The Fate of the FanReel hangs in the balance!

okay, that title is a TAD overdramatic XD

So the nice, clean way to get Fan Reel to work… it didn’t work. I had to go back to a format where you all will have to download the chapters. This makes me sad but GoogleDocs doesn’t seem to have a way where I can make the comments universally scene without making it so EVERYONE can comment. This saddens me. BUT you can now download the FanReels in either .docx or .odt file types.

Now, I know there is a dedicated base of people who’d prefer .epub or .pdf file types for obvious reasons but no matter how I tortured the files I couldn’t get .epub or .pdf to work in such a way that preserved the comments made in GoogleDocs. If you know of a way to make it work, let me know (or better yet, show me. I already wasted three hours trying to get this to work and if I’m honest kind of at my wits end with it).

On the plus side, I’ve broken through a slight writer’s block on chapter 49 and am making good progress. On the downside they are changing things at my workplace at a rate that’s so fast my head is spinning. If you guys by chance know any wealthy financiers who love TG Fiction let them know I can be had cheaply. 😛 All jokes aside, thanks so much to all of you who throw a few bucks at me each month. You guys help me so I don’t have to do as much overtime and do something I like in writing. Without you I’d have no motivation to write and have to work more hours. You guys are the wind beneath my wings!

Now to reward myself with a nice soothing night of listening to music and getting the next round of pics commissioned!

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