Grrrrg! Bad Taralynn!

Okay, so… I’ve been avoiding writing and I’m annoyed by myself for it. You all have been wonderfully patient and, frankly, more supportive than I feel I deserve. I don’t mean that in a self-pitying kind of way. I frankly think you all are spoiling me by being too awesome of fans. 😛 In all seriousness the problem is I don’t force myself to write enough. Writing got hard and work was fulfilling so I turned myself to other projects instead of writing. Now, those other projects are going well (room has never been cleaner and I’m healthier than ever) but it doesn’t make up for, what I feel, to be me letting my fans down.

Truth be told, part of the problem is I dig myself these holes and avoid the problem. I had these grand ideas about a big commission to make it up to everyone that have, so far, sort of fallen through do to complications in my artist’s life (though I’m confident it is still coming). I sort of had a mentality of “when I get that image” and used it as an excuse to sort of let things sit for a while. I started having a lot of “zero” days as a result where I did nothing. I let my writing slip. I let other commissions slip. I let my “zero” days pile up and become a mountain of mediocrity. A monument to my dithering.

This ends.

I have officially hired a friend I trust to be my Jiminy Cricket. I don’t know if she wants me to release her name but just know that, for now, I’m paying her to poke me into productivity. I don’t want any more zero days to stack up. She also is helping me with catching up on commissions. Because I’m so far behind on those I may have to double up, at least on the cannon ones and just do a more expensive cannon image that can count as two months-worth of images because of how difficult it is. We’re talking it out.

The newest chapter of MGP WILL be posted by 11:59pm my time (Pacific) on Sunday. I need to start pushing myself to catch up. I know you all worry about me burning myself out but, frankly, my best work has been when I pushed myself, in my opinion anyway. So I’m doing it here. Then I will catch up on two issues of Villain-in-Distress. Then another MGP chapter. Then two more issues of ViD until I’m all caught up.

I love this plan. I’m excited to be a part of it. Let’s do it!