ons with her new sultry contralto.

“No. No. No. These clothes just won’t do. Honestly, all black and all baggy? You’re going to have a better sense of style when I’m done. Girls, strip Reilly down—we’re starting from scratch. Honestly, initiates these days.”

The giggling of the other “girls” surrounded Ryan. He scooted to the back of the bed as the voices came closer. “Stay back! I’m warning you!” He felt invisible hands grip his shirt and rip it off his body. Soon his pants and boxers followed. “Dammit! Don’t touch me!”

The mist crept into the chair in front of a vanity. “Girls, get Reilly decent than bring her here to doll her up.”

“No,” Ryan shrieked as he felt the ghostly hands lift him into the air. “Let me go!” The closet door flung open. A matching pair of lacey, black panties and bra slid and clasped themselves over Ryan’s male body. The sound of giggles reverberated as he was lifted off the bed and tossed into the vanity’s chair. The mist clasped over his body like an iron maiden. “You ghost bitches! When I get out of here I’ll–”

He was cut off by the old woman’s voice again. “You’ll have a great figure. And a sense of style all your own. Yes, Gamma Rho Lambda girls always dress to impress.” The girlish giggles poured out of the closet, bringing with them a mountain of clothing: a pair of shiny Mary Janes, knee-high black and purple striped socks, purple gloves, a black blouse with puffy shoulders, a mini-hoop skirt, and (the one Ryan feared the most) a shiny, gray corset.

“Eeeeep! Let me go! Let me go, you bitches! Let go now!” His skin paled until it looked like it hadn’t seen the sun in weeks. Ryan found himself shrinking. His chest started ballooning out, filling his bra with two positively luscious lumps. His butt started inflating as well, until the only thing Ryan saw in a mirror was a small, pale, purple-haired vixen wearing nothing but lacey black undergarments. She tried to look away but couldn’t pull her eyes from the image.

She felt the mist pat her on the shoulder. “There you go, Reilly. Just let your sisters fix you up.” The giggles picked up again as two black ribbons slid out from the vanity drawer and began tying her hair into pigtails. “Then, once you’re all dolled up we can start with your initiation! Doesn’t that sound fun?”

A male voice in a most decidedly female body cried for help on the other side of the door. “Ryan! Are you okay? Where are you? I can’t find my glasses. I can’t see without them.” Tyler continued to grope the ground to find them, but had been frustrated by the lack of light and the fact his new, giant chest kept getting in the way.

The mist swept itself through the crack of the door and found Tyler’s thick-rimmed, square glasses. With a wisp of the mist, the frames became thinner and more rounded. The mist placed them on Tyler’s face with a cackle. Tyler jumped up, almost losing his glasses again. “No! Leave me alone! These aren’t my glasses!”

“Awww, but they look so cute on your new face.” The mist snaked around Tyler’s feet. “Beach blonde hair. Big ol’ boobs and booty. And now cute little glasses. Boys do so love a bimbo in glasses. Oh, you’re going to be a popular one, Tiffany!”

“B-b-bimbo? Tiffany?” He cowered into a corner. “Leave me alone! I’m a good person!”

The mist grabbed him by the throat and shook him a little. “But a voice like yours with a body like that—that would be just a sin, now wouldn’t it? Let’s make that something the boys will be more comfortable with.” Pressing down, Tyler coughed and coughed, each cough becoming a higher pitch than the last.

The mist let go and Tyler ran as fast as he could down the hallway. “Leave me alone!” Her new voice was high pitched and sounded every bit as vapid as her new body would suggest. Almost to the stairs, the mist snapped at her ankles like a snake. “EEEEEK!” She fell onto the floor of the hallway with a bounce. The mist dragged her into another room. “HEEEEEELP!”

“Don’t worry Tiffany. I’ll help you out of those terribly shredded throw-away’s and get you into something a lot more attention grabbing. I’m going to make a Gamma Rho Lambda girl out of you yet!” The door slammed shut, and Tyler’s wispy screams were muffled by the sound of lightning cracking through the sky.

Three days later…

Tiffany pulled the sheer pink top over her body. She twisted her body to the side, examining how it worked with her tight micro-skirt. “Feels like all these tops are one size too small.”

Reilly finished applying her black eyeliner. “That’d be because your boobs are about three sizes too large, Tiff.”

The mist crept into the room. “Aren’t you forgetting something Tiffany?”

Tiffany and Reilly both shivered. The mist always watched them. “M-m-my lip gloss. Sorry, Ma’am.” Tiffany grabbed a bottle of hot pink lip gloss and brushed it onto her lips with a jittery hand.

“Now girls. When you go into the college offices to get a new chapter for Gamma Rho Lambda they may ask questions. If they start getting too nosy, what do you do—Tiffany?”

Tiffany adjusted her glasses. “I–I stick my chest out a-and I…”

“Don’t stutter! You are a confident, chesty bimbo! Start acting like it!”

Tiffany straightened up, giving a delightful jiggle to her top. “Yes, Ma’am. I stick out my chest proudly and giggle to distract them.”

“And if that doesn’t work, Reilly?”

Reilly, not wanting to get yelled at, stood up and straightened her jet black hoop skirt. “I use my ‘dark charm’, get really close to them and ask them if there’s anything they can do to help us.”

“No, no, no. I didn’t give you a voice like that just for you to sound disinterested. Say it like you’re desperate!”

Reilly almost groaned but thought better of it as last time she did her shoes gained two extra inches to their heel. “Isn’t there aaaaanything you can doooo to help us?”

“Great! And you’ll be passing out flyers for the party we’ll host this weekend?”

Tiffany nodded. “Yes Ma’am. And as you requested, I found a few boys, strutted by them, gave a few giggles, then stuck my chest out and got them to agree to fix up the place.”

“And how did your mission go, Reilly?”

Reilly tightened her corset, knowing if she didn’t the mist would do it for her. “I got the boys at Lambda Sigma Tau to agree to bring their sound system to the party, help us set up, AND provide us with all the necessary refreshments. It’s like you said, boys can’t say no to a cute girl in pigtails.”

The mist crawled up the wall and cackled. “Good girls. Just like the beauties I trained you to be.”

9 thoughts on “Gamma Rho Lambda House”

  1. Pip, if you are going to read these, I would LOVE to see more.

    personally I don’t like the ordinary joe to a bimbo jane, they get annoying fast.
    but the way its used in this story makes it seem better.

  2. Oh… my… GOD.. That was probably the most satisfying story I’ve read in a while! (Aside from Hoyel Sierra….) ^^

  3. Ah the classics. it’s good that they retained their memories and personalities, otherwise you might as well create new girls from scratch other than a TF.

  4. wish there was a place like this, i could send eny other males who bully me , or has done somthing to p*** me off, here and get my REVENGE

  5. Actually smartface2.0 i don’t think these two guys did anything wrong it seems like they were just house shopping and got a bit… unlucky

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