Grrrrg! Bad Taralynn!

Okay, so… I’ve been avoiding writing and I’m annoyed by myself for it. You all have been wonderfully patient and, frankly, more supportive than I feel I deserve. I don’t mean that in a self-pitying kind of way. I frankly think you all are spoiling me by being too awesome of fans. 😛 In all seriousness the problem is I don’t force myself to write enough. Writing got hard and work was fulfilling so I turned myself to other projects instead of writing. Now, those other projects are going well (room has never been cleaner and I’m healthier than ever) but it doesn’t make up for, what I feel, to be me letting my fans down.

Truth be told, part of the problem is I dig myself these holes and avoid the problem. I had these grand ideas about a big commission to make it up to everyone that have, so far, sort of fallen through do to complications in my artist’s life (though I’m confident it is still coming). I sort of had a mentality of “when I get that image” and used it as an excuse to sort of let things sit for a while. I started having a lot of “zero” days as a result where I did nothing. I let my writing slip. I let other commissions slip. I let my “zero” days pile up and become a mountain of mediocrity. A monument to my dithering.

This ends.

I have officially hired a friend I trust to be my Jiminy Cricket. I don’t know if she wants me to release her name but just know that, for now, I’m paying her to poke me into productivity. I don’t want any more zero days to stack up. She also is helping me with catching up on commissions. Because I’m so far behind on those I may have to double up, at least on the cannon ones and just do a more expensive cannon image that can count as two months-worth of images because of how difficult it is. We’re talking it out.

The newest chapter of MGP WILL be posted by 11:59pm my time (Pacific) on Sunday. I need to start pushing myself to catch up. I know you all worry about me burning myself out but, frankly, my best work has been when I pushed myself, in my opinion anyway. So I’m doing it here. Then I will catch up on two issues of Villain-in-Distress. Then another MGP chapter. Then two more issues of ViD until I’m all caught up.

I love this plan. I’m excited to be a part of it. Let’s do it!

11 thoughts on “Grrrrg! Bad Taralynn!”

  1. The most important thing is, you haven’t fallen under a bus somewhere with no way for us to find out. We’re glad you’re OK!

    And if you feel you need to push yourself, well, we have to trust that you know yourself well enough to call a slowdown when you need to. Before that, that’s the hot fudge on the ice cream!

  2. You can do iiitttttt!!!!
    And, very good plan. We all sometimes need someone to kick our butt to keep us moving right along

  3. Hehe, Jimmy Cricket.

    In any case, you take as long as you need to when writing – your work is utterly fabulous and I personally wouldn’t have it any other way. I binge-read the entirety of MGP, and I loved just about ALL of it – it feels unique because of the perspective of the main. And damn, did she pass all them Stealth and Intimidate checks on Day. That felt like something straight out of D&D 🙂

    In any case, keep up the good work, and thank you for the work you’ve done!

  4. 😀 Yay! 😀 Good luck with your plans, and thanks for still thinking of us even though it sounds like your life is easier in other directions 🙂

  5. Like Guinness, as long as it is good, I will wait.
    But good to hear you are still going.
    And make sure you do this because you enjoy doing it.

  6. Breaks are good , whether it’s out of writers block, self described laziness or just a lack of interest it doesn’t matter. You started doing the patreon and monthly chapters to help out before you were gainfully employed so now that you don’t rely upon the donations quite as much it stands to reason that you don’t need to creatively work yourself down to the proverbial bone. Don’t fret about it , just write when you feel the urge to do so and post chapters when you’re happy with them. Ultimately you are writing this more for yourself than for us , it should continue to be a leisure activity more than a job. So treat it as such and don’t beat yourself up over missing chapters here and there.

  7. as much as I am elated that you are ok and that a new character is coming.
    I also want to say “Bad Taralynn”
    we understand if you need to take a break but at least jump on and tell us. I know a number of us were worried about whether you were ok
    glad your back. glader you’re ok. please stop scaring us

  8. RSB and RC took them words outfit ofrecen my fingers. As long as you comment ordenador do somehow else todos assure us you are healthy and breathing, we don’t mind of you decide only donde one chapter every 2-3 months.

  9. I was worried there was freak desk-treadmill accident, so mostly glad you’re okay. Just, as others have said, if you know you won’t be posting content… or even doing check-ins… please let us know. I mean, I know we’re all strangers, but we do worry.
    And I think we do need to be as accommodating as possible… after all, this isn’t your job, you do it for fun and we’re getting a free product. Even those of us on patreon support you because we genuinely enjoy your product, but even so you aren’t beholden to us.
    That said, good on you to get a friend to give you a good kick in the hindquarters! I need that my own self, haha.

  10. Glad to see updates are on the way, but please don’t overwork yourself.
    Also welcome to the “cricket” thanks for helping Taralynn out.

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