S.C.I.R.T. Files

“These are the images we were able to obtain related to SCIRT’s new project D.E.B.U.T.A.N.T.E. Aside from their continued, confusing fascination with convoluted acronyms, this is SCIRT’s most disturbing project yet. More pictures will be forthcoming as I get the time to safely transmit the images. For now, I must remain on the move to avoid capture. After reading all this, we have more reason to fear capture than ever before.

Stay safe,

“This is the first dossier I was able to find on their precious “Debby” program. This is really horrifying to say the least. I didn’t have any intel on this woman but to be sure she could have been very valuable to our cause had we known her. I’m thinking, based on this data that we may want to follow up with anything we can find on her. She has potential, if we find the right people, to expose SCIRT for what it is.”

Got to get back on the move,

“I’m sending you the second dossier on the DEBUTANTE program now. The resources SCIRT has apparently far exceed what we thought they were. They have serious firepower. I don’t have much intel on this one but from what I can tell the change is far more drastic than I thought they’d be able to achieve. We need to get someone on the inside. This report makes it sound like there might be a potential resource in this supervisor though. I’ll see what I can dredge up.”

Back on the run,

12 thoughts on “S.C.I.R.T. Files”

  1. …I have to wonder if this sort of thing was the entire point of creating this pocket universe.

    I also wonder if they can unconvert these people, once they can escape.

  2. That WOULD certainly reduce the issues but…
    I feel like there’d also be an issue at actually pulling that off.
    How do you convert what is apparently a damsel frequently in distress to a heroine/hero, even if that was what they once were?

  3. They’re using psychic-nano-wizard-bots to pull this off. Until they say one way or the other we really can’t know whether this is meant to be reversible or not and just how easy to fix it would be, either way.

  4. …I mean, for all we know, they’ve set up the nanobots, curses, and psychic conditioning to reset the person to who they were when they got taken after they pass through a magic gate to another reality or upon receipt of a special codeword or signal.

    Or, at the other extreme, they’re knowingly using a process that’s totally physically irreversible and, if the mental conditioning can be broken, will take years of therapy and possibly some surgery.

    I’m hoping that Meow Attack’s dossier will give us an idea of exactly how permanent this whole thing is.

  5. ….Well. That explains a lot. And the process very much does not sound reversible.

    As a note, from a quick google, it appears that Director Graves was on staff at Lexcorp.

  6. Interesting, if completely horrifying. I’ve always found “aware, but forced to act like _” stories to be so. I don’t doubt that with all the people likely to be available in this place there’s SOMEONE who can reverse stuff like this, but until such is mentioned I’m going to have natural cringes at most of these, save particularly funny ones most likely. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of the opposing “organization” (though it’s more of a bare bones resistance right now I guess)’s actions soon.

  7. Hmmmm… Lexcorp has never been overly concerned with the ‘reversability’ of their technologies. I suspect that it would be difficult to highly improbable that it could be reversed.

    And that would make Universe Det-12 a variant of the DC (Detective Comics) universe. OK, now I wonder what Universe Nnt-4 is based on? I’ve been out of the mainstream comics lines for almost 20 years, and was never heavily into manga, so I’m clueless.

  8. Nnt-4 would be one of the Nintendo universes, as Samus Aran is the protagonist of the Metroid series of games.

    ….Though I guess we know why she’s not in the forthcoming Federation Force game now.

    As for Meow Attack, maybe they should try switching her from FPSs to 2-D sidescrollers with a heavy emphasis on exploration and weapon customization. Like, say…. The Castlevania series. She might be more enthusiastic about those.

    Hmmm… If you want to boost your Patreon a bit, what about adding a 7.50$ tier which lets people suggest various characters to be ….”adopted” into the Debby program?

  9. Ah, Ranma. Far less horrifying, this one, as I’ve seen much worse inflicted upon Ranma before, honestly. Bluh.

    Heh, on that note, did the whole NWC end up here? The Tendos and Saotomes at the very least, I expect. Ryoga’s gonna wander in to the SKIRT labs at some point isn’t he? He certainly does find Ranma fairly often despite being able to find NOTHING ELSE, after all. And if he can just blow up all the walls and/or get lost again, he might actually make it out unbrainwashed…

    As for a crossover between Villain’s Union… well, that might be a little confusing, but hey, your story, could be interesting. 🙂

    Is Kasumi part of the resistance? Hmm. Maybe, maybe not. She’s definitely not completely oblivious, but I don’t know how you see her.

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