Catching up on art

So, it’s been a while. I haven’t been posting all the art we’ve had but here it comes! Get ready to have your minds blown! I’m going to go in order of the month they are assigned to.

This first piece of artwork, despite being assigned to the gap I had for April 2017’s canon commission, is actually the newest. I commissioned Railgun04 to do a transformation sequence that is sort of supposed to represent how Robert feels his first week of college went. The result, if I may wax a bit hyperbolic, was breathtaking.

This… is amazing. The little details in this really make it come together so I highly recommend you click on the image and see the full sized image. First of all, what he did with Robynne’s scarlette hair sort of pushing out of the scalp? Awesome! The wave-design on the skirt sort of bubbling into existence? Creative! The box transforming into pompoms? Masterful! Plus I got to watch him make it live on his Pictaro channel. Never have done that before. TONS of fun.

Next up was the official artist of MGP, Grimay, offering up his take on the fight against Polygal.

First of all, what can I say about Grimay that I haven’t already said? The guy is a master. The background perfect. His expressions on both Polygal’s and Tenacity’s faces expertly show their emotions at that stage in the fight. He NAILS the foreshortening of the tickets and Tenacity’s sword. And Polygal’s design was spot on. I don’t know who edits the wiki, but I think you have your reference picture for her article 🙂

Next we have Dizzyornot’s July pin-up image of Robynne getting some much needed sun and going for a walk on the beach.

Great thing about pin-up images is that they don’t need to make sense canon-wise. In what world would Robynne ever wear a bikini? Better question, in what world would she ever wear THIS bikini (as drawn by Amenoosa)?

Yup, I definitely shoved a lot of cheesecake onto Robynne’s schedule this summer as a way to make up for missing deadlines. That’s the great thing about characters: they are contractually obligated to comply! You should look into getting your own characters who can’t disobey you. It’s really keen

But it wasn’t ALL cheesecake this summer. For example, Grimay gave us another cute date scene to follow up the Eli & Kara DDR date. As our July canon image, we had Cory and Vivian have a cute date laughing at some schlocky film of some kind.

First off, I love how he captured Cory’s lanky form. And Vivian’s entire outfit and posture is adorable. Sneaking more junk food and having more fun seeing that he’s enjoying himself. I think that describes Vivian perfectly.

Dizzyornot did the next image which we have in October. Obviously October is the month of spoooks and scares so I went with a Halloween story of Angela’s past. She had spent all day promoting and rushed to the cheerleader Halloween party without really having time to get a costume together. Regardless, when she got there she was shocked to see Cammy and Tanya dressed as *ahem* creative interpretations of Spirit Guards Valor and Tenacity. Not only did this throw Angela for a bit of a loop, the fact that they tried to get her to “loosen up” and drink a little really put her off. This was the first moment where it dawned on Angela they may be a little bit of the mean alpha biscuits we all know and despise today.

The last of the images that I currently have and have yet to post is our October Pin-up image. We did something different and a bit fun and called it “Babes of Bad Endings”. I posted 5 different prompts that were bad endings from MGP and Crew Shift. To my happy surprise, the prompt from Crew shift won! The title of that bad prompt was “Customized Space Vixen for Sale”. Here for your minor reading pleasure was the prompt followed by the image as drawn by one of my favorite artists on Deviantart, AnyaUribe:

The heroines of Crew Shift defeated the turncoat Capt. Irium but what if the crew of the Sabine had failed? Someone who turned out as sexy as Capt. Fawkes couldn't be wasted in the casinos or strip clubs. No, a girl as sexy as her could fetch quite a price. She fetched quite the price on the open market as a custom-ordered build-a-bride. Such customized consorts didn't come cheap but many a shady socialites were willing to pay. After all, to have the psychotherapists, behaviorists, psychologists, neurologists and nanotechs employed by the kingpins on Artes II domesticate a tailored maiden was a unique opportunity. Now fully broken and expertly housetrained, the captain has surrendered herself to her new life as Mrs. Brandi Vixen as she is mailed across the stars with a new mission: to be the perfect wife and make sure she meets every term of the satisfaction guarantee she came with.

I love how the artwork turned out in this. I had this idea of a futuristic wedding dress that I wasn’t sure how to describe but Anya made it come out beautifully. Really, it looks like something straight out of the Jetsons! And though it’s horrifying what she’s being shipped off to do, I have to at least admire how adorable Captain Fawkes’s hair is done up… and this is why I’m going to Hell.

So, what art does that leave for the rest of the year to be revealed?

  • August Canon image- SG Serenity vs Day LaMode by Grimay
  • September Canon image- Kunapipi has Robert reach into the stone by Amenoosa
  • September Pin-up image- Fallacious Fantasy Football Robynne by Grimay
  • November Canon image- Rising Spirit! by Badgertastic
  • November Pin-up image- Monsterous Thanksgiving Dinner by Grimay (voting on which monster for $5 and up patrons valid until end of the night tonight!)
  • December Canon image- Villain-in-Distress Issue #1 cover by undecided artist (waiting to hear back)
  • December Pin-up image- Don’t let Vivian get ahold of mistletoe by Pip

WHEW! That’s a lot of work hunting down all that but now that it’s here it’s a huge load off my shoulders. Again, big thanks to Stephanie for helping me get all this organized so I could get it all done. I’ll have the invites to $3 and up patrons to edit Fan Reel #11 by the end of the day. I look forward to a lot of posting here soo as more artwork comes in! Until then, I hope your’e enjoying your holiday season and continue to do so. Now, I must get more work done as I listen to the wonders of this Electro-swing Christmas mix!


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  1. I’ve been a fan of Magical Girl Policy for about two years and I’m happy to where it has gotten. Hope you are doing better and enjoy your Christmas (oh and New Years)!!!

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