Issue 20 of Villain-in-Distress is up!

I’m loving how this Issue turned out. Patrons, you can access it here. My next work will be in MGP. Sorry to those who don’t have interest in Villain-in-Distress but I find myself nowadays needing to go wherever my creativity is taking me. Recently that’s been Villain-in-Distress moreso than Magical Girl Policy. However, now that I’ve scratched that itch I’m finding I need MGP again. I have a feeling I’m going to be yo-yoing between the two a lot more now. That might result in some changes. Regardless, stay tuned later this week. I’ll likely be posting some polls (some for Patrons and some for the general audience) to help me determine how I want to do things going forward.

Hope you all enjoy the new chapterissue!
Taralynn Andrews

2 thoughts on “Issue 20 of Villain-in-Distress is up!”

  1. speaking as one of those that is honestly just here for MGP, it’s very important for a writer to follow their inspirations, not some feeling of obligation. The end result is always much better when you don’t force yourself to focus on one thing exclusively. If what inspires you at the moment is ViD, then write ViD.

  2. While waiting four months (so far) for another chapter of MGP is frustrating, I have to agree with Lenglon — forcing yourself to write something that’s not what you’re most interested in at the moment will produce inferior work. We’re glad that you choose to share your work with us, but you don’t _owe_ us anything (except, perhaps, a brief explanation if you ever decide to give it up without finishing it).

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