I’m back!

Got back from my grandmother’s funeral and it was truly beautiful. Thanks so much for all the outpouring of support I got from all of you. Seriously, you all are amazing as usual and I just want to say thanks for what you’ve given!

So, before the end of the month I intend to post an issue of Villain-In-Distress. I want to be sure I make good on that content within the month since it’s kind of the main reason most of you patron (other than the kindness of your hearts that is 😉 ) Shouldn’t be too hard for me to get out before April Fools’ Day.

The cannon image is another story as that process did not get started when it should have due to delays. Don’t worry, it still will get created but it will be done on a make-good basis once openings show up from certain artists. Since we’ll have some time, would you prefer to see MGP or ViD canon image? Just post your vote in comments as I don’t really want to create a poll at the moment as I’m doing this on a break from work.

I should be able to also post the pin-up art for this month before it’s over as I just have to make some edits to the pic Grimay already made. If things break right I may even have it done today but I don’t want to promise that.

Also, if you’re part of the Chapter 13 of MGP Fan Reel please start getting your commentary in. I’d like to post it in the next week or two.

Thanks again so much for all your support friends. Through times of loss it makes me very grateful to have as awesome a fanbase as you guys to help me get through it.

Thanks for all the huggles,

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  1. Yeah it’s been close to 2 months now … Is Taralynn doing alright ? I mean imagine she’s just busy and doesn’t want to update the site without content but still.

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