Five times the entertaining power!

Coming you straight from my laptop, is the awesome might that is Chapter 5 of Magical Girl Policy. I’m really proud of this chapter and feel after several edits that I have something you’ll enjoy.
I’m breaking from my normal tradition of putting my thoughts at the end of the chapter because Grand Supreme Overlord Pip has revamped the forums and I think they’ll be of great use for those who want to discuss the chapters and the story as a whole. I encourage all those interested in the story to check it out and throw their comments in. I’m going to include a Wild Mass Guessing thread for those who want to post their theories on the thread. I think that at the very least should be very fun.
In other news, I’ve not been very good about updating the picture up in the right corner of the site. I feel like I need something visually there but it’s just not working. Do you guys have any ideas? Please let me know if you think you have a good idea.
Hope you enjoy the chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it,
Taralynn Andrews

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