Chapter 8 is up!

Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 8 is up for your perusal! Well, it’s actually up for your reading. I’m hoping you’ll do more than peruse. But that is your choice, not mine.

I want to thank those of you who have been leaving comments, sending emails, and commenting in the forums. These have been invaluable. I’m trying to do another drive on the forums to get a bit more activity (a lot of that is my fault) so I hope you’ll all give it a shot. It helps keep me motivated to keep writing. Can’t tell you how useful that is. I also just want to thank my invaluable editor. He has improved the quality of this story immeasurably. Seriously, thank Fate for him.

Lastly, friend of the site, Pip, the man who is kind enough to give me this domain space, had unfortunately lost his job. If you could run by, maybe throw a donation or vote for Sins on TWC, I know he’d appreciate it. He’s a great friend, awesome guy, and is responsible for this site even existing so I hope we can help him out at least in some small way!

Thanks for your time,
Taralynn Andrews

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  1. Heh, well, I TRIED to get a forum account when they first came out, failed (twice), and haven’t tried since. I assumed there was something wrong with the system, maybe it’s fixed now?

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