PGM- Chapter 1: How Do You Tell Someone?

Robynne was trudging back up the steps to her Dorm. Another long cheer practice and more having to put up with Cammy’s pettiness. Just once she’d like to just haul off and slug her for all the grief and aggravation she causes. Tanya and Jodi also joining in didn’t help matters. Honestly she could have kept going if rounding the corner she didn’t see the most curious sight.

Noriko, Kara, and Vivian we’re all standing outside. Quietly ly talking, upon seeing Robynne could see the look of worry registering on their face. She sighed stopping in front of them and dropping her bag at her feet. “Don’t tell me that Angela is trying to get use to study the finer points of Magical Girls etiquette by reading Magic Samurai Moon patrol again.”

She expected to at least to get a chuckle out of Vivian but nothing. Kara was the first to speak, “Um.. Robynne.. Something happened…”

Immediately her mind start to race, “Oh God, is someone hurt? One of the boys? Mal? Angela? I didn’t sense anything why didn’t you call me?”

Vivian quickly chimed in, “Whoa whoa whoa… no one is hurt. Just…. A thing happened.”

Robynne crossed her arms, catching her breath now that she knew her friends were okay, “What. Seriously.. What happened, you all look like you’ve seen a ghost or something,” there was another look before Robynne; exasperated by the day just exclaimed, “Oh! Out with it already.”

There was a Deep breath. Kara walked forward and gently place an arm on Robynne’s shoulder, “I’m not sure I understand it, or even believe it but Robynne. You’re parents are in there.”

Immediately Her voice turned cold and she glared at Kara, “That’s not funny,” she said sharply.

Vivian was quick to jump in, “Yeah, we’re not laughing I um. Robynne… these two just showed up out of the blue said they were your parents and then refused to leave, they said… well it’s probably best if you hear it from them but they were very insistent that they would not leave until they saw you.”

Robynne looked at her friends, it’s clear they weren’t joking and whomever was in their dorm had done exactly that, “Did you call campus police?”

Vivain shook her head, “Yeah. That’s not gonna work.”

Kara picked up right after her, “Noriko attacked them, since they seemed like they were invading the apartment. I mean they just appeared and..”

Robynne interrupted, “Wait appeared like… just was there?”

Kara nodded, “Yeah appeared but the lady just snapped and stopped her in her tracks. Noriko said something and then that’s when she, well, cursed her and then told us to wait out here.”

“Cursed?” She looked between the two but expecting at some point one of them to laugh or show some sign that this whole ridiculous story had been fabricated between the two. They nodded and looked back at Noriko. Noriko looked, mad. Like she was really really aggravated. After a moment of looking she finally blurted out.

“Ohmygawd. She, like totally forced me to talk like a stereotypical cheerleader. As if I was anywhere close to being like one of those Vapid bimbos. I totes hate this!” she said sounding every bit like she belongs on cheer squad.

Robynne could just rub her temples, trying desperately to calm down. So some people, magical in nature showed up, said they were her parents, intimidated her friends, and kicked them out of their dorm. She was normally composed but something in that moment was starting to burn deep inside her. Like a raging storm holding back it’s rain suddenly she just said. “No.”

The three looked a little shocked as the single word seemed to echo in the air. But Robynne was not waiting for a reaction, “I’m going to end this.” She stormed to the door and threw it open, “No one gets to disrespect my parents like this!” and she stormed in before the trio could stop or warn her further.

Not that anyone could prepare her for what she walked into. In place of her living room was straw and hay. A trough where two of the largest goats she had ever seen were eating. The one closets looked up at her for a moment and exhaled dismissively and went back to eating. Past there where was a wall usually was a hearth with a full roaring fireplace. Next to it was a high backed chair and across from that a large lumbering form.

Robynne’s momentum from storming brought her past the goats before she came to a stop, her eyes focusing in trying to register what she was seeing. The looked back towards the three at the door who were surely staying outside. Vivian just gave the international signal for she had no clue what the hell had happened in the living room.

There was a man standing at damned near 7 feet tall, he had long fire red hair and full well groomed beard to match he worn what looked to be warrior leathers like out of a tv shop with heavy gauntlets and a large brass looking belt. A hammer was set not too far from his feet.

In the chair across from her was a woman, fair with long hair that looked like spun gold breaded and laying over her shoulder. She was wearing warrior leathers as well that whispered of the curvaceous form beneath. A sword and shield lay beside her feet and both of them looked towards Robynne as she came to a stop.

It was an odd feeling, like a tuning fork starting to resonate as she looked between the two of them. The storm still raged inside her but the scene had caught her off guard, she managed to say; more confused than anything else, “Who are you?”

The woman stood, her eyes appraising Robynne she looked vexed. That’s the only way to properly explain it. After taking Robynne in she finally spoke in a voice that sounded like honey made sound, “Oh Robert. Oh, I am so sorry we weren’t here, to protect you from this.”

The voice hit Robynne like a gong. Somewhere inside her it felt so very familiar but it deified all logic. They were dead. That voice was dead, she backs up a couple of steps. He mouth worked but seemed unable to form words. She could only squeak out once more, “Who. Are. You?”

She sighed, “There is so much we need to talk about my dear, so much that needs to be said but I, am your mother. I am Sif Goddess of the Harvest, patron of Shield maidens, and I have finally returned to make sure someone pays for what has been done to you.” She seems to glow as her voice drew its anger smoke began to flow around her, “Now, tell me who did this to my son.”

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  1. I really, really love this idea and this story nd everything it promises, but darn could it use an editing pass. Need a proofreader? :3

    1. Interesting idea, but I have a little nitpick, wasn’t her mother the scarlette one, and wasn’t the father supposed to be brown-haired?

  2. I remember seeing this for the first time a while back and asking about it, and I’m so excited it’s going to be a thing!

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