In time

Chapter 46 is now up! I warn you, it’s a tad short but I kind of prefer that in my action chapters. I think it makes them feel more fast paced when you actually read them back-to-back. Pacing is something I’m working on in my writing style. We’ll see how it pans out.

Next up on the to-do list is pay my Jiminy Cricket, get the commissions situation figured out, then get to work on catching up on some Villain-In-Distress. As a side question, does anyone know an artist I can commission that does comic book-like cover commissions? I feel I need one for the mountain of commissions to follow up on but my brief search turned up nothing. But I learned a long time ago you people tend to be more internet savvy than I am so I’m trying to mobilize my fanbase for aid! 🙂

Also, I don’t want to spoil anything but I’d like for some people to comment on something I tried in the most recent chapter. I was worried it may be a bit… gimmicky. But because of the nature of it please comment on it WITHIN THE CHAPTER. I sort of want to see if that was fun or annoying. Just know that I AM looking for feedback on that.

Going to be seeking more feedback in the near future,

5 thoughts on “In time”

  1. Hey everyone, Taralynn’s cricket here! (My name even rhymes. Neat, huh?)

    Figured I would introduce myself all official-like. I’ll be poking around the comments as I’m doing my duties, so feel free to call out to me.

    Looking forward to plenty of discussion in the comments!

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