December Pin-up by Pip

It’s going to be a… wait for it… flurry of activity this December and first up on that flurry is the ol’ landlord of Taralynn’s Desk, Pip! He did our December Pin-up! Also, wow! I’m getting an image up in the month it should have gone up! What a shocker!

I’ve said the best thing about pin-up images is that I don’t have to really explain how characters got into those outfits. So Vivian dressed up in some overly elaborate elf attire? That’s fine… but also slightly believable. Fretribution in an ugly sweater with a snowman playing guitar… or is that Dale!? BUM BUM BUMMMMMM! But either way, very believeable. Robynne in a very cute Christmas dress… or attending a social function instead of playing Aspect Realms? Yeah, no one is buying that in the actual story! But they don’t have to because it’s the pin-up image. All anyone knows is that it’s Christmas and you need to watch out for imps like Vivian pulling mistletoe shenanigans.

Working hard!

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