February Pin-up: 2017 Magical Gridiron Posse Fantasy Football Champion poster!

Some of you may remember (and even participated) in the Magical Gridiron Posse Fantasy Football League starting back in… I think August? Regardless, while most leagues have you starting out with a draft of NFL players we also did a draft of my characters to cheer for your teams. At the end of the season, I’d commission an image of the winning team’s cheerleaders, in their uniforms cheering for the champion.

And the winner of the season was… ME! Part of me feels guilty because this turned into, “Hey, everyone, let’s do this really fun thing I can win.” On the other hand my team went on a tear for a magical postseason run and if it weren’t for a magical Monday night performance by the Philadelphia Eagles Defense in week 16 my dramatic comeback would never have happened! In short, rather than be humble about this, I think the league will be more fun if I’m insufferable about it and become the villain of the MGPFFL going forward.

Thus begins the thousand year reign of Taralynn! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!

In all honesty though, I think the league was fun and the addition of the cheerleader draft really spiced things up. I was super pleased with my trio of cheerleaders and love the art pianno-ribbon did for me. I love how Lt. Moden looks like she doesn’t know what she’s doing here. Rylie (aka: Rule 63 Robert) isn’t sure how she ended up on this psycho’s cheer team, and Tanya looks ready too murder someone for forcing her to do something she doesn’t want.
If you are curious, we came very close to seeing Joni’s trio of cheerleaders instead of mine. Her trio would have been Noriko, Mallory, and Robynne cheering on the Sunflowers. But my unstoppable juggernaut of a team (disclaimer: My team wasn’t a juggernaut. I’m just playing the villain role) could not be beat! I AM INVINCIBLE! I ROBBED YOU ALL OF MORE ROBYNNE PIN-UP ART! I AM CLEARLY EVIL!

I can’t wait to do this again next year with you guys. Seriously, it added a lot of fun to the NFL season for me. When we do it again, we will again do a cheerleader draft and make February 2019’s pin-up image another image for the champion of the League… which will be me of course because I am so amazing. When we do it again, I’ll allow teams that return from last season to keep one of their cheerleaders. The other two go back into the cheerleader pool.

Special thanks to Kamizite for running the league. He’s a Saint for helping me out. Until next season ladies and gentlemen, I am the champ and shall never be dethroned 😉

Your Fantasy Football Overlady,
Taralynn Andrews

PS: if you’d like a version of this pic without all the text, I included that as well

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