Whoops! Chapter 10 is posted though

It is entirely possible (and how could we ever possibly know) that I may sort have kind of saved my post on April 3rd instead of posting it… whoops… sorry ^^;;

On the plus side, Chapter 10 of Magical Girl Policy is done and up for your viewing pleasure! I want to once again thank everyone who sent me words of encouragement at the time. And a very special thanks to my glorious editor.

Other than that, I put this in the chapter comments too, but I’m wondering, as a reader, what are the promises you feel I’m making to you as far as the story goes? What I mean by that is what promises do you think I’ve made about “X” going forward. What scenes, jokes, developements, etc do you feel I’ve basically foreshadowed would happen. It helps me to know what promises I’ve made. If you know what promises about characters and plots you feel I have made, please email them to me or throw them in the forum thread! That will be a great help!

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  1. Hmmm… What promises do I feel like you’ve made? That’s an interesting, if strange, question. I’ll give it a bash. Spoilers ahead from the last run of MGP.

    The first thing that comes to mind is in regards to Eli and Cory, strangely enough. They’re a lot more interesting this time around, and they were pretty cool before. I feel like the implicit promise with them is that they’ll stay relevant. That sounds easy, but it really won’t be. I remember them talking about joining the hush corp, I believe, in the last iteration. I’m concerned that won’t be enough, though. As the main story gets more intense, those sorts of problems are going to seem a lot smaller, and ultimately be unsatisfying, I think. By the end, I forsee them being really inconsequential, unless they’ve been kidnapped, and that can get irritating, and repetitive. I’m not saying you need to give them superpowers too, or anything. That’s up to you. What I’d suggest, is going a sort of batman/boba fett route with them. Have them be, I dunno, a sniper team, or something. Develop some kind of weaponry that they can use to help. Make them the “Bad Ass Normal”. They might never steal the spotlight that way, but they aren’t supposed to. They just have to stay in the spotlight, maybe turn the tide once in a while.

    The second is more obvious, and has to do with Rob. The promise here is centered on the whole becoming a girl thing. This was dealt with too quickly for my liking last time ’round. IIRC that was around when the updates petered out, too. Make no mistake, Platicore or not, I consider this the “Main Conflict”, and as such, I feel like it should have been more drawn out. Perhaps the first time he uses his powers, he turns back into Rob. The next time, his hair color remains the same as it is as a magical girl. Then, he stays shorter, and so on. Or maybe, he stays a girl for a while, then wakes up back to normal. And the time gets longer each use until it’s permanent. Maybe a combination of the two. Drawing out the physical changes will naturally draw out the emotional ones, and make the arc more believable. There was a certain power to the original, where he knew he was giving himself up, and did it anyway, but the impact lacked staying power. You can still do that scene, later down the line, this way. It didn’t make a lot of sense for Rob’s gender problems to be (mostly) resolved so long before what seemed like the climax of the action half of the story. Tremelo Bass was helping, at the end, but it wasn’t, in my opinion, enough, because since everything else was resolved so fast, I didn’t expect a long wait for that to end either.

    The other girls have a shared promise over them, as well. I feel as though, some of them are going to be a lot more sympathetic to Rob than others, and I expect that to cause issues. Again, don’t be afraid to draw it out. We all want them to work out their differences in the end, but it’s okay if it’s a long journey. This would be a lot easier to manage if Rob’s change takes longer, as suggested above, but you could manage without. Don’t be afraid to split the group for a while. This is a big issue. They’re naturally going to be angry and hurt about it, just like Rob. Some of them may want to take him out shopping and whatnot, some might be fine with baggy clothes for a while. You know. They don’t have to be a unified front. Let them disagree. Let them undermine each other. Cause some issues in the group. This is not a small thing, and I’d be surprised, shocked even, if everyone was totally comfortable with it, I don’t remember a lot of this in the original, though I could be wrong.

    There are, I’m sure, more that I’ll remember later. Do me a favor and send me a link to the old stuff, so I can reread that and this, and see what else I can drum up.

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