Holy crap Grimay! Oh, and I did a Q&A

Okay guys, Grimay may have just turned in his best picture ever!

Isn’t it absolutely glorious! The Spirit Guard Serenity pic on the right is basically like a still taken from Sailor Moon if you ask me! I can’t get over how good this looks! I may squee. So many little details! The ripples in the water, that confident smirk! I know I say this a lot but… Grimay just keeps topping himself! This is my favorite commission ever!

I also completed the January Q&A over on my Patreon. You may need to be a patron to ask the questions but anyone can read my answers so go on over there and give it a read if it amuses you.
I should have Villain-In-Distress- Chapter 0 posted here on Thursday so, see you all soon 🙂


3 thoughts on “Holy crap Grimay! Oh, and I did a Q&A”

  1. I just love the art for this story. Aside from being a nice detail and just being awesome, it also good for knowing if I got the details right. Not that that is anything new with art/illustrations, but not many web originals hava those and I specially like this one AND it’s art.

    It’s also nice knowing how much though you put into the sexuality thing.

  2. Wow, that picture is amazing. After seeing Grimay do so much of Robynne with her hair up, seeing her in full SG uniform and with her hair free is striking. She’s a beautiful girl…much to her chagrin.

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