Good news for me… resulting in delay for you guys

Sorry I’ve been quiet. Work has been an absolute bear recently. Normally in these situations I’d like to complain about what a stress work is but… um… well actually it’s just the tax season and I’ve been pulled onto a project that has been really exciting! I mean, for me. For you guys it’s resulted in a delay in the chapter and I apologize for that. Luckily things go back to normal on Thursday. In the mean time, if you’re a $5+ patron, please go to my Patreon page and vote on which girl should be pin-upped this month. The subject of the pin-up? Bunny-girls!

Later taters!

9 thoughts on “Good news for me… resulting in delay for you guys”

  1. Just doing my usual “it’s been a month since your last news post. Are you okay? We’re worried about you, Taralyn”.

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      Well, this isn’t good.

  2. Hrmm… almost 6 weeks with no word. Hope things ARE just zelda/overwatch related. Could also be a simple “oh geez I haven’t updated my website in over a month and I also don’t have a new chapter to share with people, I’ll finish that first”.

    Whatever the case, hope things are going alright Taralynn.

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