This time in a much more timely manner…

Yup. Chapter 6 is ready for your perusing! A big thanks goes to my editor. You know what, we’ll give the man the title The Editor because it sounds much more epic. The Editor is really helping me get on a much more regular writing schedule and improving my chapters. I dare say this chapter wouldn’t be coming out for another week without his encouragement. So thanks Editor. You are a hero to us all!
I want to thank all those who have been leaving comments on the chapters. They are GREATLY appreciated as it shows me that people are actually reading which is consequently why I write. I want people to enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it. So if you would like to leave comments you can either comment here on the website, on the forums, or by emailing me ( personally. Thanks!
Speaking of the Forums, I have started a “Help Taralynn Name Things” thread. Any input you could give on that would be appreciated.
Also, I am just kind of curious to know something. Of those readers who write, how many of you write music or need silence? It’s a topic I’ve recently grown interested and am kind of taking a generic poll. I write in total silence myself. I find I have a hard time concentrating otherwise. How about you?
Interested to see your answers,
Taralynn Andrews

Listening to: “My Eyes” from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

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