BIG milestone for me- Chapter 49 is up!

That’s right fans and friends! Chapter 49 of Magical Girl Policy has been posted and, let me tell you, this is a big one. It’s not readily apparent why this chapter is such a big deal but let me tell you why this is such a big deal to me. There are now officially more chapters of MGP than there were episodes of MGP-Alpha. Yes! That’s right!

Now, it shouldn’t seem like such a big deal. I mean, for one, the Alpha version of MGP got further plot-wise than this incarnation of MGP has. But that one had so many dangling plot threads and problems with it that it made me get so frustrated with the project that I went on a hiatus that lasted two years. This story, though it’s taken me longer to get to Chapter 49, makes me happy and excited with where it’s going. Most importantly, you guys make me excited to go on the journey. It’s been a bumpy road but I’ve been updating MGP for 7 years now. I’ve never stuck with something that long. Thanks so much for your patience and helping me get there. Seriously, without you guys leaving your comments this wouldn’t happen. Your feedback is the fuel in my creative engine. 🙂

But speaking of helping me out, one fan in particular has really helped out Shellsh0cker7 has proven not only to have EXCELLENT taste in books and podcasts (a fellow Brandon Sanderson/Writing Excuses fan) but to be a very good editor. I felt bad as Stephanie has been helping me out with that but Stephanie’s talents lie in poking me with sticks to keep me moving, not editing. Shellsh0cker7 however is an awesome dude and amazing at editing. I haven’t had an editor this thorough since college… and that’s becoming longer and longer ago than I like.

With all that said, we aren’t done with today’s announcements! That’s right! More! First of all, if you’re a $5 and up patron, there is a new Pin-up Poll over at my Patreon I need you to vote on. The theme is “May Showers” and you’re voting on who the “camera” is trying to sneak a look at in the showers: Vytri, Robynne, or Cpt. Fawkes. SO be sure to vote if you’re a $5 and up patron.

Also! I have just posted the MGP Fan Reel for Chapter 12! Some hilarious, snarky commentary by the fans so I suggest you check it out in either docx or odt format, whichever works best for you. I have also sent out the invitations for the Chapter 13 Fan Reel. If you are a $3 and up patron and I forgot to send you an invite, please email me or message me at Patreon and I’ll get that fixed.

Man, good times today! Thanks so much you all for helping me get to this milestone with MGP! I love you all so much. Thanks for continually grabbing a snack and pulling up a chair!


5 thoughts on “BIG milestone for me- Chapter 49 is up!”

  1. Wow, didn’t realize this was such a big milestone! Count me doubly honored to have helped out. *pops open champagne bottle* Here’s to the next forty-eight, and beyond!

  2. That was a good chapter. A slow, but thoughtful chapter, like the wind-down chapters in things like Forged Destiny or Ashes of the Past. Fabulous.

  3. Congrats on that! And good luck on the next milestone!

    And is it strange that now I feel bad for not offering to help out along the way? I mean, sounds like there’s been some hurdles and help was needed, and I feel bad for not helping. If I could even have done anything. I don’t know, I’m weird like that, I guess.

    Anyway, that odd sidetrip aside, I’m really looking forward to what happens next! There some really exciting possibilities opening up, and I geek out just thinking about them.

  4. I saw your post about enjoying comments and I think if you wanted more reader feedback you could also post the chapters or at least a link on big closet top shelf since you posted the first nineteen chapters . It would probably get you a larger readship as well and bring more people to this site, maybe even more Patreon since it would show up on the front page. I looked at your first couple chapters there and you got around 4500 reads per chapter so if you wanted to expand your readership I would recommend that.

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