Villain-in-Distress officially begins!

Villain-in-Distress is officially up on my Patreon! As promised, the introduction is free of charge for anyone to read so head on over and check it out with handy link I’m giving you! I am kind of proud of my crappy Villain-in-Distress logo I made. I worked hard to make the font look like something on an old 1960’s silver age comic book… harder than I should have. Look, I haven’t done real art in a long time! I’m wayyy out of arting shape! Regardless. It’s made and you can go read the Introduction. Please be aware that the actual story is a downloadable PDF so you’ll have to click on the pdf attachement to the post. I hope I don’t see anyone asking me where the story is! I’ll know who didn’t read my post XD

Some of this will be a repeat of what you’ll read on the Patreon post, but unlike future installments of Villain-in-Distress, the Introduction is free. Future installments will take the place of my MGP Vignettes as my $2 Patron incentive. Why do one free chapter? Well, with MGP I have all of the MGP storyline to give a reader a feel of what an MGP Vignette might be about. So I didn’t feel I need to have some sort of preview for a viewer to decide if the Vignettes were worth their two bucks.

However, Villain-In-Distress is a completely new story that you all have no idea if you’d enjoy. I felt I should give you all a sample of what it’d be about before you’d decide if you wanted to do the $2 a month donation. I’d hate for someone to be kind enough to get all excited to read a new Taralynn story only to start reading and find out they hate the tone of it! Don’t get me wrong, I’m confident in my work and really am enjoying writing it. And yes, I know a lot of you who are already patrons would say, “Hey! I’m just giving you $2 because I love your work! Anything I get out of it is a bonus!” and trust me you have no idea how warm that makes me feel. But I know there are a few people who’d only pay the $2 to see the new story so I want to make sure those people don’t feel duped into a story they wouldn’t like. Either way, I appreciate your time and consideration.

I swear this won’t affect MGP’s release schedule. I made my goal of 20 MGP chapters in 2017 and I’m sticking to that goal! Now that I’ve gotten a better handle on my time management, I’m confident in my ability to get this accomplished! I have a rough schedule release for the year on my phone and everything! It’s going to be awesome! So for those of you who are totally here for Magical Girl Policy alone, don’t worry, you’ll be getting just as much content as last year and then some! But for those of you who also want a bonus TG story involving superheroes and supervillains… well Villain-In-Distress is perfect for you!

The first chapter (is it Issue?) of Villain-in-Distress will go around the 14th of each month, except for this month, when it goes up on the 15th. I need an extra day to finish the first chapter… or issue. I’m having a real debate on whether I should stick with calling these chapters or, because it’s got a comic book feel, if I should get a little dorky and call them issues. I made a StrawPoll that you can vote on! Enjoy!

Thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to hearing from ya’ll. You are the best fans a person could ask for!

Starting 2017 on the right foot!

8 thoughts on “Villain-in-Distress officially begins!”

  1. Well, as it happens, a “TG story involving superheroes and supervillains” sounds right up my alley. Very interesting so far, and fun terminology as well, though I must say every time I see “capes” I am instantly reminded of Worm. While not at all an unflattering comparison IMO, I thought I’d let you know all the same. Might be a bit much “happenstance” exposition, but overall its not a huge issue. Best of luck finishing the next part. 🙂

    1. I have to believe Cape was a slang term for superheroes before Wildbow burst onto the scene. And Villains being referred to as masks offers enough of a difference that I don’t see any issue.

      Now, if the main character ends up controlling bugs…

  2. Great intro. (Not sure whether to comment here or on Patreon. Here seems good?)

    I’m digging the tone so far. That sweet spot of comical with serious undertones. Also liking the powers seen and mentioned so far. And everyone having a kryptonite like weakness is interesting.

    Looking forward to more.

  3. I’m not sure if they’re trading bodies or if she’s just stealing the powers she knows about. I suspect she’ll explain it to some extent when the next installment goes up. Either way, they should have both done lots more research on everything. I’m honestly suspecting that Lavender put Do up to working for him.

    There’s a slim chance that, if Ephemeral can get untied, he (she?), might be able to get to the checks, use teletranscription on them (preferably to a notebook you can hide on your person), get out, and get set for life. That’s almost certainly not gonna happen, but I think it could be possible.

    I’m certainly interested in this. I await the next installment with baited breath.

  4. Heya, just checking in since it’s been a month since the last news update. Wanted to make sure the villain isn’t the only thing in distress. You okay and still alive, Taralynn?

    1. or even that the villain is the only thing in distress. as isn’t whould imply you what Taralynn to be in distress. which we of course do not want

      1. Given the choices for the pin-up art, I’m hoping to see a post tomorrow. Though maybe after that we need to assemble a search party. Maybe we need a warrant to search the cheerleader mafia?

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