An apple a day…

A lot of you have commented and it’s been greatly appreciated! I say thanks to all the kind words, “welcome backs”, “we missed yous”, and general niceness that has come my way. I wanted to respond to all of you but haven’t found the time.

One common question I’ve received is, “How often do you expect to be updating in this brave new Magical Girl Policy world?” The answer to that is… well I was hoping to find that out this past two weeks by seeing what my schedule could handle but my teeth had other plans. You see, a couple Fridays ago my tooth started bothering me. Bothering me so much that I, literally, couldn’t sleep. I tried to get in to my dentist on Saturday for an emergency appointment but found he was out of town for the day. He’s a close friend of my family though and he said he’d get me in Sunday morning. No problem, I figured. I’d get some of that toothache gel, a sleep aid, and lots of painkillers and get to sleep. No dice. Sunday rolls around and I’ve had no sleep whatsoever. Driving to the dentist office was scary as the pain of my toothache was the only thing keeping me awake.

Turns out I need a root canal in the worst way. My dentist does it for me and the pain feels immediately better. He offers to get me a prescription for some more potent painkillers but I turn him down because, hey, I feel great. This is lesson #1 from the story: When a dentist thinks you’ll need prescription strength painkillers: TAKE THEM! When the novacaine wears off that night, guess who can’t sleep?

I go back in Monday and this time its an even scarier drive because I’m in the middle of rush hour and I can feel myself nodding off. Dentist gets me the more powerful meds, I drive to my family’s house (in the same town as my dentist), take the meds, fall asleep around 10am, wake up at 3am the next day. I wish this were the end of the story but on Wednesday night, through the painkillers, I start feeling terrible pain in a DIFFERENT TOOTH! My dentist fits me in and examines my other tooth to find my filling in said tooth had just cracked. He gets me even MORE powerful painkillers so I can sleep and fixes it the next day for more dental work.

I’d say this means I’ve had terrible luck the past 10 days with my teeth, but it’s really my own fault. During my long stint of underemployment I avoided the doctor and dentist because, well, money. Which means I’ve been a good 15 months without seeing my dentist. I made my bed and now I’m laying in it with some hefty dental bills (thank goodness I opted to purchase dental insurance a few months back!) and pretty much all my sick time at work used up for the year already. The moral of the story is PLEASE see your dentist regularly so you don’t go through the Hell I’ve been through. I want you to learn from my pain as I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep I’ve lost and it hurts to bite down too hard. This all could have been avoided and had I just gone when I should have you’d have chapter 2 by now.

On the story front though, now that my teeth shouldn’t be delaying me for the foreseeable future, I’m going to get started on the next chapter tonight. Realistically though, I have some other commitments coming up Thursday and Friday that will really be challenging my time. I wouldn’t expect this week to be the week I post, but the week after that.

Thanks for all the kind words and well wishes,
Taralynn Andrews


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  1. Been there and done that, problem is I am harder to get numb than most so I feel what they are doing almost all the time.
    Hope you are feeling better now.

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