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MGP Vignettes were a monthly project I did as a Patreon reward. To get access to MGP vignettes, simply be a $1 or greater patron. Click here for more info)

If you want to read the alpha version of MGP (which is far lower quality in my opinion), send an email to and I’ll send you the links. I don’t post the old chapters anymore as I like to have new readers focusing on my new material first.


Villain-In-Distress follows the tale of Ephemeral, a villain cut from the mold of the golden and silver age comic books. He captures the lovely Lavender Lanci, spunky High Society and Empowered reporter and chronic damsel-in-distress. Only, on this one heist, things don’t go quite as planned and Lanci isn’t as distressed a damsel as she’s letting on…

Villain-in-Distress is a Patreon early-access story. Those who are $2 and up patrons get access to each Issue (totally not chapters. They are issues because comic books… get it?) six months before they go public. You can download each chapter in .docx, .pdf, or .epub format. Here are a list of available Issues:

Public Early-Access

Peppy Goddess Mandate

Not written by me, but a great friend of mine, Kamizite. Kamizite and I have, for years, had on-again, off-again RP sessions involving MGP characters in decidedly non-canon situations. One of these has resulted in what is, essentially a Fanfic of MGP. An AU fanfic where some characters have had minor changes to fit a narrative that asks… what if Robynne was a god?

Crew Shift

Ch 1: Alteration posted 12/19/06
It was supposed to be a boring mission for Captain Fawx and the crew of the Sabine: transporting an alien prisoner to a detainment center across an uninhabited sector of space. But then the crew begin to find their spare Terren Space Force uniforms have been altered into something they couldn’t possibly fit into and the mission begins to complicate itself…
Ch 2: Transformation posted 12/26/06
The enemy reveals itself in Engineering. Captain Fawx is witness to the intruder’s attack on one of his chief officers. And the captain knows this is only the beginning…
Ch 3: Transduction posted 1/2/07
After the attack on Lt. Petton questions are only piling higher. Captain Fawx’s stress levels continue to increase as the alien assailant continues his assault on the Sabine.
Ch 4: Evasion posted 1/9/07
While the Captain works on getting Petton ready to get back to work, he is interrupted by a scream on the bridge. The Yrch is still hard at work and the Captain discovers that this problem will be even harder to solve than he could have ever guessed.
Ch 5: Anticipation posted 1/16/07
Captain Fawx has to get after Sgt. Garrick for staring at a lot of the new “girls” and is presented bad news… the guards who were standing watch over Xaen, the assassin they are transporting, were attacked by the Yrch…
Ch 6: Theorization posted 1/24/07
Fawx meets the newly transformed Dr. Teffri for the first time and listens to her theory on how the Yrch is able to transform the girls. It seems too ridiculous to even offer it any credence. But the more he thinks on it- is the idea any more ridiculous than what is already happening on the Sabine?
Ch 7: Torsion posted 2/6/07
With the crew of the Sabine being forced into skirts at an alarming rate already, Captain Fawx now has to deal with the Minalonian ship that is threatening to blow them to smithereens. It will take some slick thinking from Fawx and some skill from the least experienced member of the crew to get them out of this mess.
Ch 8: Perturbation posted 2/13/07
After the last wave of attacks by the Yrch, Lt. Moden and Captain Fawx are the only males left on the ship. Now many of their weapons are going missing and it’s horrible timing too because the Yrch is planning to leave the Sabine wide open for attack.
Ch 9: Completion posted 3/6/07
Fawx is forced to face the demon of his past. The whole reason behind the Yrch’s doings are revealed. And before it’s all done, Captain Fawx is going to need to come up with something because if she doesn’t then the entire crew of the Sabine is doomed.
Ch 10: Desperation posted 3/21/07
How will Fawx repel the attack from Irium? The now booberific Captain reveals her plan and it is truly an act of a desperate individual. I sure hope this works…
Ch 11: Preparation posted 3/27/07
Everyone is getting ready for the attack. The lives of the entire Sabine hang in the balance.
Ch 12: Consummation posted 5/3/07
Here it is. This one is for all the marbles. Will the girls retain their freedom or will the worst happen. Only one way to find out…
Ch 13: Resolution posted 5/10/07
The Yrch and Irium are dead. But a few of his men are still on the ship. And, oh yeah, an alien assassin who has proven she’s VERY good at what she does. They aren’t out of the woods yet…
Ch 14: Conclusion posted 5/17/07
So what do we do now?
Epilogue posted 5/31/07

Mother Raven

posted 12/12/06
Lowrie knocks a raven’s nest out of a tree as a youth, crushing her young eggs. Now in college, he finds out that the mother of those unborn ravens still holds her grudge and will take matters into her own claws.

The Star-kin and Creation

posted 6/17/06
Every world has it’s own myths on the creation of the world, plants, animals, men and women. Come and sit and listen to the tale of the creation of one world…

Collaboration Stories

Gamma Rho Lambda House -Collaborated with Pip- posted 8/7/08
The Heart-Winner of Poppelvania -Collaborated with Pip- posted 1/17/09

Abandoned Projects

Bunny Shell

Volume 1- Issue: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Villains’ Union of America

Chapter 1: The Dialogue of Daniel Erie
Chapter 2: The Acronyms of Alteration
Chapter 3: The Double Life of the Good Doctor
Chapter 4: The Maidens of Maxwell Paragon
Chapter 5: The Mask of Celeste Edenview

S.C.I.R.T. Files

Project D.E.B.U.T.A.N.T.E.
DEBUTANTE #00A- Alias: Meow Attack
DEBUTANTE #00B- Alias: Red Velvet