A new year

So, I finally got caught up on posting a lot of my content that I’ve been sitting on. Let’s start off with pictures which can all be seen with full write-ups on my Patreon page. We have the November Pin-up “Cammy the Stream Queen”, the December canon image “Winter’s Wrap”, the December Pin-up “Mrs. Kara Clause”, and the AMAZING full team pic of the Spirit Guard! That last one was a present from Kamizite to me and the entire community so everyone please go see it in all it’s commissioned majesty!

Speaking of Kamizite, Chapter 3 of “Pretty Goddess Mandate” is ready for your reading pleasure. The story is sure taking different turns than I originally intended but then again I didn’t imagine Robynne as a goddess so liberties had to be taken! XD But seriously, we need more Impala’s on rainbow roads.

On the Villain-in-Distress front, two more Issues have gone public since I last posted so go ahead and enjoy Issues 11 and 12. And, if you’re a $2 or up Patron, Issue 16 has finally gone live. I am sorry for the delay but… well, the end of the year was crazy for me as it usually is in my job but this year was particularly crazy due to an office change.

Speaking of, yes, we moved offices at my work and it’s added time to my commute. This would normally be bad for writing production but, it’s actually rather good news when it comes to writing. You see, it’s now far enough away I can ride a train to work. A train that has wifi. It takes me about an hour to get to and from work and I am pleased to report that I have committed to writing every train ride! You might be thinking that’s crazy but… I actually have done it. Issue 16 of Villain-in-Distress was written completely ON TRAIN! This is very good news and you can expect the next chapter of MGP to be out sooner rather than later!

I hope you all had awesome Christmas seasons and an even better New Year! It’s looking good so far this year and I’m looking forwad to getting this year started off with a bang!

Talk to you soon!

2 thoughts on “A new year”

  1. Traveling by train is a lot nicer. Less stress overall compared to driving so nice to hear it’s helped with your writing schedule.

    Also, the commissions are brilliant as usual.

  2. Don’t worry take your time getting it through because what you write is definitely worth the wait. Hope all is well and happy Valentine’s Day!

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