An update on updates (so meta!)

Hey gang! Just wanted to give everyone a formal update on where thigns are since apparently I have issues with multiple platforms.

If you look at my thread here you’d think I haven’t done anything since getting back. However, if you follow me on Patreon I’ve had 6 updated posts in that time frame (with one today of the NSFW May Pin-up image). What gives?

If I’m 100% honest, I find updating to multiple platforms to be tedious. It’s a definite barrier to me mentally even though conceptually speaking it isn’t that big of a deal. But understand there are some severe limitations to posting on my main website for smaller updates. Patreon is a platform I can upload from everywhere including work. To do things like posting images on my website I have to have access to my FTP to upload an image, resize it for the website, etc. You can see why I’d say posting images is easier.

“So Taralynn, why have the website at all?” Well, to be honest I still like having my corner of the web for a couple of reasons. First off, I find the reading experience of an actual story better on my website rather than posting the story straight to patreon. I wouldn’t be posting things like MGP to Patreon anytime soon. But, to be honest, smaller things like the monthly images are going to pretty much exclusively be posted on Patreon from here on out. It’s just so much easier for me because I don’t get caught up in the tedium of resizing images and posting. I know it isn’t a big deal to post it here too but mentally, for me, it is because if feels like bookkeeping and I’m just not good at that.

There is also the issue I just feel, as a fan of creators, Patreon is easier to follow someone than a random website. It’s also easier for me as a creator because I can organize posts with tags. However, my fanbase started here on my website so I won’t be abandoning it or anything. But for smaller updates like artwork, I probably won’t be posting here. I can update Patreon during my lunch break in ways I can’t do with the website that makes it super convenient for things like this. Obviously when big announcements come, website is still a place I’ll post it (and clearly where I’ll be posting Magical Girl Policy). But if you want to stay up to date the place to follow me is Now, I may look into some apps that can help solve my problem and publish in multiple places at once but I don’t want to do that until I get MGP 50 up. I want my focus to be on writing and not bookkeeping.

All that said, Wednesday, Issue 6 of Villain-in-Distress goes public so those of who can’t do $2 patronage right now but still enjoy a good story of heroes, villains, and flipping genders will have that soon.

Sorry for the confusion,