The Power of Three

Do you know what’s grea? Another chapter! That’s right, a full Chapter 3 of MGP is now up for your reading pleasure. And I hope you like dialogue because there is lots of it. Or… well there is a lot of dialogue in the second half. Not the first. Well, not the beginning. How about I just let you read it?



I want to thank those who have donated towards the “Taralynn Wants To Commission More Art” Fund. We’ve had $30 donated and it’ll be going straight towards a new piece of commissioned artwork. What type of art would people like to see? Send me your suggestions and I’ll pick the one I like the best. I accept either comments or email suggestions. Please remember that it needs to be story based.

I’m on a more regular schedule of writing now that tax season is over. If you want to be kept up to date on my progress, like me on my twitter feed, @TaralynnsDesk.

Happy reading!

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