Chapter 55 is here

Chapter 55 is up and, I must say, I’m proud of it. This chapter had a LOT of discovery too it and lots of editing (thanks so much ShellShocker!) so I hope it turns out great. At least I’m sure it will be enjoyable. I really enjoyed writing it and like where the story is going.

I want to thank everyone who has been a Patron. Times have been tight financially and you all have helped give me some flexibility I need! You’re awesome. Also, we did briefliy get above the $200 theshhold. As such we will get some custom art for this quarter. I probably will pull it from this chapter actually so we’ll be seeing some Robynne and NightKnight soon… ish. Obviously artists need tine to get good work done XD

My next work will likely be an Issue of Villain-in-Distress but I’ll take a break from writing today and enjoy the good feeling of getting a chapter out! Feel free to post your thoughts, theories, and other assorted musings on the chapter.

Talk to you later,