The march towards making up all the missing art is on!

We have twooooo images ready for your viewing pleasure! The first is a canon image drawn by the immensely talented (and basically official artist of MGP at this point) Grimay! It’s Eli and Kara out on a date at the arcade as they have a dance together… Eli and Kara style! I can totally see these dopes dressing up a bit for a nice dinner then slumming it at an arcade after. I don’t know if this will be written into the actual story (in other words, the pic may turn out to be a bit of a spoiler) but in my mind it definitely will happen at some point.

First of all, as usual, he puts amazing detail into the background that I can’t believe is there. Second of all, PLEEEEASE click on the image and see the high-res version of this image. He puts some awesome small shades into Kara’s top to give it a nice, soft texture. That’s just incredible to me! He’s so amazing and talented and working on the next canon image as we speak. I’m excited for the next one too!

Next image is the pinup for June. All the $5 and up Patrons voted on some options of characters drawn as their in-game Aspect Realms avatars. Your choices were Robynne dressed as her Seraphim Rippleblade named Waveförm, Angela as her Seraphim Starsentry named Convictiön, or Robert dressed as his Deviling Windwhisper named Blustery. I guess Rule 63 ruled the day because Blustery won a VERY close vote (3 to 3 to 4!). For something this creative I went to Badgertastic to get the image done and… donut.

First of all. She didn’t have much to work with on Robert. I have, like, maybe one picture of him. But she was able to extrapolate that picture out into this. And I love the demonic-looking wind effects around her. And the BLADE WORK! Mmmmm… those are some straight menacing looking daggers Blustery is sporting. Badgertastic is amazing and these are the exact type of pieces of art I love using her for.

I have several more irons in the fire artistically speaking so expect more art in the future. In the writing front expect at least a Q&A and ViD 5 to be posted this weekend with work gettind done on the next MGP. Sorry to post and run but I need the sleeps.


PS: discovered this Electo-swing song and love it. I want to share

5 thoughts on “The march towards making up all the missing art is on!”

  1. But everyone knows that the hooved races can’t have rogues! No Draenei or Taurens sneaking around with those clipcloppers. (OR ARE THERE? Are Tauren rogues are SO stealthy that they’re literally everywhere but they’ve never been seen.)

  2. Nice, I always love Grimay’s work, and it’s fun to see Eli and Kara be adorkable together. (Yes, I’m a little jealous, sue me.) And Badgertastic did some great work too, not only in quality but very creative as well.

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