The late December images!

Wow, I know I’m a little late on these images. But they are now done and I have the time to post them! Okay, first up, the cannon image of Grimay’s portrayal of Robynne and Lily’s conversation down the steps of SAU campus!

I’m running out of things to say about Grimay’s. It’s gorgeous as ever. Look at all the detail he put on the steps! Did he have to? No! Did he? Yes! And Lily looks exactly like I imagined! And she’s enjoying grilling Robynne way too much! So perfect!

But what month is complete without the pin-up image? Once again I’d like to thank my patrons for hitting the goal that lets us have the pin-up image! Badgertastic took a stab (get it) on the winner of the pin-up poll, Christmas Ninja Noriko! Let’s see what she did with that prompt!

All right. First of all, I didn’t give Badgertastic that much guidance. I just said “Christmas-y weapons and ninja outfit” and let her run with it. Candy cane wakizashi? Fudging holly throwing stars (complete with FWIP!)? How is this not awesome! Plus Noriko is smiling! … kind of… well she’s more smirking but you don’t know how hard it was to get her to pose for this picture! Or get emotion! This is the flirtiest smile we could find! You wanted Noriko pin-up and we got the most emotive Noriko ever! Drink it in fanboys!

We’re still voting on which pro-cheerleader outfit which MGP cheerleader will wear so hop on over to my Patreon if you’re one of my $5 or up patrons and vote!

I’ll have more to come in the following days so be on the lookout!

Happy New Year!

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