February canon image

Tad bit late but Grimay got it done and it looks as awesome as ever. I’m beginning to think this guys is pretty talented.

This is one where I highly recommend you viewing the full image. Grimay but a ton of detail in the background and gives us the best view of SAU campus ever. So verdant and green! Like the cheer uniforms! Surely that can’t be a coincidence!

In all honesty this is one of the more challenging issues with commissioning outside drawings. The background ends up taking up more than the inside. Frankly it’s the reason for the lateness of the image, I didn’t know how difficult of a picture I was asking of Grimay by having these buildings and grass and trees and everything But Grimay nailed it really. Go Grim. Also we got our first look at Jodi! … okay yeah so she’s just… well she’s an attractive blonde cheerleader. It’s something we’ve seen a lot of, sure, but I’m still glad we got her.

Robynne finding the SFEERS booth and Cami & Jodi finding Robynne is a fun scene. I think it was the first time I got to really dive into the Cheer Squad drama in the story and I am not sure why I like that plotline so much. Maybe because the Absurdly Powerful Student Council and Alpha Biscuit are some of my favorite tropes to complain about being super unrealistic. I guess I just like the comedy of using them myself and trying to justify it. I don’t know. I’m weird.
I’m also glad we got to use Robynne’s outfit form Tolin’s old fanart of Robynne meeting Nick. Come to think of it, I think Nick is one of the few characters Grimay hasn’t drawn yet. I’m trying to think of characters Grimay hasn’t taken a crack at yet. Other than Tanya, Kunapipi, and Nick… Noriko… can you guys help me create a list of characters Grimay hasn’t drawn yet? I’m wanting to be sure to let him draw everyone since, you know, he’s the officially-unofficial artist of MGP. XD

See you all again soon,

3 thoughts on “February canon image”

  1. I don’t think Grim has drawn a canon image of Angela. He may have done the cheerleader pin up but not a Canon one. Then there is Dale, I think another artist did that. Then there is Nick, I think we have his brother. Then Ms kuna’s human form. Canon image of Noriko. Well that is what I can think of.

  2. Damn, Grimay did more awesome work.

    Marty covered most of the characters I thought up, but there’s also Trace and Platicore that have no images. Anyone else I can think of are more or less bit players, like other SFEERS members.

  3. Oh, and sorry for the double-post, but there’s also an upcoming character that could make for a good Grimay canon image: Rob’s Uncle Taylor. I’m sure their reunion will be a powerful scene that would be perfect for Grimay’s awesomeness. I figure this image won’t be coming for quite a while, but at least it’s something you can keep in your back pocket as far as commission ideas go.

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