Villain-in-Distress Issue 12 is up and art update

Hey guys, short post here but, yes, indeed, Villain-in-Distress issue 12 is available for all $2 and up patrons on my Patreon right now and will go public in December. I had an interesting time writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it.

In other news (though decidedly worse news) is that the art for this month got delayed. My pin-up artist had to cancel and my canon artist is telling me their schedule may prevent them from getting it done before the month is over. So, glass half-empty, there may not be any art presented in June. Glass half-full, that could mean four pieces of art going up in July! So… yay? Oh, and the voting for July’s pin-up picture is now live for $5 and up patrons to go vote on. The topic, in continuing with the summer of crossovers is which MGP characters cross over into the Villain-in-Distress universe.

Hope you enjoy this issue of ViD,

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