And the make-up pics are starting to come! Also, MGPFF update!

My friends, we now have, thanks to the amazing artist Amenoosa, have our May Pin-up of 1950’s Housewife Stacy Ambrose! Behold! Isn’t she totes adorbs?

So that’s the first of many makeup pictures. I got a lot of irons in the fire right now when it comes to commissions so these may be popping up all around the place here soon.

In other news we are up to 5 teams in the Magical Gridiron Posse! Let’s welcome AmandaButterfly’s team, the Persistent Pixies, to the mix! Also my personal assistant/slave driver Stephanie Tippet has joined with a team appropriately named “The Taskmasters”. And someone joined with the team name Death but we don’t have their info yet. Looking forward to it. I also have set up a separate page for the Magical Gridiron Posse with a list of all the teams, slots available, and (most importantly) a list of the available cheerleaders for you to draft to respresent the team on one page with LINKS to help us keep track of who looks like who! It’s the most comprehensive list of characters and art I’ve ever made so maybe you want to check that out regardless of if you’re participating or not. but you should participate because it will be, as the kids say, dope. Plus you get to draft 3 cheerleaders with a chance of getting them drawn for you? Who else gives you that? No one I say! No one!

Hope you join!

One thought on “And the make-up pics are starting to come! Also, MGPFF update!”

  1. I was wondering how the magical girl policy rewrite was coming since this is a busy week and/or month for Robynne. There is the getting told off by the other girls for being reckless, the information she learned about his stooge, the confrontation with her uncle, her first period and maybe her acceptance of her sexuality while still holding off on dating. Other things would be her first party with other cheerleaders since he needs to show she’s not snubbing them we’re she could maybe have problems with a drunk guy. Additionally. her first gaming/bonding session with Angela, Dale maybe asking her out, Vivian and Stacy’s attempt to normalize robin and get her to wear dresses and makeup.

    I also was going to throw a couple ideas your way, maybe robynne being attacked since she is so attractive and doesn’t have someone walk her back at night. Other ideas such as robynne having a wet dream, her maybe connecting the dots from what she senses at the mall to platicores stooge. Also her maybe deducing why he has a need for one, possibly involving a stakeout of the next monsters black pearl.

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