So many arts! Chapter 48! it’s a Christmas Miracle!

My friends, it truly is a Christmas miracle because I’m posting Chapter 48 of MGP! Woo! In addition, I’m posting a lot of art! This is everything for the year minus one pinup image I have yet to receive (but probably will in the next few days). I’ll be posting all these on my patreon page with full descriptions but for now I’m just posting it here for your enjoyment. Let me know what you thought of the chapter!

Merry Christmas,

One thought on “So many arts! Chapter 48! it’s a Christmas Miracle!”

  1. Absolutely loving Grimay’s contribution, as always. Really digging the Bowie knives – it’s a nice touch, alluding to Rob’s southern origins as well as how much more ruthless Serenity is in battle compared to the other Spirit Guard.

    At least, I think Rob’s from the South. There’s country folk up north, too, but his uncle’s accent seems just a little too thick to be Midwestern. Confirm/Deny?

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