Writer’s Block is officially busted

Chapter 51 of Magical Girl Policy is now posted.

I wish I had some clever words to say here but I’m just glad I finally got this finished. I’ve been struggling with what to write for months. I don’t like it but I have to get comfortable with “good is good enough” as a concept. It’s something I struggle with. A lot. I can only hope it measures up to your standards as you are the ones I do it for.

The cool thing is that is not the only thing I bring you today! We have several pieces of art! We have the reward picture for Planetar, who won the Magical Gridiron Posse Fantasy Football League! Condolences to Joni, who got second place for the second year in a row. You’ll get their next year! But because Planetar won, the DolFans Cheerleaders were forced to get cheering and I had to join in. Needless to say, Polygal, myself, Jodi Ryder, and Day LaMode weren’t pleased.

Next is the February picture of… well I guess it’s not really spoilers but it involves Robynne and sort of a scene from this chapter. Normally I wouldn’t go into detail because I consider this so minor but I’ve had people voice concerns about hating even little spoilers so just read the chapter and see for yourself. The one positive of taking a long time to get the chapter done is that I can at least get topical art it seems.

The last is the Pin-up for that month which is Lovesick Noriko!

Even better, there is even more writing for you! Kamizite has finished chapter 4 of Peppy Goddess Mandate. Continue and follow the journey of Raelynn as she meets some new old faces.
Lastly, the polls are up for March and April’s pin-up pics and they are tied together. For March you are voting for what Pokemon that Pokemon Trainer Angela will use and which Pokemon (and outfit) Team Rocket Grunt Robynne will use. Yup. In some weird Pokemon universe Robynne is evil. Anyone want to write that fanfic? No? Well,
I think it’s funny. So yeah, if you’re a $5 and up patron go vote for those!

Anyway, I’m excited to say my writer’s block has been busted and I can get back to producing content more regularly.
Hope everyone is staying warm this winter!

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Block is officially busted”

  1. Yes! the next MGP is here. And you did great with it too. Have a bit less self-doubt please, because I don’t see a quality drop here at all.


    I see my faith in you is not misplaced. I know for certain that, no matter how long it takes, a chapter WILL come out, and it will be worth it. You’re an awesome writer, please don’t ever doubt that.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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