MGP 50 is up! May Canon image up too!

Exactly what it says in the title! We hit the bit five-oh! Oh my goodness I cannot tell you all how awesome this is to me. This was a very difficult chapter to write that required me to reread a lot of stuff. Special thanks to my editor Shellshocker and, of course, Stephanie for helping me get this thing ready. So yeah, enjoy the chapter because it was a harder one to write. I’m afraid going into why it was hard gives away stuff so I’ll just let you get to reading.

In other news, we also got the canon image for May done. Pianno-ribbon did this one again and it’s actually art for THIS chapter because I actually thought ahead this time 😛

In the last bit before I go and rest my addled mind, Villain-in-Distress Issue 11 goes up tomorrow so those of you who are $2 and up patrons have that to look forward to. If you’re not, that’s okay as it will get published publicly in 6 months time!

Halfway to 100,

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