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Hey friends. Just wanted to let you know my work will be delayed some for the next week or two. I just got the sad news that my grandmother has passed. I know you guys are awesome people and so you’re likely to send a bunch of support my way but believe me when I say I’m actually in a very good spot for this.

My grandmother had some dementia issues and last year, when my grandfather died, it got way worse. Watching them age together was actually very heart-warming and romantic in a sad sort of way. My grandfather’s body broke down to the point he couldn’t do much (he had several heart incidences over his life so we felt fortunate to have him as long as we did… not many people can claim having survived FOUR heart attacks).

As his body started to break down, her mind started to go. It was very cute to see them work together to make up for what the other one lacked. It was a pure kind of love that comes after over 50 years of being married. They had weathered every storm together, raised kids in four states and two countries. That type of pure, simple love is something truly inspiring.

I don’t know what my schedule will be like in the next few weeks as at some point I’ll have to fly out so she can be buried next to my grandfather (she moved out closer to family near me so she could have people to care for her). I don’t know how much of my help the family will need either. I know I don’t have to ask you to be patient because I know how awesome and understanding you guys are.

Honestly, I really am good myself though. Her passing is a blessing. She can now be with my grandfather she loved so much. It’s been hard watching the woman you loved slowly slip away, leaving a person who wasn’t sure where she was and, at the end, weren’t sure who we were. It was a kindness we had been praying for, to let her body catch up to her mind so she can finally let go.

So, I don’t need anything. I have all the support I need with my family. If you want to do something for me, call your grandparents or parents or just some friend you haven’t talked to in a while and let them know what they mean to you. Our connections are what make life worth it.

Who’s chopping those darn onions?

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