Art, first patron, announcements, and new chapter on Tuesday!

Hello all you beautiful people! I have been a busy bee so let’s get down to business!

First thing is first, you’ll notice there is now a header in the upper right that updates everyone on both our Patreon goal status and when the next chapter will be out. You’ll notice the date currently is set for this Tuesday. So prepare yourselves!

In other news regarding Patreon, I got my first patron! Woo! I haven’t gotten permission to laud the praises of this wonderful person out in public so they shall remain anonymous. I’m trying to set up some rewards for my patrons but I’m not sure what would be good. I have some ideas on my Patreon site so if you would all be a dear and visit the page to see some of my ideas and give me some feedback, I would be greatly interested to hear what you have to say.

Also under the category of fans being awesome to me, Rhys has drawn us an AMAZING version of Polygal. He took some creative liberties that I love! Check it out!

I LOVE the sort of Lara Croft shorts with the pistols holstered. In my mind the pistols always had their cords coming out of the back of her waist but looking at this I really like the look of them coming out of her neck. Has a much more Frankenstein’s monster feel. Plus he really just captured how she is a fusion of person and arcade machine. Little things like the quarter slots and hands melding with her skin… perfect! Thank you so much Rhys!

In other news, I’ll be fixing a lot of little inconsistencies and little problems all over the website over the weekend. So if something looks weird please let me know as I’ll be changing things here and there and could mess things up slightly. I’m not a web-editing wizard by any means.

Last bit before I get going is there has been a huge influx of readers recently and I just wanted to say thank you for all your kind words about MGP! I seriously am touched that so many people have enjoyed the story and are interested in the midadventures Robert is having. I’ve had a few of you ask me if you could link the story elsewhere and to that I say, “GO FOR IT!” The more the merrier I say! If you think someone will like the story, spread the word! it can only help my presentation to have more voices expressing their opinions!

Getting ready to post on Tuesday!
Taralynn Andrews

One thought on “Art, first patron, announcements, and new chapter on Tuesday!”

  1. Honestly, I think you are a very good writer.

    When reading MGP I felt more like I was reading a proper novel than a… I’m not exactly what you would call it actually, but the level of quality I felt is much higher than most. (Maybe web novel?)

    I was kept immersed and entertained even during the story building parts, and after getting to the latest chapter was saddened to find that there weren’t more chapters yet to continue reading.

    However, when I see that Patreon page I get worried that you might begin to rush it, and in my opinion a great story with slow updates is much better than a mediocre story with speedy updates.

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