Magical Gridiron Posse- Season 1

That’s right! It’s time for the Magical Gridiron Posse fantasy football league where we showcase our lack of football knowledge but have fun doing it! And we force characters to cheer for us anyway! YAY FOR NON-SENTIENT INDENTURED CHEERLEADERS! As stated before, the winner of this league will get a picture made of their cheerleaders in their fantasy football team cheer uniforms! Below is a list of all the teams in the league and which cheerleaders are available for the draft. But to draft cheerleaders… YOU HAVE TO JOIN! Please remember this is NOT a super serious league. We just want people to have fun. You don’t need to be a football expert. Just grab a slot and join in! Still have 5 to go!

Team Name Team Owner Team colors Cheer uniform design
The Angelcakekickers Taralynn Yellow & Orange Arizona Cardinals
Prytania Blue Boxers Kamizite Tardis blue & gray New Orleans Saints
Death kent tba tba
The Taskmasters StephanieTippet tba tba
Persistent Pixies AmandaButterfly Red & White Arkansas Razorbacks
The Pep Tunes Victory Fusion tba tba
Baronesses Linae tba tba
Sunflowers Joni tba tba
—open slot—
—open slot—

And the list of cheerleaders you can draft! If I had some artwork of them I provided a link. Some of them are fanworks so maybe it’s not “officially” what they look like but I’ll take non-official art to no art. Each team will draft 3 cheerleaders to lead their boys to victory. Draft order will be determined at random and conducted via the chat window we draft players in (probably). It will be a snake-style draft (slots 1-10 pick their cheerleaders then 10-1 then 1-10 again). I will be very interested to see who the #1 pick is! 😛

Happy drafting!

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