Villain-in-Distress: Issue 4 is now up on Patreon!

Allll right! Settle in because this is a LONG post that asks for a lot of interaction from my patrons so please sit tight. Starting the work of catching up on Villain-in-Distress for you Patrons of $2 or more, ViD Issue 04 has now been posted! You can download it in pdf, docx, or epub form so hopefully one of those works for you.

I have to say, Villain-in-Distress is getting a lot of fun to right. I mean, in all seriousness trying to come up with 1950’s slang is a hoot. I’ve been looking up terms on various slang websites for help on that. I’m learning that cars were very big in 1950’s America culture. I think my favorite euphemisms I came up with were “adjusting his antenna” and “greasing her engine” for… um… certain things ^_^;; This is why I’m going to Hell.

But in all seriousness though, it’s a world I’m proud of. I can’t wait to share more details of it. The plan for now is for me to alternate between MGP chapters and ViD issues so I can make sure to catch up on ViD as I am supposed to be releasing that monthly. By the way, if you were a patron back in April (when Issue 4 should have been posted) and you have since cancelled your patronage, don’t worry. I’m going back and making sure all my patrons from back then will receive a copy of the Issue that was owed to them! I will do the same for May, June, July, & August and any other months in the future that I miss posting on time as I try to catch up!

Speaking of catching up, we have pin-up image votes that patrons need to vote on too. Last we left off, the vote for May had passed with Stacy Ambrose dressed as a 1950’s style housewife. Right now I’m getting that commissioned but I have other votes and commissions that need to happen. I’m posting a list here that I will update with the pertinent links for those who can vote if a vote is needed. These will be less tied to the monthly theme than I have in the past but we’ll see what I can come up with. Also there is a list of other commissions I’m sending out here so you know what images are coming down the pike.

  • April Pin-up: Bunnygirl Vivian (Artist: Grimay)- Status: Complete!
  • May Pin-up: 1950’s housewife Stacy (Artist: Amenoosa)- Status: In process
  • June Pin-up- Robynne, Angela, or Robert dressed as their Aspect Realms avatars (Artist: Badgertastic)- poll closes September 1st
  • July Pin-up- Fun-in-the-Daystar Robynne! (Artist: Amenoosa)- poll closes September 1st
  • August Pin-up- Swimsuit Robynne (no poll. I’m forcing Robynne to do this as a makeup for getting out of it for a few months :P)(Artist: Amenoosa)
  • September Pin-up- Fallacious Fantasy Football (Artist: TBD) – poll closes September 1st
  • October Pin-up- Babes of Bad Endings– characters receive various bad endings that could have happened in my story (Artist: TBD) – poll closes September 15th
  • March Canon image- Chaco-phagial Therapy (Artist: Amenoosa)- Status: Complete! (Artist)
  • April Canon image- Robert to Cheerleader Robynne process image (Artist: Rezuban)- Status- In Progress
  • May Canon image- Hop Dance Mania Eli & Kara (Artist: Grimay)- Status- In Progress
  • June Canon image- Cinema Snuggling Cory & Vivian (Artist: Grimay)- Status- Commissioned
  • July Canon image- Polygal Powers Up! (Artist: Grimay)- Status- Commissioned
  • August Canon image- Day LaMode Strikes a Pose! (Artist: Grimay)- Status- Commissioned
  • September Canon image- Robert tosses Kunapipi back the Spirit Stick (Artist: Grimay)- Status- Commissioned
  • October Canon image- Freshman Angela at Cheerleader Halloween Party (Artist: TBD)
  • Villain-in-Distress Comic Cover (Artist: TBA)
  • Double Secret Taralynn-related commission (Artist: Pip)- Status: To be commissioned
  • As you can see, not all the commissions are just MGP related. Also I had the April pin-up and March canon image done a long time ago but I don’t see official posts on them so I’m officially posting it here for the first time I think. Here are the two images I haven’t posted before. First up is the Chaco-phagial therapy session between Vivian and Robynne right after her transformation and fight with Day LaMode. I love how comfortabl Vivian looks on Noriko’s bed! And even more Vivian with the March pin-up image of Bunnygirl Vivian. Easter is the perfect season for our energy-infused woman of science!

    Some of these topics I’m super excited to see drawn. In particular I’m looking forward to getting Robert finally drawn by Grimay for the September image and I’m jazzed to see what people want to see for Bad Endings October.

    Now, for my patrons I also had a question I needed them to answer so if you’re a patron of mine, please go to this post and let me know what you think.

    EVEN MORE IMPORTANT I’m getting back to the Q&A. But as I’m doing this rather late in the month I sort of am putting everyone in a bad spot as far as submissions go. So though I normally make it patrons only who get to ask questions I’m opening it up to everyone. If you want to submit questions for the Q&A, go here and submit them! I’ve had super fun with this in the past and I hope to continue!

    Last bit of news before I sign off and get all these polls up. I have super fallen behind on the MGP Fan Reel. Last time I updated that… uhhhhh…. the Cubs hadn’t won the World Series yet and the Cavs weren’t even a month removed from winning the first championship in Cleveland in forever. Sooooo… it’s been a while. So, if you’re a $3 and up patron expect an email here soon inviting you to do so!

    Lastly, before anyone worries about me overextending myself, I just want to say you have no idea how good I feel right now. How productive. How happy. I’ve never felt more engaged and now is the perfect time for me to tackle this much work. Stephanie Tippet, my new assistant/conscience/whip-cracker has helped me so much. You can thank for this burst of Taralynn’s productivity. If it weren’t for her I’d be avoiding allllll kinds of work. So kudos to Steph!

    Next writing project I’m tackling is MGP 47. Hope to have that done in 2 weeks!

    Clock is ticking,

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  1. Whoa, lots of art coming in, it seems. Looking forward to that.

    Also, back to the fan reel, eh? That’s good. I’ve been saving up my sass.

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