The Fate of the FanReel hangs in the balance!

okay, that title is a TAD overdramatic XD

So the nice, clean way to get Fan Reel to work… it didn’t work. I had to go back to a format where you all will have to download the chapters. This makes me sad but GoogleDocs doesn’t seem to have a way where I can make the comments universally scene without making it so EVERYONE can comment. This saddens me. BUT you can now download the FanReels in either .docx or .odt file types.

Now, I know there is a dedicated base of people who’d prefer .epub or .pdf file types for obvious reasons but no matter how I tortured the files I couldn’t get .epub or .pdf to work in such a way that preserved the comments made in GoogleDocs. If you know of a way to make it work, let me know (or better yet, show me. I already wasted three hours trying to get this to work and if I’m honest kind of at my wits end with it).

On the plus side, I’ve broken through a slight writer’s block on chapter 49 and am making good progress. On the downside they are changing things at my workplace at a rate that’s so fast my head is spinning. If you guys by chance know any wealthy financiers who love TG Fiction let them know I can be had cheaply. 😛 All jokes aside, thanks so much to all of you who throw a few bucks at me each month. You guys help me so I don’t have to do as much overtime and do something I like in writing. Without you I’d have no motivation to write and have to work more hours. You guys are the wind beneath my wings!

Now to reward myself with a nice soothing night of listening to music and getting the next round of pics commissioned!

Waiting for the art

Today is the day i normally post the cannon image but I’m still waiting on teh final image from Grimay. He’s shown me the colored sketch so it should be right around the corner but it’s not quite ready today. Once it’s here I’ll delete this post and post the actual image.

In other news, one of the readers has pointed out they cannot see the comments in the Fan Reel. It seems my assumption that everyone could see comments wasn’t true… this saddens me as linking directly to the items was going to be far easier than any other option. So I’m going to need to work that out. Thanks for pointing that out though Shellsh0cker. I’ll find a solution post haste!

Fan Reel 11 posted!

Hey everyone! Great news! Fan Reel 11 has been posted! For those not familiar with the Fan Reels, they are Chapters of MGP with readers having left comments over the story, typically to comedic effect. Think of it as the MST3K or Riff Trax of [u]Magical Girl Policy[/u]. I plan on posting one of these every two weeks so we should have a steady stream of them. Also I improved the readability by making them no longer things you download but just a link to the googledoc for your reading pleasure. I’ve gone back and done the same thing to chapters 1-10 of the Fan Reel to improve the readability there.

In reposting this stuff I reread a lot of the comments and was reminded how creative and funny you all are. Seriously, I’m lucky to have a fanbase with such a good sense of humor! You all are wonderful and I love reading your comments, both humorous and serious. They get me thinking or laughing,sometimes both 😛

Well I hope you enjoy the Fan Reel all over again and look forward to posting the new one soon,

Happy New Year! Last bit of upkeep from 2017 and announcements!

Okay, so, before I get into word vomiting, here is the final picture I hadn’t posted here, the November Pin-up. I wrote a whole thing on it on Patreon so just click the image if you want the spiel that went along with why Cell-celia is cooking a turkey.

Okay, onto talking too much! First, as a reminder, the planned schedule each month this year will go like this:

  • 1st Wednesday of the month: Post pin-up image
  • 2nd Wednesday of the month: Post poll for future pin-up images
  • 3rd Wednesday of the month: Post canon image
  • 4th Wednesday of the month:Post Villain-in-Distress

Now, this is a good schedule that I am planning to stick to…. thooooooough we will definitely miss posting tomorrow *dodges tomoatos* BUT BUT BUT it’s only because the artist in question has been delayed by End of the Year stuff. This won’t be a regular thing. Ask Stephanie, we have a schedule for all this. I’m sticking to this. I promise.

Now, onto how the year ended for me. The plan had been to post at least two more Villain-in-Distress issues before the turn of the new year but something unfortunate happened at work. And by unfortunate I mean our estimated workload of the end of the year went 30% above forecasts. I’d like to complain about their crappy predicting but, if I’m honest, it wasn’t really their fault. A couple of things conspired to make forecasting impossible and the end of the year is a crazy time in my business anyway as everyone tries to get things in before the clock turns midnight on Dec 31.

Long and short of it was, the last two weeks of the year I worked a total of 111 hours… yeah. On the plus side, I do get overtime pay so I actually am now well ahead of my finances than I normally would be at this point. I actully have a real emergency fund! Downside was I got home every day drained and didn’t get any writing done. Regardless I am almost done with ViD: Issue 7 (thus ahead of schedule for this year!).

With the new organized schedule you may ask about MGP but those chapters are labors of love and the chapters will be done as soon as or as late as they need to be. The issue just can’t be “Taralynn isn’t writing.” Chapter 48 was a success in my opinion (though I feel a lot of people may have missed it during the holidays) so if you have not read it yet, go in and check it out.

One last thing, I finally got around to making Issues 1, 2, & 3 of Villain-in-Distress open to the public. Right now the plan is still 6 months after posting the Issue they will go public instead of $2 patreon exclusive but depending how ordering my life goes that may get shorter. We’ll see. No promises.

Wish you all best of luck on keeping your New Years resolutions!