Fan Reel 11 posted!

Hey everyone! Great news! Fan Reel 11 has been posted! For those not familiar with the Fan Reels, they are Chapters of MGP with readers having left comments over the story, typically to comedic effect. Think of it as the MST3K or Riff Trax of [u]Magical Girl Policy[/u]. I plan on posting one of these every two weeks so we should have a steady stream of them. Also I improved the readability by making them no longer things you download but just a link to the googledoc for your reading pleasure. I’ve gone back and done the same thing to chapters 1-10 of the Fan Reel to improve the readability there.

In reposting this stuff I reread a lot of the comments and was reminded how creative and funny you all are. Seriously, I’m lucky to have a fanbase with such a good sense of humor! You all are wonderful and I love reading your comments, both humorous and serious. They get me thinking or laughing,sometimes both 😛

Well I hope you enjoy the Fan Reel all over again and look forward to posting the new one soon,

2 thoughts on “Fan Reel 11 posted!”

  1. Looking forward to getting back into doing these. Anyone else in the tier to have access on Patreon should do it too. It’s pretty fun going through and cracking jokes on the chapters.

  2. This is such a cool idea, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to see the comments on the Google Doc; it just looks like a normal document with no comments for me. Is anybody else having the same issue?

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