Magical Girl Policy #56… oh yeah. It’s up.

I get a certain sense of dread and satisfaction when a chapter is completed. I put stuff into it and hope it’s stuff that you all will like. I’m not always sure if I have my finger on the pulse of the fan but I’m thinking you all will enjoy MGP Chapter 56. At least I hope so. Regardless I did have a lot of fun writing it so I think as long as that is true it tends to come out in the writing.

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Now, I want to get a little bit into spoilers for the chapter so if you haven’t read it yet please go do so now.

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Okay…. are they gone? So I want to discuss Vivian here at the end of the chapter. I’m partially basing how she walks and moves on a friend my sister had in middle school. The girl was a gymnast and I swear could NOT hold still or stay upright. So many times I’d walk in on their conversations and the girl would be walking on her hands, doing cartwheels, or walking backwards while they talked and had a conversation.

It always fascinated me because I knew other gymnasts and found them to be, well, kind of boring. Gymnastics is a sport that requires some of the most intense discipline I’ve ever seen. But not this girl. She was fidgety and always had a smile on her face. Now, she was nowhere near as fun as Vivian. Vivian has the benefit of being written by another human being and thus her lines can always be well-timed and fully-formed. Even the most clever of comedians will fumble through their words at times. Regardless, I knew I always wanted to base a character around that kind of energy. I’ve always had it in the back of my mind with Vivian but I don’t think I fully was able to capture it until this scene.

It was also super important for me to make sure Robynne acknowledged and lamented the manipulation she pulled on NightKnight. I have to walk a fine line with him. On one hand, he’s got to be annoying to deal with and not take a hint such that you can feel the frustration Robynne has with him. He also needs to be sympathetic. I hope that by tapping into the socially awkward nerd I can grab both.

One of my favorite lines from video games is in Mass Effect 2, coming from Mordin Solus when you’re doing his loyalty mission. When confronted with the tragedy his decisions he goes through and talks about how he did the best with the data he had and, looking at that data now, he’d still make the same regrettable decision because he still feels it was the best of a lot of bad decisions. He’s still trying to do what he can to set things as right as he can and when confronted with the idea he’s doing it because he feels guilty he says, “Not guilty, but responsible.” That line always sent shivers down my spine because it’s just such a perfect summation of the human condition. We make the best decisions we can and even if what we did wasn’t “wrong” per se, we still have to live with and even deal with the consequences.

I hoped I could channel that with Robynne’s inner monologue here. In no ways do I want to say whether she’s right or wrong in her assessment. And I hope it’s telling that her Uncle’s aphorisms are coming straight to her mind. Whether she’s right or wrong actually doesn’t matter too much to me as an author. Moralizing complex situations isn’t my cup of tea. I’ll leave that to philosophers. What’s more important to me is that Robynne recognizes that whether she was right or wrong to do something doesn’t matter as much as her willingness to help fix the consequences of her actions.

In the heat of the moment, in the middle of an unexpected crisis, we all make snap decisions that may or may not have been the best choice at the time. We can always Monday Morning Quarterback something with hindsight. What matters most to me is if you make the decision to do the harder, and for the lack of a better word, more righteous decision once you have time to think about it.

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Okay, end spoilers!

Thanks so much for reading you beautiful people. For my next project I’ll be diving back into Villain-In-Distress so stay tuned over there.

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