Waiting for the art

Today is the day i normally post the cannon image but I’m still waiting on teh final image from Grimay. He’s shown me the colored sketch so it should be right around the corner but it’s not quite ready today. Once it’s here I’ll delete this post and post the actual image.

In other news, one of the readers has pointed out they cannot see the comments in the Fan Reel. It seems my assumption that everyone could see comments wasn’t true… this saddens me as linking directly to the items was going to be far easier than any other option. So I’m going to need to work that out. Thanks for pointing that out though Shellsh0cker. I’ll find a solution post haste!

2 thoughts on “Waiting for the art”

  1. I posted this on Patreon, but I thought I’d post here too. Two things to comment on:

    First, the links for chapters 10 and 11 of the fan reel also take us to Chapter 9.

    Second, are there any updates on getting the comments to show? (I know it’s only been three days, but I’m just being impatient. Yeah, I know, not fair.) Before trying to help contribute to Chapter 11 (once the link is fixed), I’d like to read some of the previous fan reels to try and match the tone some. MST3K or otherwise, the humor seems to work best when all the comedy matches in tone.

  2. Just a quick reminder about the art, which you posted on the patreon about last week and also wanted to post here.

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