Introducing “Peppy Goddess Mandate”

This is an awesome day for me. Not only have I been very productive the last few days but I’ve had the good pleasure of working with a friend of mine whom you’re familiar with, Kamizite. My buddy Kami is the artist behind my shortlived collaberation of Villains Union of America. As I think about it, that was sort of my precursor in some ways to Villain-in-Distress… but I digress. At any rate, Kami and I have had on-again, off-again RP sessions. Most of them tend to involve my MGP characters thrown into various hilarious circumstances. Most of them Robynne doesn’t like. But one stuck for a very long time. It was an interesting concept that Kamizite has decided to turn into an actual AU Fanfic of MGP. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to bring this to you myself.

So, without further adieu… Peppy Goddess Mandate: Chapter 1. I hope you all will enjoy his story as much as I do.

In other news, I’m almost caught up on commissions and getting Villain-in-Distress for last month ready to go. I also feel like I’m about to break my writer’s block on MGP. I’ve been keeping up with my 50 words per day promise (which is, as I hoped, turning into a LOT more than 50 words per day but keeping me in a writer’s headspace).

You all are much better fans than I deserve,

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