Okay everyone, slight update. I still need a LOT of questions on the Q&A so if you have one, I’d greatly appreciate it. Can’t make the Q&A work if I don’t get questions 😛 Click here for asking me a question.

Also urgent, we need more votes for a few of the pin-up polls as votes are either really close or tied. Biggest votes I need the $5 and up patrons to clear out is breaking the 3-way tie for the June Pin-up: Ravishing Pin-up Gamers vote.

  • Robynne as Waveförm (Seraphim Rippleblade)- 3 votes
  • Angela as Convictiön (Seraphim Starsentry)- 3 votes
  • Genderbent Robert as Blustery (Deviling Windwhisper)

So if you’re a $5 and up patron, please get on that and break the tie!

We are also really close on the September Pin-up Voting! Fallacious Fantasy Football! with Robynne in Cowboys colors having 4 votes to Stacy in New York Jets colors at 3 votes and Cammy in Saints colors and Lily in Broncos colors at 2 votes. If your vote will make a difference, please jump in on that one too.

The other one that is really close is the October Pin-up Voting! Babes of Bad Endings! but that one doesn’t close until halfway through September so there is time for that one to resolve itself. I wrote up little, poorly formatted vignettes for the 5 options that I’ll post for everyone to read (but not to vote on) over the weekend. I’m proud of them and put in too much work for something that won’t have 4 out of 5 optiosn worked on. But here were the quick options for Babes of Bad Endings (or if you wanted to vote super bad maybe patron me this one month ;P)

  • Customized Space Vixen for Sale: Captain Fawkes becomes a mail-ordered space-bride, customized and shipped to the highest bidder (2 votes)
  • Captain Cammy’s Convert: Freshman Angela succumbs to Cammy’s aura (1 vote)
  • Game Over for Charity: Polygal never lets Kara leave Loose Change (1 vote)
  • Mon Dieu! Glowy Boy’s Monstrous Makeover: Day LaMode captures Robert Dreese for Platicore (2 votes)
  • An Infusion of School Spirit: Robynne becomes Cammy’s protĂ©gĂ© (1 vote)
  • Serenity the Texting Slave- Cell-cellia turns Robynne into her pawn (0 votes)

Okay, with all that done, here is what I feel is the coolest announcement of the day… WE ARE LAUNCHING A FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE FOR YOU THE GOOD READER! WITH A PRIZE FOR THE WINNER!!! Did that get your attention? Let’s get some more information for you. Friend of the site, Kamizite was kind enough to launch the league using the Yahoo Fantasy Football platform. It will be called the Magical Gridiron Posse… complete with logo!

Yup. It has a logo. So that makes it official. You do not need to be a football master to play with us. We’re just trying to have a fun time and put something cool on the line. You just need to be able to attend the draft on Wednesday, September 6th, at 7pm PDT. It costs no money to join. Right now we have room for only 10 players but if there is more who want to join, we might expand to 12.
But we are NOT just drafting players! Before the season starts we will have another draft. A draft for YOUR TEAM CHEERLEADER! What do I mean by that? We will have a random order and people can draft from a list of girls from my various canons to be the official team cheerleader! Right now the list includes Robynne, Angela, Kara, Mallory, Vivian, Noriko, Rule 63 Eli, Rule 63 Cory, Rule 63 Robert, Rule 63 Siekert twins (they come together of course), Cammy, Lily, Tanya, Stacy, Jodi, Captain Fawkes from Crew Shift, the rest of the crew of the TSF Sabine, Celeste Edenview from my abandoned VUA project, Aurora & Marina from the abandoned Bunny Shell project, Vytri & Lanci from Villain-in-Distress, and even Leslie from my first story Mother Raven!

“But wait Taralynn, why does it matter who my cheerleader is?” I’m glad you asked. Because the winner of the league will get a picture of their cheerleader in YOUR fantasy football teams’s cheer uniform! A FULLY COMMISSIONED PICTURE! Doesn’t that sound fun? I think it does. I think it does a lot.
So if you want to join the Magical Gridiron Posse, just click this link and sign up! Be sure to let me know what your team name is, what your team colors will be, and what cheerteam your uniforms are based on. Feel free to pick any NFL or college cheer team. I’ll create a page on the site where we can keep up with the standings and who is who. Right now, the league looks like this:

Team Name Team Owner Team colors Cheer uniform design
The Angelcakekickers Taralynn Yellow & Orange Arizona Cardinals
Prytania Blue Boxers Kamizite Tardis blue & gray New Orleans Saints
—open slot—
—open slot—
—open slot—
—open slot—
—open slot—
—open slot—
—open slot—
—open slot—

It will be first come first serve. JUST MAKE SURE YOU CAN MAKE THE DRAFT TIME! We don’t care if you know a football from a foosball. We just want to have fun! Hope you all decide to join!

Are you ready for some fantasy football!?

3 thoughts on “Further update… and THE MGP FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE!?”

  1. For the MGP Fantasy Football my team name is the Persistent Pixies, the colors are red and white, and the cheerteam uniforms are based on the Arkansas Razorbacks.

    (I don’t even like football, but this may be fun.)

  2. What time/zone is the draft tonight? (Joni/Sunflowers)

    Also, I’d like the team colors to be Red and Gold and the Cheerleader uniform to be Kansas City Chiefs!

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